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02-24-2013, 06:30 PM
My DD, will be finishing "Saxon 8/7 with Pre algebra" book in a few weeks. I wanted to know from high school homeschooler parents if we should continue with Saxon for high school or any other books/ curriculum you would recommend. I found the following site: Homeschool math curriculum guide: reviews, how to choose, inexpensive materials, and more (http://www.homeschoolmath.net/curriculum_reviews/)
and was completely lost what to use for her high school. She is in grade 6 but advanced for Math. Had no trouble with the present Saxon math book, except at times complained it being a "bit of bore".

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02-24-2013, 07:17 PM
I love Thinkwell (http://www.thinkwellhomeschool.com/). You can try it free for two weeks and see how you like it. Homeschool Buyer's Co-op has it on sale periodically, up to 50% off.

My son has used Thinkwell for Alg. 2, Geometry, and currently Trigonometry. It's engaging and easy to follow. It consists of daily video lessons, online exercises and tests that are graded automatically, and a variety of other resources which vary depending on the specific course. The professor is great at explaining concepts in a way that's easy to understand and fun. He's kind of a goofball, but really knows what he's talking about.

02-24-2013, 07:43 PM
My son and I have been using Singapore's Discovering Mathematics. Its a very straight-forward text, but of course all the real-world examples are in singapore and use metric! It worked best for us because it requires me to 'teach', which he needs, has a medium amount of practice problems (we still do half for most chapters), and is linear.

as much as I generally speak badly about Saxon (for being brain-numbingly boring), i hear that the high school level is quite rigorous and prepare kids well for standardized tests. On the other hand, some people do criticize it for being strong on rote memorization of how to do the problem, and light on developing abstract understanding of the concept behind the method.

I saw, on that sight, Jacob's book - that is often recommended as a good basic text, but i know nothing about it.

Life of Fred is extremely different - the book is written as a story, where the main character needs to use math to solve situations he finds himself in. The instruction is light, and there are very few practice problems. Its a lot of fun - some people prefer to use it as a supplement or review, because it is very light on practice problems.

Art of Problem Solving is another 'different' program. It presents the concept first, and guides the student to figure out how to do the problems. Its great for kids who like puzzles. Its very rigorous.

There is also ALEKs, which is an interactive online program - its 'cool' but not everyone feels it teaches well.

there are plenty of choices!

03-07-2013, 09:09 AM
We're realling liking Algebra 1 from Aplustutorsoft.com, the lessons are short and the worksheets are too. This is the 3rd time my 16 yr old has taken algebra 1 and the first time she is "getting" it. They only go through algebra 1 right now but they told me they're adding algebra 2 and geometry this year, and that they're revamping algebra 1 too. You can try it free for a month and through the end of march it's 50% off with the code spoffer50. We now use it for algebra 1 and 4th grade math.

Cynthia Williford
03-09-2013, 09:31 PM
We started off using Khan Academy (http://www.khanacademy.org) combined with a downloadable FlexBook from CK-12 Foundation | CK-12 Foundation (http://www.ck12.org) for Algebra 1. We also tried www.kineticbooks.org (pay program). Ds hated using a dry textbook, and Kahn didn't offer enough practice while Kinetic Books didn't require that ds actually learn before moving on. KB also had problems with buggy games. Next we used Thinkwell Algebra 1 (pay program). The lectures were good, but ds figured out that he could trick the system when it came time to practice the concepts he had learned. Now, he's enrolled in an online class through CurrClick - Curriculum and Classes in a Click! (http://www.currclick.com) (pay program). It meets 3x per week and has homeworks and tests. It's a bit too "schooly" for us, but he is thriving and learning, and I really like the instructor. Ds really needed to be accountable to someone other than myself. ;-)
All of the program listed above and below are free unless otherwise indicated.
HippoCampus - Homework and Study Help - Free help with your algebra, biology, environmental science, American government, US history, physics and religion homework (http://www.hippocampus.org)
mathwithoutborders.com (we will probably use this next year for algebra 2 along with the Foerster book) (pay program)
Resource: Algebra: In Simplest Terms (http://www.learner.org/resources/series66.html?pop=yes&pid=168g) (Algebra Made Simple Lecture series)
Understanding Algebra by James Brennan (http://www.jamesbrennan.org/algebra/) (Understanding Algebra text)
Algebra I Activities - Hotmath (http://hotmath.com/learning_activities/algebra1a_activities.html) (interactive models)
Intermediate Algebra Course - Free Maths Video Lectures (http://www.learnerstv.com/Free-Maths-Video-lectures-ltv012-Page1.htm) (Learners TV lectures)
Math.com Algebra Worksheet Generator (http://www.math.com/students/worksheet/algebra_sp.htm) (Algebra Worksheet Generator)
YAY MATH! Algebra Geometry Math Videos Online | Homework Help (http://www.yaymath.org/video.html) (Yay Math video curiculum)
Free Video Math Lessons (http://www.mastermath.info/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3&Itemid=25) (grades 6 to Algebra, a work in progress)
Math Planet - Algebra 1 (http://www.mathplanet.com/education/algebra-1)

03-28-2013, 06:41 PM
Here's another vote for Thinkwell....my DD LOVES this program and she hated math before. I find the other persons comments are just spot on...prof is goofy but he explains things so very well and he is engaging. DD is chronologically finishing 6th grade but academically halfway through 10th grade if that helps you decide.

04-02-2013, 08:07 AM
I didn't even realize Currclick offered live classes. Putting that on my list of curriculum to research.

04-05-2013, 11:48 AM
For an advanced, bored student, I strongly suggest Art of Problem Solving. It goes much deaper and is more challenging than any other math I've ever seen - and I used to teach high school math! My oldest did the first half of Intro to Alg, which is Alg I and is working through Intro to Number Theory now. If you want to check out the type of problems, go to their website and sign up for Alcumus. It's free. You can put that you want to follow Pre-Algebra for their lowest level. But their Pre-Algebra is still like no other Pre-Algebra program, she will be challenged. (My oldest is an advanced math student too. He's finishing up 4th grade. That's why we're taking a Number Theory break now and then he'll do Alg II in 5th grade).