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05-10-2011, 11:11 PM
So many new homeschoolers and even veteran ones wonder about a daily schedule.

This is a thread to document your day honestly. Not to say, typically we do A +B +C but to actually put up a **short** post about your day.

Just to get the feel of what happened.

Maybe we could see if there are any patterns to our own posts?

** If you use the list function in the advanced posting, it makes it a quick read. IMO of course.. If you want to give more detail go ahead.. But I am thinking that just for fun we could get the gist of the days we have.

05-10-2011, 11:19 PM
Tuesday EST

got up 9:00?
moved the cat
looked for lost kitty notebook
went to grocery and pharmacy
went to work (self employed)
girls watched video while I worked
ate lunch 12:30
took girls to friends house to play (they played empire, and they played in a big box.)
made and ate dinner 7:00
children and I perused the new phonics books we just received in the mail
stopped fight, used lots of threatening tone about not reading the night book
washed dishes
then read the Mr. Popper's Penguins, two chapters. 8:00
entered lots of inane commentary on secular homeschooling forum

05-11-2011, 12:23 AM
Oh, dear, ok.

Everyone sleeps in until 7:30-8:00 because we are all exhausted from our trip to Great Wolf Lodge.
7:45 I get up because I have a doctor's appt.
Sit down at computer and zone out and realize I am still exhausted from our trip.
8:20 Get ready for doctor's appt. Get dh up and ask him to feed the kids.
8:45-9:45 Appt.
10:00 Drive home and drive dh to work in downtown Seattle. He left his car at the park n ride so he could go with a friend to the Russian spa, Banya 5, this evening. Lucky man!
11:00 Arrive back home.
11:25 Back in car to drive Batman to local ps for math class and OT. Robin asks to play outside the school for awhile. I comply.
12:15 Back home. Try to make a shopping list. Find myself zoning out in front of the computer and realize I came upstairs to get my cookbooks out from under the bed (we're trying to sell our house) and forgot. Get cookbooks. Go back downstairs.
12:40 Pick up Batman from school. Go to Costco and have lunch. Shop at Costco.
2;40 Arrive home and put away groceries. Tell kids they can watch cartoons for half hour until we go to Robin's doctor's appt.
3:15 Batman has meltdown at the thought of leaving the house. I realize we're all still tired from Great Wolf Lodge. I cancel the appt and reschedule another for Thursday.
3:30 Kids watch TV and play outside while I zone out in front of computer and Nook. I realize dinner isn't happening and order a gluten-free pizza. There goes the diet but whatever.
6:30 Batman mentions that he hasn't homeschooled today and asks if he can play video games. I tell him we'll get to it tomorrow and no, he can't.

Our days are usually a little more schooly than this, but I am still exhausted. Disneyland was easier than this, I don't quite get it.

05-11-2011, 02:31 AM
I did one of these not that long ago - in fact I posted here and I think several others joined in too - http://ourworldwideclassroom.blogspot.com/2011/02/not-back-to-school-sharing-day-in-our.html

Stella M
05-11-2011, 03:50 AM
We did do some a month or so back. I have a fairly recent one for ds - last week - on my blog for anyone interested; click and scroll down a bit.

Today was atypical ie we didn't do much other than go out for hot chocolate, though the girls did some work this morning, so i won't write about today...

Mr Popper's Penguins was one of my two youngest's favourite read-alouds...

05-11-2011, 06:32 AM

5:30 am: get up, drink copious amounts of coffee, read blogs

7am: everyone is up, lots of snuggling in front of the fire, breakfast

7:30: math. DS pretends to be a math teacher as he finds the (purposeful, printed) mistakes on the worksheet, review x6 table, no meltdowns

8am: math was short and easy today, start MBtP Literature. Pretending to be archaeologists today; DS wears his science goggles and "field hat" and surrounds himself with important tools in preparation. Poor stuffed bunny has to pretend he's getting trapped and skinned by a flint knife. DS uses his recent knowledge of rocks from our geology studies to figure out what natural resources are used to make arrowheads. He calls my brother--a real archaeologist-- when he's finished to tell him about what he's learned.

9:30ish: DS wants to read (The Funfair of Fear by Ian Ogilvy). I clean while he reads.

