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01-18-2012, 04:15 PM
So after 3+ months of homeschooling I finally got the nerve up to attend a local co-op meet and great. We attended an ice skating activity and my dd had a GREAT time. It was a little awkward for me however as many of the regulars had not seen each other for several months/weeks with the holidays so they were busy in their groups getting caught up with one another. I don't think the intention was not to include me... they were just excited to see one another. It was also kinda nice to sit near the group and just be an observer...you can really pick up on quite a bit when you listen and watch. Anyway, I think we will attend another gathering next week since dd had such a good time. So tell me how your co-ops work? It seems like this is more a social co-op and they do not do really anything that I would call structured and educational per se. For instance they have an activity such as bowling once a week and then once a month have a craft/potluck get together and then there are little things that individuals set up that you can supplement with such as skiing lessons. I guess, in my mind there was a teaching piece to co-ops like i would teach something that I am good at and someone else would teach something they are good at, but heck... the goal was for dd to have a good time and she did so I am happy.

01-18-2012, 04:27 PM
We're part of a few groups in the area.

One of them is a loose network of friends. It's run on a Yahoo group. I'm the mod. We do park days when the weather is good. We also organize field trips and classes sometimes. I run a Shakespeare performance through it. We do a book club for the parents. Most of us know each other and get along, but anyone can join if they fill out an introduction first and then attend something within a couple of months so we meet them face to face. It's a nice group. I wouldn't call it a co-op though.

We're also part of two small co-ops that are purposefully small - invitation only. Both are five families large. We meet at each other's homes (and other places as needed) and take turns teaching about a topic. In one, the parents pick broad themes and in the other, the kids choose topics they'd like to learn about through a process of consensus. We've been together for 2+ years in both and have traditions. The kids are close friends. They're really special groups.

We're also a part of a Destination Imagination team that meets during the season (now!). I was the coach for two years but this year, another mom is doing it. It's another small, invitation only group. And I'm on local lists, but those aren't like co-ops at all. A few people I know are part of umbrella groups - but those are expensive - it's another whole story there.

01-18-2012, 04:44 PM
Our co-op meets weekly for enrichment classes- a lot like a short school day. We also do field trips and community service. This week we are going to the circus two hours away. Classes are taught by moms who have volunteered in an area of interest. Honestly, I wish it was only social! We live in a smallish town, so options are limited.

01-18-2012, 05:46 PM
We are a part of many homeschool groups but none are what I would call a co-op. My view of a co-op is the same as yours, kind of shared learning. But all of the groups I am in are more just like play groups or field trips for school aged kids. There are some co-ops in our area but they are all religion based, so we stick with the groups. We like them.