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    December is here and so is our 2019 GIFT GUIDE! Below you will find some pretty cool ideas for gift giving, for ALL AGE LEVELS! That hard to buy for homeschooler no longer exists. Secular Homeschool has your holiday gifting covered. Many of these items have personally found their way into my cart and under my tree. Can't wait to see my boys faces when they open them, though Mom is having a REALLY hard time NOT playing with it before it is wrapped.
    More items will be added as the month goes along, so be sure to check back. You never know, I might have found you just the thing you were looking for.
    Happy Holidays SHS'ers!


    Mel Science

    MEL Science is a monthly subscription box with safe and exciting chemistry experiments for kids ages 9-14. The subscription is supported by VR-technology and the MEL Chemistry mobile app. Boost your child's curiosity with a holiday gift that
    keeps giving!

    Inherquests Financial Fun Boxes

    Financial Fun Boxes for kids ages 5 to 9 (with a special focus on girls). Experiential and play-based games and activities built as a curriculum to teach basic financial life skills.
    United Art

    Discover a world of meaningful gifts that provide learning fun and encourage creativity. You’ll find an excellent selection of top-notch educational toys, games and puzzles; plus craft materials that are sure to provide hours of quality family time.
    Vocabulary Spelling City

    This year give the gift of a great vocabulary! With Vocabulary Spelling City students will learn new vocabulary and spelling words plus improve reading comprehension. With 40+ games your kids will have loads of fun!

    UNDER $25

    Monopoly Cheaters Edition

    Follow, bend or break the rules to win the Cheaters Edition of the Monopoly board game. Cheating is part of the game $10.72
    Never Have I Ever Family Edition

    Put away the board games, this box has just 224 cards specially curated for families, 6 custom paddles, and a spinner made for an awesome family game night. So check your shame at the door and laugh ‘til it hurts! 2-6 players | Ages 8+ $19.95
    Snap Circuits Jr.

    With this building toy, young engineers can assemble over 100 different electronic circuit projects with just 30+ electronic parts. $20.99
    National Geographic Geodes Kit

    10 high-quality crystal filled geodes, safety goggles, display stands, and full-color learning guide

    This is a perfect activity for energetic boys and girls! The included display stands are perfect for showcasing the crystals you find and starting a rock collection, while the learning guide will teach you many amazing facts about geodes! $24.99


    Learning Resources Balance Bucket

    Learn mass measurement with this durable plastic balance. Removable, clear buckets with spouts are easy for small hands to pour. Features a built-in storage drawer perfect for storing weights. $15.90
    Educational Insights My First Microscope

    The perfect first microscope for kids! Preschoolers can see a magnified hidden world with ease, thanks to 2 extra-large eye-pieces and a chunky, kid-sized focusing knob! $15.39
    Learning Resources Snap and Learn ABC Elephants

    Kids enjoy these educational games involving colorful elephants with letters A-Z build alphabet and fine motor skills through hands-on play $19.99
    Zingo Sight Words Game

    It's a fun pre-reading game for ages 4 and up that teaches children to recognize sight words. $18.45
    Uncle Goose Periodic Table Blocks

    Probably the only time you should let a child play with Plutonium and Arsenic. Each colorful block features six element images accompanied by their atomic number, symbol, and name. $33.95


    BleuZoo Alphabet Magnetic Letter Tracing Board

    Use the stylus pen to trace the letters and the magnets pop up as you go along! $21.95


    Light Up Terrarium Kit

    It is a miniature garden within a container that simulates a natural environment. So, let your child discover the beauty of nature by creating their own beautiful terrarium with this all-inclusive kit. Watch as it grows by day and glows at night with the innovative LED light under the lid. $29.99
    Echo Glow for Kids

    A smart lamp for kids - Pair with any compatible Alexa device to control color and brightness with your voice. Struggle-free, tinker-free, stress-free. No patience needed—it's actually simple. Make family routines colorful - Create lighting cues that help with counting down to dinnertime or setting a reading timer. $29.99

    Learning Resources Swat a Sight Word Game

    Build reading, spelling and vocabulary skills through playful competition with up to 4 players. The element of speed promotes confidence and fluency in reading. $10.49
    Magical Castle Build a Story Cards
    (Other Versions Available)