10:30ish: attempt a heat conduction experiment that doesn't work. Use a clay volcano model of a volcano he made years ago to make volcano explosions. Darth Vadar gets into the act by taking "samples" of the lava with his light saber (scientific tools). Make simulated earthquake using cardboard "plates", talk about San Andreas Fault near where I grew up, and the fact that the entire country of Japan actually moved (and parts tilted downward) in the recent earthquake. DS loves natural disasters and we talk about this stuff a lot so this went on a while.

11:30ish. Lunch. Take a virtual tour of Lacroux (? cave paintings in France). Make "cave paintings" using chalks (minerals).

12:30: more reading time. Mama needs a coffee break

1:30ish: read MSB book on Great Scientists. Lots of great discussion here.

3ish: read an awesome book about ants; DS just got an ant farm and is really interested in it

4ish: start dinner. Tonight we are having a Bahamas/island feast. Crank the stove so it's warm enough in the house to wear shorts and a sundress. DS is enamored with the little umbrellas in our drinks and decides to love blackberries despite the seeds (this is big), bananas again despite the outside texture (?!), and orange bell peppers.

5:30ish: dinner. Share the day with Daddy.

7pm: DS is off to bed and the day's work is done! :)

05-11-2011, 09:40 AM
I started to write out what we did yesterday but it ended up being too long and depressing. A lot of 2 minutes of work, goofing off/whining/crying, 2 minutes of work, lost television priviledges, walk to the mailboxes, 2 minutes of work with lots of whining and not trying.

Someday we'll have a "typical" day where I can give the impression that I have things under control and manage to accomplish things. Until then...

05-11-2011, 10:31 AM
I started doing these on my blog, last week. I was thinking that I wasn't posting about school enough, because I mainly posted about projects/activities, labs, and when we finished things. So, I thought I'd try doing daily posts of everything we did. They really only have what we do for school. I didn't think anyone would want to read about the really boring day-to-day stuff like housework (still not sure anyone wants to read about our not so exciting day-to-day schooling).:)

05-11-2011, 12:06 PM

6:00 - I get up, call dibs on computer (to nobody in particular since everyone is asleep), drink coffee, read email and blogs

7:00 - Get DS#2 up for school (publick skool), younger 3 drag themselves out of bed, play a video game

7:40 - DS#2 is out the door, DD searches for stray cat in the bushes while I consider thinking about maybe cleaning up the front yard, strike that thought and go back inside to do laundry and kitchen clean-up

9:00 - Homeschooled Kiddos eat breakfast while I read "Carry On, Mr. Bowditch" as part of our New England studies

10:00 - Continue our studies of New England States - map work and reading

10:30 - 18 yr old DS comes downstairs and "plays" with the kids while I consider shipping him off to Siberia

10:40 - Back to New England

11:30 - Reading - "Christopher Columbus" and "The History of US"

12:30 - Lunch, DS 18 turns on TV and tells me I should add Jack the Ripper to our History timeline, consider shipping him off to Siberia again, the children do their arithmetic and grammar, I decide I hate their new spelling books, find a cockroach under the table (ewwww!), kids watch it for some time while DS 18 regales us with information about different kinds of roaches

2:00 - Back to work! DD desperately wants to do Art, so we do Art

2:45 - As the children complete their drawings, I read from our evolution book and read a chapter in "Young Charles Darwin and the Voyage of the Beagle"

3:30 - DS #2 returns from school, I get the coffee going, clean up from our day, UPS guy rings at the door - much excitement! New books! Run down and get the mail - postcard from Thailand to add to our collection. Oh, and a bill ....

3:45 - Kids swim while I cut out timeline figures, wonder why I have duplicates and if I actually paid for those duplicates (??), referee fights in the pool, tell dogs to quit digging up my landscaping, pull bugs out of my coffee, need a nap!

