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12-04-2015, 02:06 PM
I am not happy with our morning routine and I am looking for ideas. What kind of morning schedule do you have?

12-04-2015, 03:16 PM
We get up between 7 and 8, have breakfast, goof around a bit, and start school between 8:30 and 9. Usually closer to 9. We always start with spelling, followed by math. They are usually finished with those two around 10. We take a break after that, sometimes the park, sometimes a snack, sometimes just playtime, and the rest of our day is a bit more fluid.

I do have a check list for what I want them to accomplish during the day, but I'm flexible. If someone wants to do history instead of science, we can switch. But I'm pretty unyielding when it comes to spelling and math. If we don't do those first thing, they just don't get done.

I'm not quite sure which one to check. We DO generally just roll out of bed whenever (and their whenever happens to be between 7 and 8 - I usually get up around 6 or 6:30) but we also have a checklist.

12-04-2015, 04:12 PM
I felt like I had it going great for a little while, but ever since the time change we've been all over the place. Baby eats sometime between 4&5. If it's closer to 5 the kids hear him and I'm up putting them back to bed. If it's closer to four they will usually sleep until 6-6:15. It's too early for me and DH usually gets home from work between midnight and 1, so we've been heavily dependent on Wild Kratts for the last month :-/

Before they were sleeping until around 7-7:15 which was perfect. Then I'd be up and have coffee while they did playdoh or some other toy activity I set up. And they'd either watch cartoons or listen to a book while they played. I hate standard time.

12-04-2015, 05:09 PM
We are not morning people. Unless we have something exciting planned or somewhere we have to be, it takes us all a while to get going.

Both of my kids usually end up in my bed by morning, so when one person wakes up, we all do. We get up around 8, head downstairs, curl up on the couch, and eat breakfast while watching SportsCenter. After SportsCenter (and, lately, one episode of Full House), we get out of the house for a bit.

We aren't doing a huge amount of "formal school work" right now, so we usually leave that until after lunch.

12-04-2015, 05:19 PM
I get up before ds for lesson planning and coffee, then I read aloud to him in bed for an hour or more, then breakfast, then chores, then lunch, then lessons, then dinner, then free time for him and evening chores for me, then bath, bedtime stories, and sleep.

12-04-2015, 06:28 PM
I answered for when my kiddos were younger. I was up around 5, but they would get up around 8, have breakfast, make beds, take care of pets, then settle down to schoolwork. What they worked on and in what order was largely up to them. But since I had/have work commitments in the afternoon and evening, I needed to be sure they were done with whatever they needed my help with before then.

Now, its just my 18 yo ds at home. He wakes around 6 am and is out the door early this semester 3X a week because he has classes at 8 am. On the off days, he rolls out of bed between 8 and 9. Next semester, though, his first class isn't until noon. But he'll still probably get up around 8 am. He works independently at this point.

12-04-2015, 06:45 PM
We've been entirely loosey-goosey this year. DS is entering teenhood and suddenly is up late at night and sleeping in until 10am. I used to think that sounded good, when he was younger, but now I'm up around 7:30/8 am and miss our early breakfast and walks. I usually get up and enjoy the quiet with coffee in the morning now, do chores and laundry, start dinner in the crockpot. I make sure to do something relaxing for myself - read a little, or something, because it's the only time I get to myself these days. We start school after DS gets up and dressed and eats. around 11am. He'll school work until about 1pm take a break, eat, practice music, then we finish by about 4 or 5pm. If not we finish in the evening after dinner, 7, 8. or 9pm. DH only gets home around 6, on a good day, so It's nice for them to spend some time together.

12-04-2015, 08:04 PM
DD6 and DD7 get up around 6-7. DD6 lets the chickens out, gives them food and water, walks the puppy, feeds the cat and then settles with coloring/puzzles/beads/stitching/whatever project she is currently doing. DD7 just plays with an Ipad - currently it is SplashMath and Endless Wordplay.

DD3 and I wake up around 8ish. Then we all hang out together/play/play with the pets until I have had enough caffeine to start making breakfast. Breakfast is usually at 9-10. Then math with DD7, math with DD6 (all separately), language with DD7. Then play, read, go outside, lunch at 1-2.

After lunch, it is therapies, extracurriculars, HS group activities on 3-4 days a week and some learning activities (science/art/geography/read-alouds) on other 3-4 days. We do not take weekend breaks. Usually, sick days, ski days, or grandma days happen often enough to give us a break anyway.