    Spark imaginations with 36 colorful wordless cards, featuring artwork by favorite Barefoot illustrator Miriam Latimer! Kids will delight in piecing together creative stories about dragons, castles, magic potions and more. Includes instructions for more than 30 games designed by an education specialist to teach children basic storytelling and writing skills, with a focus on social-emotional learning. $12.66
    Cities of the World Memory Game

    A fun family game utilizing geography as a base. $16.99
    DK Timelines of Everything

    Jam-packed with surprising facts and amazing details, such as the most bloodthirsty pirate of all time and the first crime to be solved by studying fingerprints, Timelines of Everything will take you on a whirlwind journey through an illustrated history of time, from the Big Bang to the modern world. *MAY NOT BE 100% SECULAR DUE TO HISTORICAL CONTENT $13.99
    Word Trapeze - Dangling Spelling Game

    The Dangling Spelling & Vocabulary Game. Kids of all ages will enjoy showing off their vocabulary and spelling knowledge with the greatest of ease as they dangle words from the flying trapeze! $21.20+shpg
    Smart Games Color Code

    SmartGames Color Code is a unique game where players layer see-through tiles to create different multi-colored shapes shown in the included challenge booklet. With simple challenges for beginners to complex puzzles that will test experienced graphic designers, Color Code is a fun way to develop logical thinking and pattern recognition skills. $22.99
    ThinkFun Yoga Dice

    Your goal - Compete together to WIN by holding yoga poses! As a group, move 6 pose tokens past the FINISH line before the focus token crosses the line. $14.99
    Sew-n-Style First Sewing Machine

    Sew stylish fashions: Sew your own stylish fashions with the cool Maker Sew N’ Style Machine! Safe and easy to use, the Sew N’ Style Machine let you stitch and create using sparkly fabrics and bright prints! Make amazing projects: this sewing kit comes with everything you need to make amazing projects! Use the included Materials to create your own plush Unicorn, glitter pouch and more! $14.99

    Classic Speak -n- Spell

    Retro play - classic 80's graphics, sounds and gameplay. Speak & spell was the first educational toy designed to help children learn to spell over 200 commonly misspelled words using a speech synthesizer. $22.49

    This Book is a Planetarium

    This Book is a Planetarium is an interactive book for adults and kids that turns into:
    • A working planetarium book projecting constellations on the ceilings and walls
    • A musical instrument with strings to strum
    • A geometric drawing generator
    • An infinite calendar
    • A message decoder
    • A speaker that amplifies sound $26.82

    Knock Knock Personal Library Kit

    Revive old-fashioned library circulation techniques for fun and book retention with our classic bestseller. 6 x 7.5 x 1.25 inches; 20 self-adhesive pockets and checkout cards; date stamp and inkpad; pencil. $13.93

    Space Coloring Book for Kids

    Space Coloring Book for Kids is packed full of fun, cute, and magical colouring pages, suitable for kids ages 4 and up. Out of this world designs, space planets, and alien space ships make this varied book perfect for boys and girls. $6.99


    Word a Day - Grade 6
    (Other Grades Available)

    Help your students learn 144 new words with the focused daily practice in A Word a Day, Grade 6. Activities such as identifying attributes, making personal connections, and completing graphic organizers give students multiple exposures to the words, helping them develop the vocabulary they need to be successful on assessments and in the classroom. $21.99
    STEAM in a Jar: Experiments, Activities and Trivia

    Engage kids in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics with 101 simple activities, inspiring quotes, and fun facts. STEAM is perfect for use in classrooms, after-school programs, and STEAM/STEM programs or even at home. $9.99
    Smithsonian 10-Minute Science Experiments

    50 fantastic experiments from bestselling author Steve Spangler. All experiments vetted by the scientists at the Smithsonian Institution. Step-by-step instructions with full color photos. $13.49
    Prehistoric Marine Life Poster

    24" x 36" poster, shipped in high quality tube. Over 20 prehistoric marine life portrayed. $9.99+shpg

    Periodic Table of Elements Shower Curtain 2019 Edition

    Updated 2019 version! Elements 113, 115, 117, 118 have been added. Reinforced rust proof metal grommets. Durable plastic rings included. A cool gift for chemistry students. Geeky home décor. Machine washable. $21.90
    Periodic Table of Elements Photographic Cards

