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11-03-2016, 12:08 PM
We made it to Thursday!
Full house of kiddos.
But it looks like it might be another decent day, which means we get out, burn off energy.
Yesterday, I raked a pile of leaves and they spent 30 min. jumping, rolling around, etc. in them.

Wrapping up school for the week.
I need to finish cutting out the laminated game pieces. Really flimsy cards so ran them through so they last longer.

Used the instant pot for a whole chicken last night. Pretty good for 1st time. Then tossed carcass back in, added another cup of water and made broth. That cooled overnight in fridge. Will freeze today for soup.
I need to start assembling some good websites to bookmark for recipes and ideas to use this to full advantage.

3 weeks from today is Thanksgiving. SO NOT READY.

And that is it from here. 1 kiddo here, waiting on other 2.
Have a AWESOME Thursday!

11-03-2016, 12:23 PM
Wooo I might need an instant pot for holidays. :p

This will be our first thanksgiving home in memory, have no idea what I will be cooking yet.

But fruits are soaking in 2 bottles of sherry for fruitcake. :p

Today is electives day at the charter, so a full day until 2:30 without DS10. Ill have therapy with Ds4 and probably some kids clothes organizing to do.

Hubby requested chicken and dumplings for dinner - so have been looking for recipes that involve neither canned cream of X soup nor bisquick. Found a PioneerWoman recipe, I hope it works.

And Ive been craving sushi* like its going out of style. *With crustaceans, not fish.

11-03-2016, 12:56 PM
Teemie is having some audiobook time and then we're going to start school for the day. I still can't seem to get science and history back on track. Math, reading and spelling are coming along well.
All this talk of thanksgiving made me realize I'm probably not going to have any sort of thanksgiving dinner this year, even one on a Wednesday. I don't do thanksgiving dinner because my husband works every year and now he hates the holiday since his mom died so close to the holiday. My grandmother usually does her dinner on a Wednesday since she works every year, since Walmart treats it like just another day on the schedule. At least my husband gets holiday hours and he chooses to work that day.
I'm ready for Christmas to begin. I'm going to start decorating next week. I've already moved the little cat tree so they can get used to it being in a new place. This is the cat's first Christmas. I have plans to prevent tree climbing by lining the bottom inside of the tree with a trash bag. The cats have a healthy fear of the "bag monsters" so putting one in the tree should prevent shenanigans. I'm going to decorate the tree in stages though. Tree up first for a few days, then lights, and then after about week ornaments last.

11-03-2016, 02:22 PM
So weird. I had an answer, thought I had posted it and now it is gone.
Been on FB with SIL.
My brother is a paraplegic. Motorcycle accident in 2014.
He has had a nasty butt sore for about 10 months(TMI, I know) and is on his 2nd bout of MRSA in it. PLUS the meds for that the first time gave him CDiff aka gut rot. That is back because he never got it healed the first time.
SIL PM's me in reply to me asking how he really was. Tells me he is talking to himself, talking to her when she isn't there, acting drunk. Ummm sweetie. What part of this is NORMAL. Call his Dr. and describe symptoms and see what they say.
Dr. wants him to go to ER now for tests. DUH. He is pissed(brother) because he HATES Dr. Tough shit. This is MEGA serious.
Sometimes being the big sister is TOUGH. Esp. when your younger brother is an idiot. And your SIL is young and inexperienced.
Done with my rant for the day....LOL

11-03-2016, 06:36 PM
So I'm still in my pajamas. We haven't done any work all week because I'm been an emotional wreck. I started a part-time job last December, and my boss understood that I homeschooled and would have to work weird hours and sometimes bring my boys to work. My boys love it there. They love interacting with everyone. But last Friday, a co-worker (there are only five of us), purposely took my son (13) away from where I would hear her, to a closed room, and started berating him for debating with another employee. Thankfully, I heard her ask him to talk to her elsewhere, and followed quietly to hear what this was all about (thank goodness for mommy instinct). I opened the door shortly after she started yelling at him. I calmly told her that we were done here and told my son to leave the room; that is when she yelled, "No we're not," and a bunch of other stuff. I physically marched my son from the room and left the building.