5:30 - Usher the kids inside for dinner, marvel over no complaining about the meal - sausage, potatoes, and eggs, 18 yo DS and Hubby talk stocks, my eyes glaze over, sneak sausage bites to dogs under the table without Hubby seeing me, *proud*

6:15 - Eat and tidy up

7:15 - Walk with Hubby, slip and fall at the canal, hurt wrist ... again, bite lip and try not to cry, tell Hubby it doesn't hurt as long as I don't move it, have to pee

8:00 - Return home, turn off homemade yogurt, realise I have no cheesecloth to drain it (grrr), put potful of yogurt in fridge to finish tomorrow, finish kitchen clean-up, tell kids for the thousandth time to get upstairs

9:00 - Bedtime for Babies, a million kisses and hugs, listen to DD say "Mom, ummmmm ...." (she never has anything to say, she just doesn't want me to leave the room :)), go to bed and read, realise I have read the same line over because I am falling asleep

10:00 - Turn the light out ... can't sleep

05-11-2011, 12:44 PM
9:00 - Bedtime for Babies, a million kisses and hugs, listen to DD say "Mom, ummmmm ...." (she never has anything to say, she just doesn't want me to leave the room

My daughter does the same thing! And when I finally escape, she's downstairs five minutes later telling me something of vital importance, like she wants to draw a whale tomorrow.

We're studying New England geography, too. Have you found any interesting books about CT, by any chance? My kids aren't too interested in the usual books about the state bird, famous residents, etc. Looking for stories about specific places, if possible.

I'm enjoying everyone's "Day in the Life" posts!

05-11-2011, 04:18 PM
grrrr, the ellipses again....

05-11-2011, 06:11 PM
ok elipses in this post are giving us a forbidden again????

ahhhh no elipses in post titles please....this needs to be a catch phrase for all new members I think ROFL!!!

Can whoever started a post edit it? If so Lakshmi, maybe you could try to remove the elipses, no one can see page two of the thread unless they actually post in it ;)

This is a very annoying bug ;);)

Stella M
05-11-2011, 06:29 PM
Oh Lakshmi, this forum doesn't like...in a thread title - just fyi! and so i can see page 2 :)

05-11-2011, 06:41 PM
Please delete the elipses out of the title. Its a bug - i cant read the second page.

However, there was a post like this a few months ago. I linked a blog post to it. Maybe feb?

05-11-2011, 10:05 PM
B1 is still in VA, so it's just BOO and myself.
Up at 6:30
Boo gets up when he hears me (he's probably awake before then but reads in bed until I get up)
Make coffee, feed dog, let dog out
Check delivery time for monthly food order, send email to let other members know when truck is coming in.
7:15 make BOO b'fast
8:00 walk dog, make note to self to bring knife and bag to harvest fiddleheads.
8:45 Start BOO on math
9:15 Leave for gymnastics
10:30 to 11:30 I make calls while BOO takes his class (I love this class - it's a homeschoolers class but BOO is the only one signed up so he gets private lessons at a fraction of the cost)
11:30 head home, stop by community center to pick up our food
12:30 Pass by great uncle's house on the way, decide to stop to say hi.
12:30 until 2pm wander into field to find GU, eat lunch w/him
2pm Home snap circuits have arrived. BOO is enchanted spends an hour or so playing. I move sheep bedding onto compost pile while he does that.
4pm BOO plays minecraft I hang laundry contemplate dinner
5pm Pick kale, thaw venison make supper
7pm supper done, BOO and I snuggle until 8pm
He puts the chickens to bed and collects the eggs.
8:30 BOO brushes teeth goes to read until he's ready to sleep, I fart around on the internet until I'm ready to go to bed
9:30 I love it when I don't have to work and can read in bed, one of my favoritest things to do.
Throughout the day we let the dog out let the dog in make the dog find her toys put her toys away stay while we do whatever etc.

Hardly a rigorous academic regime.

05-12-2011, 12:06 AM
My daughter does the same thing! And when I finally escape, she's downstairs five minutes later telling me something of vital importance, like she wants to draw a whale tomorrow.

We're studying New England geography, too. Have you found any interesting books about CT, by any chance? My kids aren't too interested in the usual books about the state bird, famous residents, etc. Looking for stories about specific places, if possible.

I'm enjoying everyone's "Day in the Life" posts!

Nothing specific to Connecticut other than those alphabet books - N is for Nutmeg: A Connecticut Alphabet

I did find this website ... http://mrsmcgowan.com/books/50states.html
She has a book list for each state. I haven't really looked through it much, but it looks quite interesting.