12-04-2015, 08:05 PM
I don't think our routine would help, but it is what it is and is working for us for now. DD was sleeping until 10a and then waking & getting her day started by 11a, then bed was around midnight. When DH started working nights, coming home at 5a and sleeping until 2p, so did DD. Girl was getting squat done. I blew my cork about a month ago and changed things up BIG time.

I get up at 6:45a and take my cell (which is also my alarm) into DD's room while I shower and get ready. Eventually she gets out of bed and shuts the alarm off, wanders into the bathroom and starts her day. She's usually almost done eating by the time I have to leave. After every step of her morning, she has to text me at work. So, for example, when she's done w/breakfast, she texts, then brushes her teeth (txt), does 20m of exercise (txt), has 30m of free time (txt), does her workbook (txt), etc. It's how I track her progress while I'm at work. Dad's sleeping in the room 15' away, so if she's got an emergency (like the day the postman knocked on the door and freaked her out), she can yell at him. I put together a list of what she's supposed to work on, her breaks, and when she should text me. She's also allowed to text me if she's got questions. So far, she's doing a zillion times better with this schedule and is actually enjoying it. I think she likes the autonomy, yet dad's just around the corner if she's got a serious problem.

Before I started working, we did a similar thing with the schedules. She knew to get up and do her "morning routine" (use bathroom, dress, dirty clothes to the hamper, eat breakfast, brush teeth, exercise, and free time) first, then start doing the work that was on the chart. The big difference is that I'm not there to peek over her shoulder to make sure she's making reasonable progress. Instead, I have to use the texting stuff to monitor things. Love my husband, but he sucks at the HS stuff/supervision. SMH

12-04-2015, 08:48 PM
Generally, DS9 gets up while Im having my quiet ipad time, makes himself breakfast, putters around until I get up and get him going on schoolwork. We have a daily list of what needs to get done, I let him pick the order as much as I can. If we can grab some time before DS3 saunters downstairs, we try doing whatevers very involved with me *teaching*, or watch a video. When DS3 and I eat, he needs to work on something independently. On good days, we are done with his list by lunch time.

12-04-2015, 11:19 PM
We are all morning birds by nature. I get up as early as I can (between 5 and 8)) This is the only time have for myself.
Kids get up at 7-8 o'clock. Usually son about seven and he enjoys some time for himself (playing), I prepare breakfast, when dd wakes up we eat, I clean kitchen a little and we start first block school. I noticed if we start early, we finish also early :)

12-04-2015, 11:29 PM
DD is up by about 6:30 AM. Breakfast, cleanup and prep done by 7:30 AM. Ideally, we'd be ready to start her AM practice by 7:30 - 7:45 AM. Never, ever works out that way. Usually it's because she wants to spend the first hour (two hours? three?) reading. I'm so conflicted by it. She's a voracious reader; but also does better with everything else when there's a schedule in place

12-05-2015, 12:11 PM
Mini Riceball used to get up around 7 or 8. Now she gets up at about 10-11. She also stays up later now too. I think she's just had a shift in schedule. I stay up late too so we end up getting up around the same time. An appointment at 11, used to be easy and now it's an ordeal. Otherwise school happens once we are up and have eaten. I've started to let go of the idea that school has to start in the morning. It can start after lunch or after we get home in the afternoon.

12-05-2015, 06:20 PM
Mine won't help at all since we are on a totally different schedule, but I thought I'd add a different perspective. The tech addicted 6 year old is on our night schedule and is EXTREMELY slow to get going. He won't even eat until he has been up at least an hour. So, on non-field trip days, we get up around 3pm, kid chills for an hour, I shower/do dishes/feed the fish etc. Around 4 we eat and then go out and run any errands or go to the park first while it's still light out (I hate winter). After that we come home, and around 8'ish, we start "school". And it can be anything from a couple hours straight through, to a bunch of 20 minute segments broken up by breaks, depending on what kind of night he or I are having. We aim to have it all done around midnight, eat dinner, do bath time, and start settling between 3 and 4am. The routine isn't all that different when his dad is at work, but instead of errands, we'll do a bit of cleaning and try to add in an extra, like additional art, building something, or going over to the grandparents to play with the pig.

12-05-2015, 08:00 PM
I like seeing the varied schedules. It is a helpful reminder that there are so many different ways that work.

