View Full Version : Bah....lots of breaks in service today

10-12-2015, 01:22 PM
Once in a while I get the...sorry we can't access that page now....redirect. This morning's been bad. I'm falling out of the system when I navigate here a lot today.

I'm chocking this up to some kinda maintenance, but since it was unusually bad today...figured I'd mention it.

10-12-2015, 01:38 PM
Yah, Im not having any luck either. Good to know its not just me!

10-12-2015, 02:47 PM
Me too.....maybe they don't like us :)

10-12-2015, 04:10 PM
It is a plot to heighten our suspense and anticipation about what we are missing.

10-12-2015, 04:29 PM
First time I've been able to get on today. Miss you guys when I'm not here. :Crying:

10-12-2015, 08:58 PM
I thought is was me.

10-12-2015, 11:49 PM
We had issues today. Lots of DATABASE ERROR and directing to unsavory sites.
Luckily our tech guys heard my desperate plea and fixed it ASAP.
They also returned our browser check which gives you that 5 second display while checking browser when you come to the site.
This might be a PITB to some but it REALLY reduced the attempts by spammers and hackers!!
We took it down and guess who came skulking out of the woodwork. :explode:
So, hopefully things are back on track and will run smooth for everyone!!!!
Thanks for your patience during this time!