05-12-2011, 02:58 AM
Kids jumped out of bed to joyfully greet the day! I dragged myself downstairs and made hot cocoas all around.
We did some Life of Fred math and I french braided my daughter's hair in an asymmetrical pattern.
I put a movie on for my little one.
The 2 bigger girls played some imaginary game in the bedroom for a while and then disappeared into the art room for a while.
I got some chocolate and sat down to the computer to finish a writing project.
My little one wandered in and out of my office.
I periodically prepared snacks or helped the kids with whatever they needed.
We did more Life of Fred math.
My oldest daughter discovered a new world in Poptropica.
My youngest played Kneebouncers and iPod games.
My middle girl drew up some math flash cards for herself and played with her coin collection.
My oldest flipped through a stack of books we got the other day.
The girls went out and played with the neighbor for a while.
We decided to skip the extra ballet practice today.
We had dinner, watched an episode of Star Trek, and went to bed.
They talked forever before falling asleep.
I'm up late enjoying the quiet.

05-12-2011, 03:12 AM
I think that these are fun.

9:00 hubs and DD6 leave for work
DD5 and me hang at the house, and snack and get ready to go, (aka facebooking)
11:00 get to work a little late, hubs and DD6 done eating.
Breakfast for the rest of us, I know a little late, but see snacks above.
Noon DD 6 works on phonics, and sort of tricked DD5 to work on handwriting.
1:00 or so, girls did something else but I don't remember what, I think they played on the sidewalk because I vaguely remember a stubbed toe and a wet paper towel, and some screaming.
3:00 took girls to friends house to play.
3:30 getting ready for second job.
Left second job for a meeting for first job.
texted hubs to go get girls, end up back at first job.
Then we all go out for Chinese dinner, yum
then back to first job, girls learn about percentages as we wait for the little rascals to finish downloading.
then they watch umpteen little rascals in a row. they didn't want to stop, finally to get them to leave work I told them they could bring the dvd player in the car!!
11:00 bedtime, but I just had to read the last chapter of Mr. Popper's Penguins! Thought it was sort of a cop-out ending. and kissed the girls good night.
lots more inane forum posting, not to mention blog updating and facehogging (posting lots of unrelated stuff to profile)

05-12-2011, 03:25 AM
Sorry about the ellipses. I even knew not to put them there. Just seemed so appropriate.

I love these, and if you did them on your blog that is nice, just curious to see what folks are doing now. I really love reading these. Sort of a polaroid of everyone's lives.

Stella M
05-12-2011, 06:00 AM
Yes, reading about other people's days is interesting and educational! I often feel I'm not doing 'enough' but when I put it in context it seems OK. Not amazing but OK.

Here's today.

7-9ish - drink tea, write a blog post, make breakfast for 3 out of 4 of us, do some chores, spend some time online.
9 - 9.30 - maths with the girls. Ds was playing with Lego, then he watched a MSB episode.
9.30 on - dd13 worked on science and did some research on Germany at the turn of the century for a history class. she practiced recorder and ??? can't remember. Dd11 wrote a short story. I got dressed and hung out some washing.
11ish - did some work with ds - maths, reading, phonics, handwriting and some mapwork.
12ish - everyone got some lunch and we went out to take dd to her history class - short train ride away. Early, so we hung out at the park for a bit.
2ish - dropped dd off and paid for the term, came home, did some grocery shopping on the way.
2.30 - made cupcakes with ds out of my new Nigella recipe book.
4.00 - dd11 went to her babysitting job. Ds and I played a Noggins card game.
5ish - made vegie, lentil and pasta soup for dinner. Dd got dropped home so i spent some time finding out about history class.
6 - dinner, got washing off the line, washed up, girls dried up, ds tidied the lounge room.
7 - read-alouds for girls ( Heist Society ), then read-alouds for ds ( Emil and the Detectives )
8 - ds goes to bed, girls go to bed around 9, I got to bed around 9.30.

Boring to read, isn't it! We normally do more 'work' in a day but i didn't really get my act together this morning.

