View Full Version : Middle school home schoolers- what does your daily schedule look like?

10-04-2012, 10:33 PM
We start our school between 7-8 AM. My daughter does science, followed by German. Then a snack, followed by math ( saxon). We break for lunch and then work on English, /social studies etc. I find by the time it is 1 PM she is not focused, so in English ( reading and writing) where she needs most work, comes out sloppy. we have tried moving it in the morning but then it takes forever. Our limiting factor is Science which is Plato and is available for 8-11 AM. Both my husband and I work FT and home school her so wondering if parents can share their daily schedule. Probably we need to tone it down.

Thank you in advance.

10-04-2012, 11:30 PM
Do you need to do science every day? Maybe 2 or 3 days a week would be enough. A lot of kids need daily practice in math, and frequency is helpful when learning a language, so I can understand doing those every day. Does she have a lot to do in English? Some days could be simply reading, with writing tasks two or three times a week.

How much does she have to do for English? Is it intensive work every day, or is it mainly reading? If I wanted to do English every day, then I would switch up what she has to do each day. She could do Science, followed by a light work in English (or no English), and the next day she could do more intensive English work.

The "problem" with homeschooling is that it can be somewhat intensive. The student is usually the one doing most of the work, or all the attention is focussed on one student, as opposed to a classroom situation where a lot of time is spent listening to the teacher, looking around, seeing what other students are doing, etc....

10-05-2012, 10:42 AM
We don't usually start until 9 and we work until around 2, some days a little later. We do language arts every day but we alternate between our two different MCT books that we're working on. One of them is learning root words and vocabulary; the other is grammar.

He does spelling and handwriting 3x/week. We alternate history and biology every other day. We read together a couple times/week and other days he reads alone. We do math every day and I'm currently supplementing his math with T4L grade 4 math because he really struggles, so we're doing two forms of math every day now.

10-05-2012, 06:25 PM
Are you using a program for english? Can you take a step back and think about what your goals are? How will you (and she) know if she's getting the english? Maybe she's getting what she needs in the more structured stuff you have going. Or maybe you can incorporate it into the structured stuff.

It doesn't seem like an unreasonable schedule, it might just need some tweaking.

This is disjointed as I'm tired, sorry for the lack of coherence.

Stella M
10-05-2012, 06:59 PM
Can she do science/math/English in the am, then German/social studies in the Afternoon ?

And yeah, does she have to do science daily ? Can she alternate German/social studies ?

10-07-2012, 02:51 PM
We don't have a set schedule or order for doing subjects. I put the days work out into 6 trays on a shelf unit. Dd chooses the order she will work throughout the day and evening. She takes a break after every 2 trays- so 3 breaks per day not counting meal breaks. I would say we spend no more than 3 hours per day actively homeschooling.
We follow a year round schedule.
Math is usually every day. We have a read aloud book every day.
Other subjects might not be every day. I rotate language arts tasks throughout the week. One day the focus is vocabulary and another day is writing for example.

Maybe have her take a break around 1PM and do something else... maybe something active... and come back to academics later. Choose to not do every subject every day and have slightly shorter homeschool days.
Maybe break up English and do smaller portions at different times of the day- writing in the morning and reading in the afternoon for example. Find ways to incorporate writing or reading more with her other subjects instead of having it be a separate task.

10-11-2012, 02:42 PM
I work mornings, so our schedule is a little different than many. Due to my college classes, and the kids' activities (roller derby and fencing), we school Sunday through Thursday, with Tuesdays being on the light side.

Generally, when I get home from work it goes something like this:

lunch and a science or history documentary, sometimes older TV shows (Addams Family, etc.)
Reading aloud part one: books from my Afternoon Basket on various topics
Math: Alternating Math Mammoth and Life of Fred
Language Arts: ds has to do spelling and word roots daily, and dd has to work on phonics (late reader). Then we add in rotating subjects like grammar, poetry, free writing, writing instruction, etc.
More reading aloud: From our lit study
Other subjects: rotating between history, science, geography and art.
And probably some more reading, from a fun book (right now this is The Graveyard Book)

Takes 2-3 hours a day.

10-22-2012, 02:25 PM
Dd is schooled year round.
Monday - Thursday
Math - 9am-finished by 10:45am (struggles)
Stretch exercises
English - 11am-finished by 1pm (works while eating lunch-her preference-tall and skinny)
1-2pm - Xbox dance, basketball, trampoline, piano practice (if rainy).
2-3pm - Science (Mon)
2-3pm - History (Tues)
2-3pm - Music (Wed)
2-3pm - Art (Thurs) includes a project from any of the above subjects.
4-5pm - Free reading or Educational Video Game (she's a speed reader-wish she loves math this much)
Friday - Skate day and thrift store & grocery shopping and where she takes a budgeting book.
Saturday - Might include a science project or field trip.
Sunday afternoon we cover what she is going to do the next week and her Monday schedule.