View Full Version : Edu. Game for middle schoolers-possibly???

10-22-2012, 07:25 AM
I hope this is the correct place to post this and I am posting because this doesn't fit under the Wii game post as a reply (me thinks).

Last year, my Dd's (8th) was covering consumer math that covered city planning and was just not interested. I didn't think we would ever get through the curriculum with our shaky start, so to help her I went on a mission to find a game I hoped would be a reward and at the same time encourage her. She actually found the game, called Virtual City, while playing free game intro's that came on her laptop. Fortunately enough, this game really was a good fit and helped me to explain how towns/cities operate. I played it for free online and then when I was happy, I downloaded it for a just a few dollars ($7).

How we used it-The player is the town planner and is required to meet specific goals for each city. This is a wee bit like Sims City but with kid friendly graphics, but with that said all ages seem to like the game per reviews. There are several things the student must manage- Trash pickup, city buses and route's, building several plants and recycling center just so one product can be manufactured and sold to build a boat dock, ship, furniture, cosmetics, or pies, etc. As the game get's harder the player realizes that an oil dock has to be upgraded to create cleaner air and this in turn makes the population happier as a whole. Theater's, outdoor recreation, emergency facilities, environmental products and store's keep people happy within a township and makes the City Planner's job much easier. The game has pre-picked the states the player must rebuild a city in(real cities with terrain and natural disasters), and those states are California, Colorado, Montana, Michigan and N.Y.

Be forewarned that there is one city I had to help her master, even though I don't endorse cheating, I had to look up way's to accomplish meeting the goals. lol!

Anyway, I find this a very good game for learning consumer economics and found there is now a Virtual City 2 which we hope to start soon. Please share any info you have about games that have helped your kids.