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10-07-2012, 02:54 PM
I keep finding myself wanting to have our library day be Sunday. The problem is that due to library cutbacks, only the central branch (where there's no parking - and it's near the convention center and the big stadium, so while you can easily do street parking in the middle of the day during the week, it's impossible on the weekend most of the time) is open on Sundays. Ugh. I just can't take the subway with that many books. It just seems counter-intuitive to me. I mean, if you want more people to use the library, shouldn't they close it on, say, Monday, and leave it open on Sunday? Or, better yet, close it half days two weekdays and leave it open on Sunday?

Is this common? Is your library closed on Sundays?

10-07-2012, 03:05 PM
Due to budget cuts our library is closed on Sundays. It has been for several years now.

10-07-2012, 03:08 PM
One of our base libraries is open 7 days a week. The other was, but they closed it on weekends due to budget cuts... and it figures that's the one within walking distance of my house.

10-07-2012, 04:09 PM
i dont think our libraries were ever open on sundays. um, capital of the south is rather xtian about the way they run the world? no?

10-07-2012, 04:17 PM
The single library in my town is open every day. They are open for 3 hours on Sunday, 6 hours on Saturday, 8 hours on Friday, and 11 hours per day Monday to Thursday.

10-07-2012, 04:39 PM
Our local one is not, but the county just opened 3 branches for 5 hours on Sundays.

10-07-2012, 04:42 PM
i'm wrong - i asked on fb and was told by a real local that the county libraries used to be open on sundays.

10-07-2012, 04:51 PM
No Sunday hours here. As far as I know, there never have been.

10-07-2012, 04:59 PM
I think it bugs me because it's so limiting. Sunday is a day people can go to the library. But it sounds like most places have cut back Sunday library hours or limited them to only certain branches. :(

Stella M
10-07-2012, 05:07 PM
Yep, but shorter hours and only the main library, not the branch.

I guess people go after work - ours are open till 7 - or Saturday - all day.

10-07-2012, 05:23 PM
Ours are staggered so that some branches are open M-Th evenings until 9, but the days they stay open late, they don't open until 1:00. I wish they had staggered them a bit better (it seems like all the libraries in NW have the same schedule, so they're clumped, which is less useful) but considering the limitations, I think that's a good system.

10-07-2012, 05:45 PM
Having been on the other side - staffing is an issue and money is a bigger issue. Library-use statisics typically support evening hours. A lot of people use the library Monday-Thursday evenings. Few people use the library on Friday and Saturday evenings. Although people claim to want weekend hours, there is not as much traffic as on weekdays. Saturday mornings tend to be the busiest weekend time-slot. (In academic libraries, that is followed by Sunday evening.) Unless the library has specific programing on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, there tend to be few patrons. From a budgetary perspective, it is more economical to be open longer hours fewer days than the other way round. Thus when budgets are tight, the programs and hours affecting the fewest participants (or for which the library does not get specific outside funding) get cut first.

Although the internet has played a role in the reduction of library hours, could you imagine the pain of shorter library hours without it? No ability to access library catalogs and request materials remotely? We use a lot of library materials and services, but spend very little time in the library building itself.

10-07-2012, 06:05 PM
But the central library here is always doing a decent business on the Sundays that I have gone. Not quite as many people as late in the afternoons or in the evening, but much more people than on a weekday any time before school lets out. But that's the downtown location (tons of homeless people use the library as a hangout) and maybe some of that is that it's the only one open? The staffing thing and having the library open on fewer days being cheaper does make sense.

The internet does make it easier... if you have the internet. I think a huge percentage of the patrons I see at our libraries don't have internet access in the home.

10-07-2012, 06:40 PM
Our libraries are usually open from about 9am to 9pm weekdays, 10 to 5 on Saturdays, and only 1-5 on Sundays. They are only closed on Sundays in the summer (June thru Aug).

10-07-2012, 06:51 PM
In our county, there are two systems. One is open 9-9 M - Th and 9-6 F and Sat. The other system is open Mon-Sat and for half day on Sunday (1-5). It seems busy on the Sundays we are there.