DS is very slow to get going. He gets up between 7-8 am and he doesn't want to do anything for about an hour or two. I starting making him go to the bathroom before he could do anything else, otherwise he would wait.

He will go without eating unless I prompt him. Then be famished. So I am trying to make a list of what he has to do before tech/screen time.

One thing I do know, is that unless we have a field trip, DS is not very motivated in the morning. His best time is after lunch for a few hours and then after dinner until bedtime at 9pm. So I have changed when we do things. I don't care for the schedule, as I am ready to veg at the end of the day, but I also don't want resistance, so I usually work with his schedule.

12-05-2015, 10:04 PM
Sympathy, Mariam for routines and body clocks being out of sync between family members.

We are really bad at routines. So this is somewhat typical - but not out of the ordinary to be different, too.
DH leaves house 6 - 6:30am.
I'm up between 6 and 7-ish normally.
DS wakes up whenever - but typically 7 - 8am. He never wants to eat right away.
We play a pretend game together and do morning chores and eat breakfast between 7 and 9:30am.
Try to have any electronics off by 10am.

Between 10 and 3pm our days really vary. Sometimes "school-ish" work. Sometimes reading books and playing games. Sometimes park day/play date. Now and then hike / field trip.

I don't know why it's so hard to come up with a real routine for us, but it is. We are not routine people. I have always said that I am "consistently inconsistent." And that DS will grow up to be flexible, adaptable and spontaneous. In some ways, he is.

We do like to peg certain activities to certain days. Lately Poetry/Storytelling Tea Time to Wednesdays. Friday movie day. Thursday hike/field trip/out and about. Monday math and science experiment day.

Ah hell, I'm rambling and you just asked about morning routines. Gah!

I like hearing about what others do!

12-06-2015, 08:48 AM
Thank you for posting this. It got me thinking about our routine and how it's been a stressful way to start the morning lately. I was motivated to switch around the kids' rooms yesterday. Now dd2 has her own and ds4 is in with the baby. They were so excited for something new, haha. Well this morning DS woke up at 6 and came in to snuggle without waking anyone else up. Score. Usually he would wake up his sis and she would wake up the baby. Today the other two slept until almost 7. Now they are lolling around playing with toys and listening to the kid podcasts I downloaded yesterday. Yay.

12-06-2015, 06:11 PM
I was thinking more about this and it was helpful, as I don't feel as panicked about out lack of schedule. We do need one, we have too many things going on not to, but I think can relax a little about some things that worried me. Screen time being one of them. Also DS is finally interested in taking care of himself more. Fixing himself breakfast in the morning and other smaller things. He is just now finding the motivation to do it himself. :) Which I can facilitate with a schedule he can check off daily. :)

12-06-2015, 06:34 PM
Typically I get up around 6:30 am - I need to have a cup of coffee and read / mediate before the kids get up. DS is up usually around 6 and hangs out in his room until 7:30. DD is usually up somewhere between 7:45 and 9.

My kids are older, so breakfast is generally on your own. The kids get a few chores done (with plenty reminding from me).

We usually start school between 9:30 and 10 (typically earlier in the summer, later in the winter). Sometimes they will ask to go ride bikes or swim or play music and dance - and that is fine, we'll start later (exercise always gets a pass in our house).

We do our read aloud and group work. Then we split up. I work one-on-one while the other kiddo does 'independent study' (code for work on whatever you want); switch. Sometimes DD will ask if she can just read for school, and I let her do that, as long as she does math.

We usually break for lunch before a switch, sometimes before one-on-one work (depending on when we started).

I don't feel beholden to time, but I do like to keep a flow or predictable events in our day. I personally like to start by 10, because if we don't the day goes to the birds.

12-06-2015, 09:51 PM
DS and I are both night owls, DH is not. We live in alternate universes it seems!:p DS stays up into the wee hours gaming and watching Youtube tech and science videos, researching computer parts, and watching comedy stuff. He's usually asleep between 1 and 2 a.m. I put myself to bed between 10 and 11, but stay awake reading, which can be for a few hours. I get up first to do animal chores around 9 a.m., he rallies between 10 and 11. We dawdle about and then get serious around noon. He generally works straight through with some breaks until 5 or 6, then off to play video games with his friend and to do his own "research" on whatever interests him.

One of the biggest reasons we decided to start homeschooling in 4th grade was because we both vehemently detested the early morning routine. Doing school at home has restored our sense of balance and well-being.