05-12-2011, 08:07 AM
I'm looking forward to doing a "DITL" in pictures once we have more of our new routines established. :)

Red Oak Lane
05-12-2011, 10:54 AM
My girls like to read in bed until late, so...

Get up around 9, eat breakfast, make beds, clean bathrooms.
10am ideal start time - Easy Grammar (I can teach the lesson & get some housework done while they do it)
Math (We use Teaching Textbooks & Math U See, so the girls do this independently while I get more housework done)
presumably they want a snack (we take so make snack breaks!)
11:30am Reading/Writing
12:30ish (or when we are done with Reading & Writing) Lunch!
1:00 History - read & do project; OR Science - read & do experiment (we don't do both on the same day, sometimes we do one, other times we do the other, depending on my mood. lol)
Done by 2pm and I set them loose.
2 days a week I have to be at work at 2. One day a week they have sewing at 3; another choir at 5...days I don't have to work, I do yoga when we are done :) Then read, relax...eventually make dinner...have a beer with my husband...you get the idea! lol

05-12-2011, 10:55 AM

7am- The kids get up, eat breakfast, brush hair & teeth, bathe & whatnot
8am- The kids get me up (so nice that they let me sleep in). I suggest they do their chores. They whine, fight, argue, scream, throw things at each other, tattle on each other, etc. Somehow, some cleaning gets done. I check email & pop in on forums & Facebook.
9am- We start school. We start with ASL - practice letters & numbers. I decide we have mastered those & we'll move on next week.
Dea does Biology. Jay does one day in Easy Grammar, writes a list of adjectives that describe Cleopatra (one of our cats), does pre-writing for new story, and does steps 3 & 4 in AAS.
Dea finds giant bee in kitchen & tries to catch it. We can't catch it (it likes to crawl on the ceiling), so we give it the kitchen for a while.
Jay does one page in Mastering Multiplication
11am- The kids decide to have early lunch. They eat peanut butter & apple butter sandwiches & watch All Grown Up. I check email & pop in on forums.
They fold laundry while watching Cosmic Voyage: IMAX. Jay finishes cleaning his bedroom. They clean the school room. This process includes more fighting, arguing, screaming, yelling, whining, etc.
I straighten up living room, fight with desktop while trying to find drivers for microscope, give up on finding drivers for microscope, consider duct taping the kids together as an exercise in teamwork, and bag up the library materials we're done with.
Remember you can trap bees & wasps with open bottle of pop & open mostly empty 2-liter.
Dea writes essay on cats.
Jay does 2 pages of Latin, reads books about stars, and writes in Space Log.
I do short workout, but give up after many interruptions.
Kids go out to sweep deck & patio. I let them stay out to play.
Hubby comes home & cathes giant bee.
Jay is too hot, comes back in, plays on computer.
4pm- Jay helps me make dinner.
5pm- We eat dinner - salad, potatoes w/bellas & onions, boneless beef ribs
Dea goes back outside.
Jay has Quiet Reading Time, then plays by himself
7pm- Hubby & Dea clean kitchen & do dishes. Dea gives us attitude about making her come in to do chores.
8:30pm- Jay goes to bed. Dea reads. I get everything ready for tomorrow.
9pm- Dea decides to go to bed early
9:30pm- Hubby takes shower & goes to bed
I read, watch a movie, workout, play on Facebook. Blogger dies as I'm writing a post.
1:30ish- Freddie (another cat) goes psycho trying to get under my chair. Since he's the hunter, I figure he has chased soemthing under there, like a spider. I'm terrified of spiders. So, I decide to go to bed early, to avoid being attacked by big, mean, creepy crawly.

