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04-28-2010, 10:26 AM
Hi everyone! I'm Pandora (Debbie) from Chalmers, IN. We have six kids, but only one has been homeschooled. The other 5 went to public school. The youngest is our homeschooler, and he is 15. He's been homeschooled his entire life, with one brief foray into the traditional school world when he was 10. Huge mistake. He still talks about it.

We are eclective homeschoolers, bordering on unschooling. Our schooling year is pretty much all year. Micah has times when he just hangs out and doesn't do much, and other times (like now) when he wants a more directed course of study. We're the only homeschooling familiy in our town, and one of the few in the area with teens. That makes getting him out and about rather difficult, since he doesn't really want to hang out with little kids. We were in a secular homeschool group, but there were some very difficult tensions and we left. Now we're pretty much solo, which I don't like.

I'm trying to start a new group in our area to see if I can flush out any other "closet" homeschool families - hopefully with older kids. If anyone is in the area (Greater Lafayette area, Indiana), check our fledgling group out on Meetups.com - White and Tippe County Homeschoolers - http://www.meetup.com/White-and-Tippe-County-Homeschool/.

I also work full time as an IT manager, and have two blogs - www.pandoraknits.com and www.schoolbytes.org. I maintain a homeschool site - www.homeschool-indiana.org - as well. I'm a wanna-be writer, politically liberal, and a recent hair-dye-activist (I'm letting my hair go gray - trauma!).

Glad to "meet" you all!

Debbie (Pandora)

04-28-2010, 10:28 AM
Hi Pandora and welcome to the site. There are more and more new people around here every day.

04-28-2010, 11:12 AM
Welcome Pandora! We have similar backgrounds in that we also have 6 kids but we only Homeschool our youngest. However he is only 8 so he's making friends with any boys willing to run around and pretend that they're soldiers/astronauts/explorers or what not! We live in a small town in rural Central Florida and yes it is hard to find like-minded people. I have also started my own group but I keep on going back and forth between wanting to keep it tiny for sanity and peace's sake or advertising it to hopefully find a local "gem" or 2, ie families that we like AND live less than 1 hour from my house, lol.

We're also eclectic but trying to follow the tenets of Classical Education, somewhat. I love making plans because that's what keeps me sane (as you know life with 6 kids can be challenging and I think I would sink into a dark depression if I wasn't organized!) but I'm realizing that Noah needs less structure now that he can read independently and he is enjoying the fact that I am learning to relax the reigns a little more everyday. Plans are made to be changed, right? Right. We change ours all the time while still keeping general objectives in mind and this seems to be working quite well for us. I hope that the secular friends he has right now will continue on Homeschooling so he has a group of close-knit friends when he reaches puberty.

I'm conservative otherwise but diversity is the salt of life, right? You'll find a great variety of backgrounds in this group but we all seem to be getting along quite well. As I like to say, we focus on what we have in common instead of what divides us :)

I'm no activist but I gave up coloring my hair last year, mostly out of laziness, but also because despite the fact that I called myself a blonde (which I used to be naturally), my family claimed that I hadn't been a blonde in many years. So I'm my new natural light brown shade now and I conveniently discovered that my eyesight is getting worse and worse so I can't really tell if I'm going gray or not, and that's fine with me!