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05-14-2010, 10:32 AM
Hi everyone,

A few friends facebook posts directed me to this site and I am happy to be here! I will be homeschooling my DD 9 this year as she is just now finishing up 4th grade in private school. She has ADD and has really struggled trying to learn in the traditional classroom setting and pace this year. She and I both have decided to homeschool her starting with 5th to see if we cant't find a method of learning that works best for her without medication and failing grades! She is so intelligent and inquisitive and I don't want to see that die out because she doesn't fit into the classroom mold with mind-altering medications. That said, she has the attention span of a gnat :) so it will be our challenge to find a way that works! I know we can do it though!

I am excited to review your words of wisdom and resources as we begin our journey!


05-15-2010, 08:02 AM
Welcome Shelby! How exciting for you and your daughter :) I read in another post that you were close to Nashville. Where you affected by the flooding?

05-15-2010, 09:39 AM
Welcome, Shelby!! So glad you found us...that's wonderful that word is getting out via Facebook. I'm sure you have already overloaded on sites and research for homeschooling kids with ADD/ADHD so please forgive me for suggesting one of my faves. ;) POSITIVELY ADD (http://www.mindspring.com/%7Ejupton/jan1.html)

We also have a sub-group on the site (http://www.secularhomeschool.com/group.php?groupid=24) for parents of kids with ADD. It isn't too active right now, but maybe you can help change that!! ;) We look forward to getting to know you better...thanks for taking time to introduce yourself.


05-16-2010, 03:06 AM
My DD doesn't have ADD and also has the attention span of a gnat! You're not the only one dealing with that aspect. ;) Welcome to the site. Hope you were okay through the awful floods.

05-16-2010, 09:57 AM
Welcome Shelby! I hope you'll find all the resources that'll help you approach next year in a way that'll best benefit your daughter. I know how difficult that can be...for that matter, so does my mom. And her mom. As my wife puts it, "I can tell when we're at one of your family reunions, because nobody's able to sit down for more than a minute."

05-16-2010, 10:35 AM
Welcome to the site and my best wishes to you and your daughter as you start on this journey. This has been a great place for me-I'm sure you'll find the same.

05-16-2010, 04:22 PM
Hi, Shelby. I'm brand new to this forum as well. Are you by any chance in Western Tennessee? I live very close to Memphis. It would be nice to know I'm not the only secular homeschooling mom within a hundred mile radius ;)

05-21-2010, 06:48 PM
I am in Clarksville - so Middle TN about 45 minutes north of Nashville. I personally wasn't affected by the flooding but know many who were.

Thanks for the welcome! I am compiling my resources and have already found many great ones here. Can't wait to jump in!