05-12-2011, 11:12 AM
Wednesdays are days out of the house for us:

8am: Drag kids out of bed. Feed them and the animals, quick walk for the dogs. Pile into the car to drive to the mid-sized city just south of us.
9am: Errands in town, including post office, groceries, seeking out the cheapest fancy coffee.
11am: Aikido class
12pm: Lunch and playtime at Chick-fil-a.
1pm: Sprint home to pick up DD14 from school early for his orthodonture appointment. While he's there, drive to friend's house to jump-start her car. Receive a dozen eggs from her chickens as thanks! Whoohoo!
2pm: Walk dogs. Drive around the backs of local stores looking for giant cardboard boxes that the kids want so they can make a fort. Fill the back of the van.
3pm: Bake bread and banana-sweet potato muffins. DS14 does homework on the computer. DD7 helps with bread while DS5 plays Wii, then they switch for the muffins.
4pm: Quiet time, kids upstairs making their fort, me on my laptop in bed, then sitting outside and listening to the birds.
6pm: DH gets home, dinner. Walk dogs.
630pm: DS5 soccer practice at the park, DH and I watch from camp chairs and talk.
8pm: Little kids to bed (although not asleep until much later), DH and I watch Iron Chef and Star Trek.
930pm: DS14 to bed, more TV for us.
1030pm: Did I mention walking the dogs? And bed.

05-13-2011, 12:22 AM
9ish? up and at 'em. I have no idea what happened after that. I think my brain needs batteries.
went to work for breakfast and packing. We're closing the restaurant and have to put everything away. Oh I remember big argument about watching Little Rascals. Then big scratches appeared on older daughter. I have blamed chemo for the past few years, and now, can I blame detoxing? Yes!
Skipped homeschool co-op because I couldn't deal with getting there on time. Oh yeah, left my car keys in the car that hubs took. He had to come home with both girls to get me.
After lunch we packed some, and the girls sort of packed too, but they didn't quite understand the part that you get rid of stuff that is no longer useful. So we have one box full of paper.
A friend dropped by and we chatted instead of packing.
Drove an hour to ballet
Ballet class for an hour
Drove home an hour
Read random library books. DD5 read some of the "word wall words" while I read the rest.
Lots of not going to sleep
then inane posting on secular hs forum

Even though some of you may think this dull, I love it! Really, so easy to read and give me a real sense about each person's/family's day. Just interesting to see other peoples lives. That is why I called it a polaroid. Just a snapshot rather than an oil painting!

And wow, I am so impressed with the amount of work y'all are doing. If I were the type to compare I'd feel behind. Luckily I don't really care...lol ; )

05-13-2011, 12:29 AM
These are fun to read! Here was my day:

7:30am - sun in my face, groaned and rolled over, heard DH say he was working from home and then asked if I could sleep in for a bit - he put cartoons on for DD
9am - DH wakes me up, DD needs food and he is on a work call. I make bfast, then wake up DS to come join us.
9:30ish - chore time after bfast, this is a new routine! I get laundry started while DS unloads dishwasher, I reload
10 - reading The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe on the couch
10:30 - get DS set up on computer, he gets in trouble with DH and is then made to wait until later. So then I set DD up on computer instead. I start preparing ebay auctions while DS writes out his punishment sentences (I think my DH got this idea from too many Simpsons episodes)
11 - give DS library books I found for him about using digital cameras and movie making - his passions. Silent reading is awesome.
12 - make lunch, everyone kind of grazes as they come in and out of kitchen. I eat while working on auctions still.
1 - DS comes up from room with books looking for lunch. Oops. DH ate the rest of lunch thinking there was extra! Make 2nd lunch for DS.
1:30 - read 3 short stories to DD, get DS started back on computer
2 - 3:30 nap for DD, work on auctions for me, DH still on laptop and cellphone, DS on computer
4:00 - take DS to karate, remember snacks, clothes for DS to change into later, ballet stuff for dd, keep thinking I'm forgetting something
5:00 - dd ballet, go to order pictures and realize I forgot that I need cash or check for this purchase, run to store with DS to get cash and he spends his allowance on new toy
6:00 - grocery store for dinner supplies and coffee creamer
7:30 - eat dinner
8:00 - tell everyone I need 10 quiet minutes to read on the couch. DS asks DH about his speaker project and suddenly both kids are in awe, watched daddy take apart a speaker, then listening to different frequencies, learning all kinds of stuff. I realize later that I spent my 10 quiet minutes with my mouth either smiling or open in awe as my kids engaged in learning about speakers all out of the blue.
9:00 - DH takes kids to bed, I take a bubble bath and read.

