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08-28-2012, 07:27 PM
I'm feeling the pressure with my 8th grader this year and have been doing some additional planning and reading lately regarding high school (obsessively so!). Since we moved to a new state (CA) last month very unexpectedly, this has been stressful too since there are different requirements and info to learn. My long term plans for high school and comm college have all been tossed out the window.

Anyway, I read this today and it made me feel better-thought some others might appreciate it too:
BestHomeschooling.org - Self-Direction, Engagement, and Success by Wes Beach (http://www.besthomeschooling.org/articles/wes_beach.html)

Stella M
08-28-2012, 07:33 PM
Man, the thing no-one tells you about home schooling high school is that it is not only possible, but it can be highly satisfying and fun! For both of you!

I see my dd14 just blossoming and turning into this lovely, thoughtful, engaged, self directed young woman - and I KNOW home schooling has facilitated that.

It's a real thrill, home schooling through high school.

Stella M
08-28-2012, 07:41 PM
The foremost trait that most of my students seem to share is a stubborn independence. They certainly have the kind of intelligence necessary to succeed in college, but I do not believe that they are in general extremely gifted. They are people who are confident, autonomous, and self-aware. They skip much or all of high school and find themselves sitting in college classrooms filled mainly with people who have experienced a traditional high school education that, because it is so rigidly prescribed and insistently delivered, has prevented them from making a deeply personal investment in their own learning and thus makes their high school education largely empty. It is this emptiness that my students skip, and their personal sturdiness more than makes up for what little they miss in high school.
Homeschooling encourages people to be sturdy. I believe that homeschoolers will do well in college whenever they make deeply personal decisions to enter college. If early college admission is not what teenagers want, they can find an unlimited number of productive and educational ways to spend their teen years. Traditional high school academic subjects do not have to be part of what they do. Since my students do well in college with very limited or no high school experience, certainly alternative "high school" experiences, however radically they depart from a traditional course of study, can be the foundation for success in college.

this, from the article...this, this,this...

09-10-2012, 01:53 PM
Yes homeschooling high school is very scary! your child is growing in so many ways but this is the time where your influence will be so important. Have a plan and focus on developing them for the "real world". Too many public schools fail at developing real life skills so take advantage of your time with your ds or dd. My ds is 17 and it's been hard but so worth it- I know one day my ds will really appreciate being a homeschooler. ;)