10-07-2012, 06:54 PM
Yes. Our town has one library and it's open on Sundays from 12-4, which I think is pretty decent, except during the summer when they are closed. It's always busy, no matter when we go.

10-07-2012, 07:04 PM
Our library only opens on Sundays during day-light savings. Weird.

10-07-2012, 08:32 PM
Ours is open on Sundays from 2pm to 5pm from October through May. They were closed on every Sunday for a while, but they created a donation fund so people could "sponsor" a Sunday (or part of a Sunday).

On the bright side, as homeschoolers we have more free time on weekdays than most families to do things like run to the library. Kids at school have a "library" day each week, so why shouldn't we?

10-07-2012, 09:18 PM
Nope. That was a bit of culture-shock when I first came here from a large, progressive, metroplex, many years ago. But now, some businesses downtown are open past 5. I do wish the library here didn't have such bankers' hours. I think they also close at noon on Saturday. Since we are homeschoolers, we can go whenever, but I really do wonder, when are school kids and their working parents, ever supposed to go, if they are all but not open on weekends?

10-07-2012, 09:46 PM
actually a lot of the school kids get to take books out from the school library and dont really use the regular library much. Unless of course their parents are unwilling to put up with the school rules of only letting them take out 'grade level' books. But Orion read a lot of great books in middle school which were recommended by his school librarian. the schools around me also give middle and high school kids laptops . . . i actually think the kids can log in to the school intranet from the county libraries, which is really cool - but in many of the libraries it seems people are there more to use the computers and the study space than for books.

10-07-2012, 10:22 PM
Nope. My local library is open 'til 8:30 M-Th, 5 on Fri., 4 on Saturday, except June, July, Aug., when it's closed Sat. I don't think it's been open Sunday as long as I can remember using it (15+ years).

I could go to the university library, about 20 min. away. They are open until 2 am Sun.-Th., midnight Fri. and Sat. Thing is, parking gets expensive, and I'd have to shell out sixty bucks per year to borrow, so I'm not too keen on using it.

10-08-2012, 06:45 AM
Ours is open on Sunday during the school year. All summer they are closed on Sunday. Our libraries have great hours. I can also go to neighboring cities and use their libraries with our card. This is nice because we live smack dab in the middle of two libraries but the one is more child friendly in that the books are organized by "reading level" and they have awesome little reading nooks that the kids love to use but the other one is also in the same building as the park district so I always have something to do with the kid who isn't in class.

10-08-2012, 09:12 AM
Our local library is open 9-6 M-F and 10-1 on Saturday. No Sunday hours. Our city branch is open on Sundays until 5:30. That's good to know. :)

10-08-2012, 01:24 PM
We don't have Sunday hours. (I don't recall if we ever did, but I really have no idea.) I think we have 2-3 evenings that the libraries stay open, the rest of the week they close at different times depending on the branch, anywhere from 5 to 8.

10-08-2012, 07:10 PM
Our library has been closing on Sundays for quite a few years (PG county) but now the Saturday hours are extremely limited as well. It's so frustrating!

10-08-2012, 11:32 PM
Yes, or it will be in a few weeks. It's closed now for renovations but it is normally open on Sundays. Only closed on Fridays.

Crabby Lioness
10-09-2012, 12:21 AM
Is this common? Is your library closed on Sundays?


Forgive me. My local library is open half a day a week. No one is ever sure which half-day it is.

10-09-2012, 01:03 AM
The library that we usually visit is open from 1-5 p.m. on Sundays, but a lot of other branches are closed. It's a fairly large system, but being in the Bible belt, Sunday mornings take a lot of the library-going populace to church. It's nice that our libraries still get a ton of use, though. It's a pretty good system, all told.

10-09-2012, 01:35 AM
Our main library is open on Sunday, but the branch closest to us is closed on Sunday.

10-09-2012, 12:53 PM
Ours used to be open on Sundays all year. Due to budget cuts it is now only open on Sundays during the school year.

10-09-2012, 06:30 PM

Forgive me. My local library is open half a day a week. No one is ever sure which half-day it is.

Okay, that sucks. :( I mean, how pathetic.

I went to our library today and was feeling annoyed that they didn't have just what I wanted. I'm so spoiled. It's not the best library system ever, but... it's pretty darn good.