05-13-2011, 12:59 AM

7:30ish Kids come wake me up. Jay has headache, that means no school for him today. They finish breakfast.
Dea does some chores. Jay & I watch 2 episodes of Rugrats. I mess around online
9ish Dea does English, Jay & I watch an episode of When We Left Earth, I still mess around online
Jay & I then watch episode of Mythbusters
11ish I start cooking lunch
11:30 We eat lunch & watch 2 episodes of All Grown Up
Dea does more school work (not sure what subject), Jay & I curl up in my bed and I read him 3 books of Chinese legends/stories
Jay does his quiet reading time
2:30ish Dea goes out to play with neighborhood friends, Jay watches some more tv
We decide to order pizza for dinner & it gets here early, so we eat at 4
Dea goes back out to play & Jay plays in the schoolroom
Hubby & I watch some tv & do various things on our computers (him-Facebook, me-research w/breaks to play on Facebook)
8:45 Jay goes to bed
9:15 My sis & her fiance come by. The guys hang outside, we sit inside & talk. Spray the cats with water bottle several times to break up 'fights'
9:30 Dea goes to bed
10:15 Sis & fiance leave & hubby goes to bed
Now: I'm going to read, do stuff online, workout, and see if Blogger is fixed yet

Normally, we don't watch so much tv, but with a headache that lasts all day there's not much else one can do. The other one I posted was a much more typical day for us; this was a sick day.

05-13-2011, 01:51 AM
Today has been pretty typical/consistent...

9AM - got up/kids were awake but still in their room. They had breakfast; I had tea and played around on Facebook and worked on some blog posts for a while.
10AM (normally when we start school, but they were reading to each other this morning and I didn't want to interrupt that)
11AM start school...
12:30 Lunch
1-2 - school work
3PM PeaGreen was done, so he and I went outside to work on our house (we re-painted a couple of weeks ago and are finishing up trim/clean up and replacing the screens on windows outside) while LBB finished his math.
4PM - met a new homeschooling mom at the bookstore - chatted till 6PM. LBB brought his math and finished it up at the bookstore.

I did a photo 'day in the life' thing when my boys were younger... I keep meaning to do another one. I'll make that a goal or something, lol.

05-20-2011, 12:45 PM
I'm late to the game, but thought I'd post anyways. hehe

This is what yesterday looked like for is. This is not a typical day, because we are such homebodies.

6:45ish - I wake up. Get my coffee, feed the cats. Sit down to check Facebook & email.
8ish - get hungry and make some breakfast, eat while still checking FB.
9 (or a few minutes after) - get a text from a friend asking about the Scholastic book sale. We text back and forth, she asks me to go along with her (even though I was at the sale on Tuesday with another friend lol). So I get ready. Both kids are still in bed, about 9:45 I got in to my daughters room and tell her I am going to the book sale again.
10:30 - leave with friend.
11 - get to book sale, spend about an hour there.
12ish -get to Common Market, shop for about 40 minutes, then my friend and her kids and I are all hungry and we decide to go to Panera Bread.
12:50ish -get a call from daughter asking if I am bring lunch home for her and her brother (whom I am assuming she woke up at a decent (aka noon) time.
1 - get meal & eat (yummy steak and white cheddar sandwich with a bowl of good creamy tomato soup & the always a must, iced green tea from PB).
1:45ish - head home
2:15 - get home, unload my groceries and give kids their meals. We talk for a bit, daughter is always curious about my gossip when I am with the girls. LOL
3 - kids are back to their rooms, playing on computers or Xbox. I check email and FB, again.
4:30/4:45 - I head into the kitchen and start supper. I am a good girl and do dishes as I am cooking so I have less to clean up later.
5:30 - eat supper.
6 - clean up a little and get ready to go to Borders for my weekly MNO.
6:30 - leave with friend.
7-10 - hang out at Borders chatting and having a glorious time with the mamas.
10:30 - get home, chat with the kids, check email and FB (AGAIN hehe)
11ish - go to bed.

(I think somewhere in there my daughter grabbed her word roots book and did a few pages, but I can remember if that was yesterday or Tuesday. ROFL)

05-20-2011, 03:50 PM
Jodi love it.. especially the daughter/gossip bit. So hard to remember that mine are in the room.

