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03-22-2011, 11:02 PM
So, I'm new here and soon to be new to homeschooling. From what I've read, I think I'm in the minority here - being that we're homeschooling almost out of necessity (no ps pre-k, private is too expensive, and he misses the kinder cutoff - and absolutely is a smart little kiddo who would miss learning). I have a teaching background, though I found out in my first clinical that the little's weren't for me and switched things up to teach middle/hs (never finished ... got married, etc etc) which I've taught as a sub. I'll admit that I'm nervous to attempt being mom and teacher!

I have always liked the idea of magnet schools and homeschooling. I like things to be organic and move along at whatever pace works best. With that, I do find myself flitting from one thing to another which makes me think that I will need to have a path and goal for homeschooling or goodness knows where we'll end up!

Is that so bad? My inner hippie says no, but the practical side says, uh, yeah! I can't homeschool college! And, chances are at some point in life my child will start a career and need to know how to follow the plans of his boss/client/or whatever not to mention he'll need to make it through all the requirements to actually get IN to college!

So, where the heck do I start? We are in a strange living situation at the moment. My husband just left the Army and is in school so we live with my parents. There is a room that won't be completely HS dedicated, but one that I think will work. I'm desperately trying to research curriculum and figure out how to really do this. Any of you big on routines and following a plan for the year while still allowing a lot of flexibility? Is that possible??

Throw some advice at me, if you can ... I really want to enjoy this coming year and really dig into all of the amazing things we can have learning together. Just need some direction!

03-22-2011, 11:49 PM
We have a son about the same age who's currently in pre-K, but we'll be homeschooling him next year to join his 9-year-old brother who's been home since early 2nd grade. Here's my advice: At that age, I wouldn't worry so much yet about structure. Learning should be more about curiosity and game-play in that age range. One of the beauties of homeschooling (perhaps the best thing about it) is how you can generally avoid the strictures imposed by the traditional school curriculum and instead tailor your methods to your child(ren)'s learning styles. Through trial and error you'll be able to determine that, as we pretty much all have (and still are). We plan on focusing less on formalized lessons and instead will make reading, writing, and math fun activities. Our younger son is very interested in art, so no doubt we'll employ that in whatever approach we use, incorporating art as much as we can into the other subjects. So what are your son's main interests? Whatever they are, see if you can find ways to integrate them somehow into other subjects to make it something he's engaged in. Not everything will work, but a lot of it probably will.

There will be time later for getting more formalized and scheduled, on a gradual basis. For now, you should both enjoy learning together. Kids should be allowed to be kids, after all!

Congrats on your decision. You'll have a blast with this!

03-23-2011, 01:54 AM
Yes yes yes! I love the idea of being able to cater to his learning style! Your advice is great. I do work super hard to make sure that he loves learning and he absolutely enjoyed pre-k before we moved. I could go to school forever, but my husband really disliked high school and isn't overly enjoying college now (though, he does like to learn on his own terms). I want our kiddo to see things my way ;) and really dig in to his curiosity. Which, I think he does.

One thing I didn't really mention is that my mom works from home. She and my son are like two peas in a pod, so it's hard to keep him from bothering her ... I really need to explore ways to keep him busy while home.

03-23-2011, 08:44 AM
My daughter missed the kindergarten cutoff too... by seven days! We decided to homeschool our son because of his developmental issues, but now I see that it was the right choice for my girl, too. She's made so much progress since September that now I know she was ready for school. I bet your son will love homeschooling!

We don't have a dedicated "classroom." We just use our dining room table and that works just fine. :)

Good luck!

03-23-2011, 06:16 PM
Corrigan, I think I have a similar philosophy, especially reading your signature! I am actually SO excited today about it all! I think I have to give myself permission to have days where I don't want to be a homeschooling mom and let someone else help me (so lucky to have my husband home, my mom and soon both of my in-laws who will all pitch in). I absolutely love being a mom, but I definitely do need my own time. I think I got a little nervous about being so full-time again after a year of having him learning away from home for a few hours a day. But, today is his day home all day and we've had so much fun looking through the websites, shows, sample games and lessons ... I know there will be no greater feeling than watching him learn something and be excited about it!a

BTW, what curriculum do you use?