View Full Version : Bad Experience With Avast Support

07-06-2010, 02:41 PM
I just purchased Avast! antivirus software for my computer and had trouble getting my license file. Should be easy enough to fix, right? Call tech support, explain the problem, they send it to you or give you the number, done. Apparently not. Not surprisingly the tech support is outsourced to India or Pakistan or somewhere, but this company Avast uses to outsource (iYogi or something) has their own company which cleans up computers to make them run faster. Instead of getting my license number the technician had me enter a code which linked his computer to mine and gave him control of my mouse and keyboard. Well, okay. Then he opens my files and starts showing me all these viruses on my computer and exclaiming, "Oh my God your computer is in danger of crash." The weird thing is he kept repeating the same phrases over and over, as if he had memorized them. He kept saying my computer was going to crash, not to worry, and that he was a certified Microsoft technician. Over and over. Then he brought up a website for his company for me to see, and starts giving me a very aggressive sales pitch about cleaning my computer. I said, "No, thank you. I can see that my computer needs cleaning. I'll take it to someone here to do it. I am not going to use an overseas company when I can have it done here in my own town." He wouldn't let it go, he just got MORE aggressive. AND he still hadn't solved my Avast problem by giving me my license file number. All this time, I discovered, was an effort to get me to sign up for a monthly subscription to the iyogi thing. I started getting really mad, and I firmly told him that I was not going to give him my credit card number, that I had paid for Avast, and I wanted the tech support that came with it. He still refused to do it and kept on about my computer being in danger of crash. So I demanded to speak to a supervisor. I told the supervisor what was going on and in the end they installed Avast on my computer. They never did give me my license file. Ironically, I figured out how to do it myself and could have saved myself a forty five minute computer hijacking to listen to a sales pitch against my will. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. It was spooky and extremely aggravating.