We've been packing and moving our restaurant and my internet was gone, so I've just been doing that.. and today was all cleaning. Too pretty outside. They are learning about gravity as they climb the tree outside!

05-20-2011, 10:10 PM
5:44 - wake up, mess around with internet, have coffee
7:15 - get kids up, breakfast
7:45 - feed goats with DS
8:00 - do breakfast dishes, DD1 does Reading Eggs, decide on lunch and dinner plans
8:30 - shower, dress, water plants, check on chicks (New rule for me is no internet after breakfast until the above chores are done. It's making the day go smoother.)
9:00 - More coffee and internet, nurse/nap the baby. I'm now stuck here until either the baby wakes up or I'm ready to wake her! Print out Math and writing assignment for DS.
10:00 - DS comes inside from doing whatever ("doing something outside" trumps formal school to some extent, since the past few days have had yucky weather) and I give him his math to do.
10:45 - realize that DS has done about 3 lines of his multiplication table and is building molecules with his sister instead. Redirect him while pondering whether it would be better to just let him. Now they're having an argument in which DD is yelling "I don't want to play chemistry!"
11:00 - DH makes DS say the answers aloud to help keep him on track. DD wants her "first lunch" and I reheat a bowl of leftover lentil soup for her.
11:45 - Look over DS's (finally completed!) multiplication table (all correct). Reheat some more soup for him and me, and eat it. Create rub for chicken for dinner and rub it onto the chicken.
12:15 - Feed goats with DD (we have a bottle baby that gets a feeding 3x a day currently)
12:30 - Make coconut milk, then smoothies for the kids and me, while helping DD write a letter to her grandma. Nurse the baby while poking around online. She's such a nice excuse to sit around online and not get stuff done!
1:00 - The kids go outside after their smoothies, I think working on planting the garden with our housemate.
1:30 - Kids are back in, "playing" checkers. I moderate regular fights as DD insists that DS has to let her win while doing the dishes accumulated since lunch and babysit our washing machine, which is having "issues".
2:30 - DS works on his copywork. I start a load of laundry.
3:00 - Kids get their TV time. I work on their curriculum for next year, babysitting the washer, and other assorted things.
3:30 - Ok, *now* they're planting seeds. Not sure what they were up to earlier. (well, DS is. DD is still watching Caillou)
4:30 - DS watches his screen-time choice - apparently a documentary about whales. That's science, right? I sit around trying to remember what it was that DH asked me to do and nap the baby again. She doesn't sleep unless she's being held. Sign kids up for a Lowe's Build and Grow workshop.
5:00 - Babysit washing machine. Ask DH what it was he wanted me to do. Make stocking-up shopping list, which is what DH wanted.
6:15 - Babysit washing machine some more. We really need a new one. Search craigslist for new washing machine. Make salads, get the kids to clear off and set the table. DH is grilling the chicken I prepped earlier.
6:30 - Feed Goats

7:00 - Eat dinner (it ran late), then girls get baths, DS gets Reading Eggs time because I forgot to give him it earlier and he can wait a day for a shower.
8:00 - Bedtime, reading Little House In The Big Woods for a bedtime story.
8:30ish - Computer for a while. Primarily working on a blog post I need to finish. Then probably reading a little before bed.

I fail at brief.

05-25-2011, 08:56 PM
Ok, I'll give this a try. Here was yesterday:

6 am - 3 yo gets me up (this is him sleeping in). Drink COFFEE.

7 am - Eat breakfast; realize the strawberries we picked yesterday will not last long.
We decide to go to the store and get some jars/stuff for canning

8:30 - On way home from the store we decide it's a great day for the zoo. We drop off our stuff, slap together some food and head down there

1 pm - Back from the zoo and decide to try making jam. The process, of course, does not go well as it's our first time trying it. We overcooked :(

3 pm - Kids play with soap suds in the backyard to "wash" things including the patio. Sidewalk chalk also comes out.

5 pm - Kids watch tv while I make dinner. We all eat around 6 pm.

7 pm - Get ready for bed and read lots of books!

8 pm - Kids off to bed

Stella M
05-27-2011, 01:48 AM
I have an 8th grade 'day in the life' up at my blog atm if of interest to anyone with older kids. Relaxed, eclectic style.