View Full Version : Language option for GAP year and high school students

05-21-2016, 02:44 AM
I wanted to bring this opportunity to the attention of those with high schoolers or those thinking of a GAP year. This program is a free language immersion program run by the Department of State. In my online parent group of high school grads, one student was accepted and is doing a full gap year in Korea, all expenses paid. This is also available to high school students and the website specifically says this includes homeschoolers, which I liked.

I think it is highly competitive, but if you have a student who is 15-18 years old, the application option opens in Oct. It is for specific languages only. I only learned of it this year, and I really wish I would have known before because one of the target languages is Turkish and since we are a half Turkish family I would have loved to send my son for a summer. His Turkish skills are rusty.

You don't need to know a specific language to be selected.

Check it out. It sounds fantastic...and of course, free. A good gap year option for a language enthusiast.

NSLI for Youth | Scholarship to Study Language Abroad (http://www.nsliforyouth.org/)