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03-15-2018, 10:44 AM
college visits with my 17 year old. His list of colleges is long, and while I'd love to let him go to some of his choices, I have to consider that in-state options are most likely going to be the cheapest. He can apply, though, and we'll see. But he's a very "academic" kid, with little in the way of volunteering, community service, extra-curricular activities. He works and goes to school, and programs or 3D prints in his spare time. We'll put him together in the best light (and he has great grades in DE and amazing test scores), but he's not one of those kids with a stellar resume. And I'm ok with that, as he had a very rough year last year and I'm very thankful that we are where we are today.
But...wow. College. Although, he's going to apply for an internship fro next summer that is in California, so that may be scarier! :_l:

No real point-just a ramble from a slightly overwhelmed mama.

03-15-2018, 01:04 PM
Take a deep breath. It's overwhelming! But both of you CAN do this.

Just some advice. My son also wanted to go to some of the more prestigious and more expensive schools. While he was admitted to some of them, we still chose the state school because even with scholarships from the pricey ones, the state school was a third of the cost. And it's still an excellent program. It's always been my opinion that if the school is at least above average in the desired major, what the student gets out of it is highly dependent on the student. Study hard, go to help sessions, sit near the front of the class, take advantages of/seek out opportunities (internships, research, etc). Have some fun, too!

So go ahead and let him apply. Just be realistic about costs after the acceptances come in.

Enjoy this time together. So many possibilities, it's exciting!

03-15-2018, 01:05 PM
Also, state schools are more likely to accept DE credit!!

03-16-2018, 11:50 AM
Thanks, Carol! I was hoping you’d chime in. It went really well yesterday-he has several options that we narrowed down. You’re right about the in state thing-not only do they accept DE credit, they also have experience in accepting homeschoolers from the area, so there are fewer hoops to jump through.
He has a potential internship possibility for next summer, and it could actually be worked so that he could start in Jan/Feb of next year, so we are looking at how to structure his senior year. He needs very few credits to graduate, and could get them done in the first semester. Everything would have to line up perfectly for it to work, but if it did, he’d be doing something that he’s wanted to do since he was 11years old. And it would be a great addition to his “resume”. So, yeah-exciting and overwhelming at the same time!