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08-18-2011, 11:37 PM
I'm new here so I hope everyone forgives me, but I have to vent! Due to extracurriculars and the fact we take full advantage of our short summer season, we pretty much follow the PS calendar in our homeschool. Usually not an issue, but this year DS6, my little "Mr. I hate School and I will never, ever, ever read" has decided he is excited for the new school year, wants to start yesterday, and that he plans to start reading in 7 days, or maybe 30, but definitely before he's a grown-up.

Obviously, I want to take advantage of this change of attitude right now! Not a huge issue, but my DS11 doesn't want to start until the preplanned date of 9/6. Okay, that's fine. Gives me two weeks of one-on-one time with DS6 to get him back into the schooling groove.

The problem is the freaking attitude! I swear DS11 is trying to sabotage his younger brothers new found love of learning. He keeps trying to rub it in his brother's face that he doesn't have to start early. :mad: I briefly thought of making him start with his younger brother, but then thought better of it. First, I don't want to use learning time as a punishment, and second, he'll just make matters worse if he brings this attitude into the school room.

I'm pretty sure I know the reason behind the attitude. He's always been an apt student with a love of learning. I think he likes the attention of being the "smart one" from friends and relatives. If his little brother starts reading and being a good student, then he's afraid he'll lose that title. But still, it is so aggravating! Grrr!

Stella M
08-19-2011, 01:00 AM
I hear you! Totally drives you crazy, doesn't it ? Especially when the eldest, supposedly more mature child is the one causing the trouble, not that that happens in out house ahem :) Hope it gets better. Meanwhile, vent away!

08-19-2011, 09:12 AM
I have twins and I feel like they have a complete yin-yang thing going with attitude and issues. The more testy, tearful, pessimistic or ugly one is being, the more cheerful, happy, and mature the other one is. Sigh.

If I had a kid rubbing it in the face of the other (especially an 11 year old!), then the punishment would be schoolwork. You want to schadenfreude your kid brother who's half your age? No way. This week one of mine finished schoolwork earlier than the other one. Here's the conversation we had about it.

Him: "What do I do now?"

Me: "Whatever you want, but it needs to be either in your room or in the basement, not here where your brother is working. Or, if you want to be here, you can draw or read or do something quietly, but don't interrupt him or make him feel bad about you being finished first."

Him: "But what if I do?"

Me: "Then I'll put more schoolwork on your board. If you've got time to be rude, you've got time to do more schoolwork."

Him: "Bah!" And he ran off and I didn't hear a single peep from him until his brother was finished.