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12-11-2012, 03:22 PM
Does anyone know if the work sheets in Time 4 Learning's 7/8th grade social studies are considered part of the curriculum or are just there for additional reinforcement of the concepts? I was considering skipping them since they seem to be redundant but didn't want to if they are considered part of the completion of the subject. They don't go into the grading system.

She finished Language Arts. Did great through the first half that was lessons and tests. Their reading and writing chapters were a tale of woe. She hated them, it took forever for her to get through them since she was seriously unmotivated. So we won't be using Time 4 Learning for 8th grade Language Arts. Does anyone have suggestions for something to use that is maybe more of just a framework to use? If we could determine the number of tasks or reading material types to use I think that may help. Something that suggests the types of writing assignments to do off of the reading materials yet has the freedom to pick the books or reading materials used I think would work better.

I am really not a fan of how Time 4 Learning or I guess it is Learning Odyssey that created the actual lessons, set up the last half of the LA lessons. The reading materials were uninteresting and she had already read one of the books. The online tools were clumsy and I had to go into her login to print her writing assignments.

12-15-2012, 08:54 PM
I'm sorry, but I don't have an answer. If it helps, you're not alone, as I've wondered the same thing. We've just recently started T4L and my dd loves the Language Arts but tires easily of the other subjects. I was hoping this would be a great fit for her and we could get away from the use and storage of so many books and print outs, but seems like we may have to go back to the old way of schooling.

12-16-2012, 04:09 PM
Time4Learning provides a variety of materials with their curriculum, so parents can choose what will work best for their child. Time4Learning doesn't consider any mix of resources more "complete" than another. If the worksheets feel redundant to you, and they are not of benefit to your student, there is no need to use them. With my kids, I try to keep in mind that my goal is for them to learn. My goal is NOT to mark a certain number of activities or worksheets completed off a checklist. :)

People either really love or really hate the literature based lessons in the core language arts curriculum. I omitted some of the tedious written vocabulary activities for my own students. Don't forget the language arts extensions. The lessons they contain are probably more in line with what you're used to seeing in a language arts curriculum.