View Full Version : Using speech and social skills at brick & mortar zoned school?

05-12-2016, 08:25 PM
Hi everyone, this is my second post here at SHS, I think I've found my people! So happy there is a group for those of us teaching kids with challenges.

My question is this: We are new to homeschooling and are considering using the option where we live to take our ds into the school for a social skills group and once a week speech. So I was curious if anyone has ever done this, and if so, how did it go? What I'm worried about is the flow of work that I plan (hope) to have going with him at home, and I'm worried if this will disrupt what we are doing; and then going into the school can create a whole new set of issues for him with his anxiety.

Oh, BTW, our son is 11 and will be starting the 6th grade, he has ADHD, mild autism that mainly affects him socially, anxiety and a moderate stutter.


05-12-2016, 10:49 PM
Not sure I can help too much... my little one is only 4, but we have gotten a huge amount of benefit from his group social skills class and his speech therapy. Having a nice controlled environment where he can learn *This is the way we do this*, and practicing it... is so helpful, instead of trying to wing it in the wide world. (In his class, they practice taking turns, encouraging and congratulating each other... they used to practice greeting each other and saying goodbye... and now he greets everyone, even away from the therapy office.)
And Speech - well, mine wouldnt be talking at all if it wasnt for his speech therapy.

If your public school district allows you to get those benefits without being enrolled in a full-time school, why not try it? If it doesnt do you any good, you can stop. Unlike a *regular* classroom, hes going to be with adults who understand his needs, whose goals arent to get through academic work, but to help them with social skills.

05-28-2016, 10:39 AM
Thanks so much! We've decided to go ahead with the speech but we're going to a private therapist to work on social skills. I'm excited that my son gets to at least do something at the school next year, he's a little bummed that he's missing out on middle school.

Thanks for the reply!

06-29-2016, 05:32 PM
Oh, he isn't missing anything that he wants to miss! Middle school kids can be brutal! With speech at home or private...make sure that they will address the stutter if that is all he needs. Our school would not. (We have done homeschooling/speech since age 3.) I went to a private therapist...and it was stand/sit straight, breathe, that helped the most. Doing trumpet helped as the same things were needed to get the right tones from the trumpet.

Overall, good experience with speech therapy at the school....younger ages let me see and work with him, in middle school not so much...private fixed the rest of the production errors he had quickly as she had me look in the mirror and model and use iPad to record so he could see us both...ask for things like that at the end of the session. For my kid, doing speech in the afternoon was best, as he worked better on this school work if uninterrupted. That usually meant lunch time was the latest they could go.