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    When I was a little girl, I overheard a conversation between my mom (who had two children) and our neighbor (who had three). The neighbor mentioned that, for her, parenting was new and exciting when she had one child and manageable when she had two. When she added the third, she felt outnumbered! If she and her husband went out, there were only two of them to wrangle three children. If she went out alone, she only had two hands.

    As a working, homeschooling mom of six children (single for the past five years), there's no doubt that I'm outnumbered. I've learned a few survival skills along the way.

    Rallying the Troops: Nope, I don't play Reveille at 6 AM (although I've been tempted). Hot cocoa is more my style (and I never learned to play a trumpet). No one in our house wants breakfast first thing in the morning, but I've found the smell of Mom's homemade hot cocoa can entice sleepyheads from their beds, especially if they know all they need to do is throw on their robes, grab a cup, and lounge around the living room, listening to a read-aloud. My
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    I do customer support for Time4Learning.com, an online homeschool curriculum. A section of our parent forum is devoted to working parents. Two questions dominate the discussions topics: Can you work and homeschool? Can you work FROM HOME and homeschool?

    I've worked from home for close to ten years now. During that time, four of my six kids have graduated from our homeschool, attended college, and gone on to jobs or careers they enjoy . . . so I guess you can! I'm a pretty ordinary mom, and we've had our share of ups and downs along the way. I'd like to share a few things that have helped me manage these two demanding roles, and I hope you'll add your ideas and questions, too.

    Scheduled Flexibility

    I function best with a schedule, and I've found that to be true for my kids, too. With a growing family, our schedule changes often. What worked last year might not work today, so I'm constantly re-evaluating. When I would make a schedule change in the past, I worried that I might never "get it right". These days, I've come to accept that responding to the changes in our family situation IS getting it right! During the eighteen years we've been homeschooling, ...
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