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04-28-2010, 08:19 AM
I always try to keep my intro short, but it never seems to work. So, please bear with me if this is a little long.

I am married to the man of my dreams & have 2 amazing kids - a daughter "Dea & a son "Jay." We school year-round, with a month off between grades. This week is the first week of our break. So, in about 4 weeks, we'll be starting our 7th year of homeschooling. We value education highly & truly believe that learning is a lifelong journey. We chose to homeschool for academic reasons. Dea went to preschool, then to a public school for Kindergarten. It became blatantly obvious, in that one year, that public school was not the place for her. She is gifted & our school district (including the Gifted Program) is not the place for someone like her. Her teacher wasn't allowed to give her more difficult work, so she was bored throughout class, everyday. The teacher asked her to tutor the other students, to give her something to do during class. I wasn't really thrilled with that, since I didn't send my 5y.o. to school to teach. The teacher raved about her constantly - how smart she was, how sweet she was, how empathetic she was, what a wonderful helper she was, etc. The other kids weren't as happy with her. Apparently, even 5 year olds don't like smart people. They were horrible to her. By the end of the year, all my sweet little girl had learned was that people won't be your friend if you're smart, so you need to hide your brains & pretend you know nothing. She's about to start 7th grade & hasn't set foot in a public school since the last day of Kinder. Jay, who is about to start 1st, has never been to public school & never will.
We're eclectic homeschoolers - a wide variety of materials & aspects from various methods mashed together to make something entirely our own. I believe in allowing children to work at their own pace. I say the kids are going into 1st & 7th grade. That simply means that those are the grades they would be in according to age. It has nothing to do with the level of work they are doing. I find it easier to assign grade levels that way.
As I said, we place a high value on education & model this for our kids. My dh is currently taking automotive classes & I'm working toward a certificate in Child Psychology through a correspondence school. I plan to start working toward multiple degrees when the children are both working more independently (hopefully just a few years).
Life can't be all about school, so we do have other things in our lives. Dh is in a band with some friends. I have my own business and several hobbies. Dea enjoys doing various arts & crafts and is currently learning to knit, chrochet, and weave on a loom (she also enjoys making jewelry, painting, Calligraphy, mosaics & photography). Jay doesn't really have a hobby yet, but we're pretty sure he'll start learning guitar in the next year or so.

Sorry this post is so long. I really do try to keep them short. I'm glad I found this place. It'll be nice to converse with others who are secular homeschoolers. I have nothing against those who are religious or homeschool for religious reasons, but it'll be nice to have some secular conversations.

04-28-2010, 11:16 AM
Welcome, Busygoddess! Glad you found your way to the site! Never apologize for long introductions...how else would we get to know you?? ;)

It's also always nice to have some "long-time" homeschoolers on the boards...our newbies always appreciate sage advice and info from us oldies-but-goodies. Where do you and your family live? Do you have many local secular homeschoolers around you?


04-28-2010, 11:34 AM
Great to see you Busygoddess. I look forward to your sage advice, as Topsy says, being a fairly new home schooler. This is a pretty good place at which to hang out, I've found.

04-28-2010, 11:42 AM
Welcome to the group! As Topsy said, we love lengthy intros :) Which state/province/country are you in?

Your daughter sounds like quite the artistic and crafty kid! My kids love crafts but I'm not a crafty person. Noah was just talking about making me some type of pottery for Mother's Day (we were studying soil this morning and talked about clay, something that you don't really see here in sandy Florida) so I think we might be off to Michael's to get a pottery wheel later on today. I hope I figure out how to use it!

Anyhoo, is your husband planning on teaching your son to play the guitar or will you use "outside" music lessons and/or tutor? My p.s. daughter (11) told me she wanted to learn the guitar but she can be flighty with her interests so I was wondering if I should get her started with a "Teach Yourself the Guitar" type of site/method before plunking down the big bucks for lessons. Her dad and stepdad both play and they both talk about giving the kids lessons but I have yet to see one of them actually do it.

04-28-2010, 02:55 PM
Hi and welcome! We also pulled our son out of ps in kindergarten (he's finishing 8th grade now). And no worries about the lengthy intro - as Topsy said, how else would we get to know you? :) It sounds like your family has a wonderful atmosphere of learning at home, and your daughter is quite the crafter!

04-28-2010, 02:57 PM
Thanks for the welcome! We're in IL, one of the easiest states for homeschooling.

Yeah, Dea is pretty artistic. It runs in the family a little. I think it's great for her. It'll be a good hobby/stress relief for her if she keeps it up. She's got Bipolar & severe ADHD, so it's important for her to have something she enjoys that has a calming effect. She had an interest in guitar for awhile, until we got her a guitar. Once she realized it was going to take time to learn & she'd have to practice daily, her interest quickly waned. Jay has always had an interest in guitars. He used to have a Ukele. It was small, so it was the perfect size for him. He'd walk around playing it & calling it his guitar. He would imitate his dad, head banging while playing, even playing with my hubby's pedal board. It was adorable. My husband can't wait to teach Jay to play. I really think Dea was only interested because her dad plays. Really, she'd be better getting into singing, if she gets into music at all. She got my knack for picking out lyrics easily & recognizing bands by the vocals. Jay takes after his dad with music - fantastic sense of rhythm & recognizes bands by the guitarist.