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07-18-2012, 03:26 PM
Hi all,

My daughter, Riley, is still just four years old so my curriculum is based more around storytimes, play, and helping her to learn to socialize. I wanted to share a fun art project I like because it helps with her hand eye coordination as well as motor skills which are still developing.

I borrow my partner's mini projector and we project stencils of drawings against butcher paper taped to the wall. Riley, likes to trace the outlines first and then colors it in after. It really encourages her while giving her a sense of symmetry and a blue print for drawing.

I know some people may have issues with technology (I sure do ) but this AAXA LED projector is so simple to use, Riley likes to turn it on sometimes to let me know she wants to draw.

Anyways, just to keep discussion going, I would love to hear of any other fun art projects you all have cooked up at home