    A companion to the bestselling book The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe, this beautiful photographic card deck features all 118 elements in the periodic table. $18.26
    Visual Guide to the Elements

    2019 is the 150th anniversary of the periodic table, and this visual guide for children shows and explains every chemical element in dazzling detail. $20.69
    Digital Microscope

    Jiusion portable magnification is a useful and funny microscope for kids, students, engineers, inventors, and others who need to magnify and explore the micro things. $22.99
    SAT Prep Black Book

    The fully up-to-date SAT Prep Black Book, Second Edition gives you unique, effective SAT strategies from Mike Barrett, an SAT tutor with clients all over the globe who pay him hundreds of dollars an hour for phone tutoring. In addition to extensive and effective training on every aspect of the SAT, the SAT Black Book gives you detailed, systematic, easy-to-follow walkthroughs for every question in 4 of the College Board's official SAT Practice Tests. $26.47

    Art Coloring Book for Teens

    This Coloring Book For Teens Anti-Stress Designs Vol 1 by Art Therapy Coloring includes detailed and intricate designs similar to the designs in our anti-stress coloring books for adults. Teenagers like to color complex designs too! This collection of designs is chosen especially for teens. It contains artwork that is younger and more tailored to teens than our anti-stress coloring books for adults. $6.99


    Liquid Motion Bubbler

    The descending bubbles have a soothing and mesmerizing effect that will keep kids entertained for hours. Gravity will guide the colored droplets travel down at slow motion pace. These sensory toys can help improve visual tracking skills. Its slow and rhythmic drops have a very appeasing effect and actually help kids with sensory or hyperactivity issues. Makes perfect autism sensory toys to sooth and remain focused. $6.99
    Kore Kids Wobble Chair

    Continuous movement while sitting relaxes the right side of the brain, leading to better focus. Helps people that are diagnosed with all forms of ADD, ADHD, and Autism $52.99
    Swing Seat Hammock

    The pod swing seat gives kids a peaceful and warm place to play and rest, enjoy the happiness and complete relaxation. Constant swinging motion can stimulate a child's sense of balance and encourage their development. $32.98
    Educational Insights Teachable Touchable Texture Squares

    Scratchy, slippery, silky, or soft? Explore a bagful of textures and build tactile discrimination skills! Young learners build tactile awareness and vocabulary skills as they interact with 20 textured squares in a variety of hands-on activities. $24.38


    Nikola Tesla Magnetic Statue

    Northern Imagination Nikola Tesla Statue Replica - 6.5" Magnetic Office Paperclip Holder by Artist Terry Guyer $29.99
    X-ACTO Pro Classroom Pencil Sharpener

    Engineered and designed specifically for classroom use, the X-ACTO School Pro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener combines smart sharpening technology with rugged construction for dependable performance. This sharpener utilizes a flyaway helical cutter to efficiently sharpen pencils to rounded tips without oversharpening. $30.37
    Chemist's Spice Rack

    Chemistry Spice Rack 14 Piece Set includes nine test tube for spices, three Erlenmeyer flasks for sugar, salt and pepper, an Erlenmeyer flask for oil, and a carrying tray; Salt and pepper flasks have holes for shakers; Each flask has a rubber stopper; Set includes 36 stickers to choose which spices you wish to display. $39.99
    Echo Wall Clock

    Echo Wall Clock helps you stay organized and on time. Easy-to-read analog clock shows the time of day. Digital 60 LED display shows one, or multiple, timers set through a paired Echo device. Syncs time to a paired Echo device, including automatic adjustments for daylight saving time. $23.99

    *Every product is independently selected by editors and site contributors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Prices set by Amazon and are subject to change.
    by Published on 11-26-2019 03:50 PM


    So, I swear once Halloween ends.... what I call Holiday Slide happens.... whoosh, November is almost done, Thanksgiving is here, and then WHAM, BAM, the rest of the holidays are knocking at our door. Guess what else is almost here? The end of the voting for our Holiday Gift Guide and a chance to win your favorite! Have you voted today? You can vote daily BUT voting ends November 28th, 2019.

    So, take a quick break from all the Thanksgiving company, turkey, stuffing, football and other festivities. Let Grandma stir the gravy while you hop on Secular Homeschool and drop your vote one last time before it ends.

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