It kills me because I don't want to insulate my boys--I want other adults to correct them, and I know that they aren't angels. They are kids, all kids are assholes. But they aren't very bad, either. So there is that, but so many things were wrong in that scene. I feel like some major boundaries were crossed.

I wasn't even working that day. My boss was out to lunch during it. I came into work yesterday for the first time, and lo-and-behold, she had talked to him about it on Friday. I was an emotional wreck. I wasn't prepared to talk to him about it yet because we had a couple big days and I didn't want to distract from our work during that time. So I told him exactly what happened (I'm sure she left out the removing from earshot purposefully,and the screaming at him part).

I was previously trying to come in a little during office hours to get facetime with everyone, but my boss okayed me only coming in for the weekly staff meeting and working in the evenings the rest of the time. So that is good. I felt like he had my back, so that is also good. He loves my boys, as well, thank goodness. But I can't help feeling betrayed. Not once did either of my coworkers (the 5th coworker works weird hours, too, and is also a parent) talk to me about concerns they had. Co-worker B just went off. I thought I was friends with Co-worker A (the one my son debated with), but obviously not.

This comes after months of giving up certain things at work for them, and a week or two realizing that I have almost no friends here after over three years of actively trying. Meanwhile, my one out of two friends, who moved here at the same time as me, has a ton of friends--the same people I know. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. At this point, I just want to move. My boys kind of want to, too, but that may just be because they are so use to it now. They are both involved in a couple of great programs, and my eldest has a couple of important mentors here, so I don't know if it really the best idea. I think my husband realizes how unhappy I am and will start looking for job possibilities. Right now, there is a job open in Idaho Falls. No thank you!

11-03-2016, 06:39 PM
And sorry for the pity-party, but thanks for providing a spot for me to do it. I'm just feeling really lonely right now. I just don't have anyone (besides my husband) to talk to. Besides no one being geographically close to me, I know that their solution, even if they don't voice it, is "well, put them in school and then all your problems would be over." And as you all know, that isn't a solution.

11-03-2016, 06:48 PM
That's completely uncalled for, on Co-Worker B's part. If you weren't there maybe a discussion would have been warranted but if you are there, they should come to you first. There is no reason at all to pull someone else's child aside and berate them. That's not even an appropriate way to handle a conflict with an adult.
I'm sorry you aren't making connections though. Being lonely is tough.

11-03-2016, 09:07 PM
crazyme - so sorry about the work drama. I hate stuff like that. The thing I really don't miss about working. If you are saying you don't have friends at work... is it possible that they resent you being able to work odd hours and bring your kids with you, in spite of the efforts you've made to come in for "facetime"? Or if you mean just friends in general, I think homeschooling does make it harder to make friends.... once kids get to a certain age, it seems like the biggest opportunities for mankind friends are the parents of other kids at school, just like for kids they naturally tend to be friends with the kids in their class. Without that built in thing it's just a lot more effort. Glad you felt you could rant here. It's good to just say it sometimes....

Aandwsmom - I hope your brother is getting treated now. That sounds very serious. Does he get any kind of home health? It sounds like he needs it. Good home health care hopefully would have prevented the pressure sore in the first place, and certainly recognized how bad it was and got him to a doctor before he was delirious. Even just a few hours 2-3x a week could be helpful.

We've had a productive day. Getting into the early colonial period in American History, and it's one of my favorite things to read and study myself, so I'm trying to restrain myself from throwing all. the. information. at DD and totally overwhelming her level of understanding. Seriously though, I could spend months on just this subject. We're also wrapping up our first literature study with a trip to the Rainforest Cafe tomorrow for lunch. Trying to get my plans together to start our next book on the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving. Lots of fun learning here!

