View Full Version : Slow Cooker saves local mom from hours of drudgery

10-17-2016, 04:04 PM
Haha! My little jab of humor today. But seriously, I use the slow cooker a couple of times a week. With weather getting cooler in the South, I'd love even more recipes under my belt. Anyone feel like sharing any?

10-17-2016, 04:15 PM
Alas, my DH sees a crockpot and decides he doesnt like whatever it is.
However, there was this one recipe he really liked... in fact even my mom liked it, and she never liked anything I cooked.

I hope it doesnt come out upside-down!4643

Oh, and liquid smoke sort of creeps me out, but I kept it just for this recipe.

10-17-2016, 04:18 PM
I've always been wary of liquid smoke too. But I still have it from a brisket recipe. Looks good!

10-17-2016, 04:32 PM
Not to freak you guys out and make you ditch your crocks, but...I got an InstantPot and I adore it...I cooked spare ribs, frozen, in it last night in under an hour (15 min under pressure, 15 min coming off pressure, abt. 15 mins. to caramelize in a super hot oven). It does slow cooking too and rice and even yogurt. I got it because we are redoing the kitchen and I needed *someplace* to cook. Plus it doesn't heat up the house!

10-17-2016, 08:41 PM
fwp, I so want a instantpot! I just have to convince my husband i need yet another kitchen gadget!

Carmaline, I make yogurt in mine. :-)

10-17-2016, 10:17 PM
I use my Crock Pot at least once per week, usually more. In fact, I used it last night and tonight. My favorite pot roast recipe is: brown all sides of whatever size pot roast you're using in olive oil. Add to Crock Pot with some water. 1/2 a cup to a full cup. Whatever. Cut potatoes into large chunks and toss 'em in there around the sides. Sprinkle a full pack of Italian dressing mix and a full pack of ranch dressing mix over the top. Low for 7-9 hours or high for 5-7 hours, depending on how big your roast is. It's very unscientific. You can throw in a packet of brown gravy mix, too, if you want.

I also make mashed potatoes in the Crock Pot. 3-5 pounds of potatoes (I like leftover for potato soup) cut into large chunks, about 3/4 a cup of water, kosher salt sprinkled over it, and a full stick of butter chunked and stuck in there. I do two hours on low, then two on high. Just what I've found works well with my pot. When it's time to serve dinner, I add a little heavy whipping cream (maybe 1/4 cup?) and smash it all up with the potato masher. You can also use a hand mixer, though the potatoes are more likely to get gluey that way. So easy, so delicious.

10-17-2016, 11:09 PM
I don't have a recipe to share, but I do have a great crock-pot use to share. I love to cook with dried beans, but I hate soaking them and then cooking them in the pressure cooker. Last year I discovered that I can throw my dried beans in the crock pot overnight, and they're ready to use the next morning. Even garbanzo beans (chick peas) -- which take a ridiculously long time to cook otherwise -- are fully softened and ready to eat after a night in the crock pot.

10-18-2016, 03:47 PM
These peeps taught me how to cook a whole chicken in the crock. You, like, put in a whole chicken and put it on low. Take out the giblets first. Ew. Then, after like maybe 5, 6, 7, or 8 hours you take it out. It's the best. This is the extent of my cooking knowledge.

10-18-2016, 04:13 PM
I was shopping the instantpots too thanks FWP!

TFZ soon you will be making pies, too. ;)

10-18-2016, 04:17 PM
I made one when we started the BYL curriculum. Marie Calendar's are far superior. Also the lady at Publix. Also anyone else's in the world.

10-18-2016, 04:22 PM
A slowcooker had been such a life-saver for me that I bought a second one. A fancy one that you can use to saute/brown meat/chicken right there without having to transfer and clean another pan. Now I have both of them going at the same time!

10-23-2016, 12:34 AM
I was also going to say - Instant Pot ! I don't think I will ever use our Crock Pot again.

Last week I made lamb chops and whole potatoes from raw in under an hour. Seared the chops on saute, took them out, added water, butter and seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, rosemary, parsley and garam masala) threw the whole potatoes in, put the chops on top of the potatoes, and used the stew program. The meat was falling off and the potatoes were perfect. It was so easy. I do not like to cook, and I don't like to babysit food on the stove. And I am not good at planning ahead for meals. The Instant Pot is a dream come true for me. It will pay for itself in meals we eat at home instead of out. I can't wait to make tons of soups and stews this winter.