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10-03-2011, 04:46 PM
I'm trying to figure out how to organize everything we want to do this year and thought I'd share my ideas. Although we're not waldorf I kind of like the "main lesson" (with studying one thing for like 3-4 weeks), basically incorporating that into our mornings. Then afternoons would be free for doing a craft like baking or whatnot. My daughter will be 6 in November so she's Kindy age so we're not going to do anything too intense. We also have some kind of PE (yoga videos, nature walk) incorporated into each morning. She's also extremely creative and given a chance will spend 8+hours a day drawing, cutting, etc. so we want to leave lots of time for that. We also want to celebrate seasonal festivals and incorporate that.

So for what we've got down so far is...

1st. Going through the Explode the Code A-C series at once. She's nearly done with A and it's taken a little over a week. So that'll be around 3 weeks. It's going very smoothly and only takes around an hour a day.

2nd. Form drawing. Again, we're not waldorf but that's one thing I do want to do. As a basis for a few things...including geometry when she's older. I'd like her to be able to explore what's basically "sacred geometry" (and learning about harmony and the golden ratio) so anyway I think it's one cool thing to do. She's already drawing extremely intricate horses so I don't think it's too early for this.

3. Arithmetic Village. She will sew her own pouches, we'll find a treasure box and spend a few weeks doing the books, we have all of them. She has enjoyed doing "diaper math" (lol) with her grandpa and seems to be good at adding/subtracting already so this will be a good way to formally introduce it.

The other things we'd like to learn about and/or do this year are ... the lego education sets everyone is talking about. She and her dad just love doing legos and it would make a great birthday gift. Also, the basics about the seasons and time/calendar stuff. I'll have to find some resources for that. I also have ETC 1-3 for her. I thought we could make a calendar together and also a time clock. Shouldn't be too hard with some posterboard.

We also are going to plan on reading to her each day before bed...

Anyway, it sounds like a lot but I don't think it is each day. She still has lots of time to free play. Just thought I'd share my ideas!

Stella M
10-03-2011, 05:23 PM
So, 3 weeks phonics, three weeks form drawing, three weeks arithmetic ?

It all sounds lovely, pretty much what I did with dd14 when she was 6, except we worked on maths/reading as a consistent lesson and used the rotating subject idea for the extras. How do you think your dd will do with the breaks in between maths and phonics ?

10-03-2011, 05:47 PM
I think she will do ok. She already has a decent grasp of the basics. I figure that phonics will be reinforced with daily reading. She has quite a few early readers that we can work off of. I also don't think it will be a problem for math since we can incorporate that into other things (baking, calendar countdowns etc). She already understands basic math and halves/wholes and so on. So anyway I hope it will work out. If it's a problem we can always adjust of course!

Stella M
10-03-2011, 06:11 PM
It sounds great :) It's making me nostalgic for the days when had two little girls and we read stories, baked, made seasonal tables, walks, art and craft...have fun with her! It really doesn't sound a lot to me. It sounds just right.

Do you have Baking Bread with children by Warren Lee Cohen ? fantastic book.

10-20-2011, 10:23 AM
it sounds great..