11-03-2016, 09:24 PM
HAHA! He wouldn't do it. Luckily his wife(just got married in April) keeps track of him and tattles to us if he is a butt about going. He was mad at her for calling Dr. I told him that I told her to call, so blame me. But it was worth being seen for. Not sure if he is home yet or not. He is and always was an idiot. I love him but he is 41 and acts like he is 16. He is in a wheelchair because he took his crotch rocket bike and modifed the computer panel, it malfunctioned and while we don't know the whole story because he won't admit or doesn't remember... wrecked and broke his back. He has always been this way. Live like you are invincible. Love him to death but want to knock him upside the head ALL THE TIME. I have spent my whole life protecting him and dragging him out of issues. He has been on wound treatment for months for the sores but he also refuses to relax and stay off butt, etc. and let them heal. He is to have plastic surgery to put a skin graft over it next month, IF he gets rid of the infections and healthy.

Awwww crazyme...(((HUGS))) you can ALWAYS ALWAYS come and vent, rant, whatever you need. That is why we have this section. I am so sorry about it. That co-worker was in the wrong. She should never have talked to child alone, she should not berate him about something that wasn't about her. I am glad your boss had your back. And sorry that happened. If you want to stick with this job, then do your best, ignore the crap and I would keep kids away from said co-worker. HUGS

I hear ya about lonely. I am a loner but really only friends I have are other homeschool Moms and now that boys are older, we rarely see each other. I am thankful for my online friends at least!LOL

TXlib, I love that period too. And I hear ya on going hogwild on something that you are into as well. Been there, done that.
One of these days, I will get to a Rainforest Cafe. There is one in Seattle and we take a homeschooling trip on the train there yearly with a group but it is outskirts of Seattle so would cost a crazy taxi ride of moolah to get there and we have a limited time to do things.... one of these days, we will go in the car and have all day and I will get there!

11-03-2016, 09:40 PM
crazyme, part of the reason we moved is the total isolation I felt. Yes, my parents were a mile away, but 6 years we lived there and I still couldn't have identified a single neighbor on sight. It sucked.

And gods forbid you complain about anything to do with school, or your children to those who aren't supportive. My sis-in-law, (one who I thought actually liked me, and was somewhat supportive of homeschooling) has no kids and pretty much told my husband off for how we are raising OUR kid. When he mentioned we'd taken the last month light on school because of the stress of the move her response "Well, if you put him into a normal school like normal ppl that wouldn't have been a problem". Yeah, because adding stress on top of stress would have somehow been LESS stressful! Not to mention, if he'd been in a "normal" school, we wouldn't have been able to move without him having to change houses AND schools all at once. Thing is, because we homeschool, i PLANNED for a slow down over the move. Granted, it lasted 4 weeks longer than originally intended, but I started school back 4 weeks earlier than planned, so I'm not too worried about it. He's 6 and not fluently reading yet (i'm taking a page out of the Finnish book and not forcing him to read before he is ready) and she's all "oh he'd be doing that already if he was in REAL school". Yeah, I'm not speaking to his whole side of the family. He can deal with their judgemental butts (now remember, this is the sister with no kids of her own telling me how I'm raising mine wrong"). Families mostly suck.

11-04-2016, 12:56 AM
I'm so glad (lucky) that everyone has been so supportive of us homeschooling. Of course we did the whole regular school thing for a lot of years starting with PPCD when DD was 3, and everyone could see that it went from marginally adequate to worse over the years, so maybe they just don't have any delusions about the idea that public school would help anyone. Even SIL who is majorly invested in the whole public school experience (think PTA president, super volunteer kind of mom) has never said anything critical (or at least nothing that got back to me.) LOL.

That's a shame that your SIL seems to think she has some sort of special insight about what your child needs. :rolleyes:

11-04-2016, 04:24 AM
TXlib, It's worse because they see him once a year. for a few days. And somehow she thinks she can raise my kid better than I can. My sis and my parents, who know him quite well, see how well he's doing in homeschooling. Yes, we have a few struggles, but they also saw how miserable he was (and we were) when he was in pre-k. The judgemental s-i-l has no kids, lives 500 miles away, and has NEVER ONCE visited us. We always have to go visit them. I love non-parents who tell one how to parent.

On a bright note, we added Pinky and The Brain (tiny white mice) to our family Wednesday and they are so CUTE! Tech wanted white mice, and females were the recommendation, but we still named them Pinky and The Brain. :-)