10-09-2012, 06:31 PM
I guess I must have grown up with unusually good libraries too though... they were always open on Sundays. I know because I was in there doing homework last minute sometimes.

10-09-2012, 06:53 PM
I dont remember going to the library very often . . . i remember occasionally going for story books when I was younger, and occasionally doing research for reports when I was older. but when I was older, the library was 20 minutes away from home (by car, half of it on a highway) . . . i just mostly used the high school library.

Stella M
10-09-2012, 06:58 PM
I was a library nerd, I loved hanging out there, browsing, reading, writing...I find libraries very calming and reassuring places. Maybe I should work in one.

10-10-2012, 07:08 AM
I love our library system. Like... I would make passionate love to the built-in-1931-used-to-be-the-mess-hall building itself love it.

The USAFE (U.S. Armed Forces Europe) is fabulous, because the inter-library network is pretty extensive. Is there a new release I'm not sure I want to buy? One of the libraries usually has it. I might have to wait for it to come to me from Italy, Turkey, Portugal, or Germany (and there are multiple libraries within the system in Germany and England, and their holdings usually do not overlap, so there's a huge variety of books), but it's worth it.

I'll miss it when we go back to the U.S.

The closest library when we go home will be in Plattsmouth, Nebraska. Looking now, I see they are open 7 days a week... I'm impressed, considering how many libraries have fallen victim to budget cuts. Not sure what their inter-library loan system is like.

If there's one thing I always do, it's donate to a library when I make a genealogical request to them. If I request an obituary, for example, and they send me a PDF at no charge, or at a really minimal charge, I still send them a donation to show my appreciation. I'm not sure how far those donations go, but I hope they help in some small way.

10-10-2012, 10:44 AM
Our library does Sunday hours seasonally, and they'll be starting up either later this month or next month. I do like going on Monday though because it's less crowded.

10-10-2012, 12:02 PM
Ours is open Sundays during the school year, but in summer. That's been the case as long as I've been here (around 17 years). There is a good university just up the road from us, and I think their library is open on weekends all year (could be wrong), but our kiddos are not entirely out of the children's section yet - and the U's library doesn't have one.

10-11-2012, 12:49 AM
Ours is closed on Sundays.

I actually had to go look that up. I work weekends, so Sunday is not our library day.

I grew up a block from the library, and it was my second home :p. It was open on Sunday afternoons by the time we moved a block away from it when I was 10, but at some point before that, it was closed on Sunday and Wednesday for budgetary reasons, if I remember right.

10-12-2012, 05:41 PM
Ours is which is great. And last week when B1 was fiddling at a farmer's market outside a community library, BOO and I went inside in desperate need of a research librarian. BOO had found a huge caterpillar we couldn't identify. We love libraries.

10-12-2012, 06:21 PM
Our library was open on Sundays during the school year until some research showed that nearly everybody using it at that time was just waiting for the homeless shelter to open at dinnertime. The city made the (reasonable, I thought, though it was pretty controversial) decision to close the library on Sundays and divert the funds to keeping the shelter open more hours.

10-12-2012, 06:29 PM
just to be clear, i did spend time in school libraries . . its not that i didnt like them! in 5th grade the librarian let me hide in the library during recess for a while, until my teacher figured it out and made me come back to recess. in high school i often went to the library during study hall, and at Penn State I spent a LOT of time in the library. But never a public library.

i dont actually take the kids to the library that often because . . . idk, they annoy me? Raven used to run and yell, but now he just begs to get on the computers and play games, and i'm all "If you want to play computer games, we can do that at home!" Orion mostly just asks to go home. sigh.

10-12-2012, 07:53 PM
Entire county library system here is closed Sundays and Mondays. then there is the Friday about every other month for some sort of staff development thing.

10-12-2012, 09:02 PM
Ours is open on Sunday afternoons during the school year.

10-12-2012, 10:09 PM
Ours is actually open from 1-5 on Sundays. Very strange for this town, but the library system here is terrific. I grew up in the boonies with a bookmobile visiting the school parking lot once a week, so I appreciate and use our library LOTS.