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08-08-2015, 01:25 AM
Is there a way we can have it be as easy as it was before to be up-to-date on messages and posts?

1) By default, Safari logs me out of SHS, so every time I visit, Im a guest until I log in. Previously, I could tap on New Posts, and see whats up in the past 24 hours. Now, that brings up a message saying no new posts, click here for past 24 hours. An extra click, no huge biggie.... except that if someone makes a post while Im looking, only THAT new thread shows.
2) Can the new group messages subheading go back to its spot under Forum-New Posts? Again, that was a really easy way to access that part of the forum. Now I have to tap on Groups, then go find Deb (for instance), tap there then look to see if things have been updated.

I feel sort of like an old person asking for this back. Maybe other people miss the quick navigation, too, or they know the secret way to get where they need quickly.


08-08-2015, 01:44 AM
The what's new option on the mobile (phone) site still takes me to a search page. A week ago it took me to a list of new posts... :(

08-09-2015, 12:00 AM
Hang in there everyone!
We're STILL in the midst of the site update and certain functionalities will be working off and on until that's complete!!!
Some days it may be ok and the next wonky.
Just remember, by the time this is complete....SHS will be even more AWESOME than it already is!;)
We TOTALLY thank you for your patience! You members ROCK!

08-09-2015, 12:55 AM
Okie Dokie!

08-12-2015, 05:37 PM
I find it interesting that my computer has a green secular homeschool page and my phone a blue one! Phone used to be green and then poof! It was blue.

08-12-2015, 09:48 PM
Pretty sure that's a makeover-related glitch as well. We have two templates we've used while designing the updated site, and one is green and one is blue so the system may have switched between those templates.

08-12-2015, 11:50 PM
I would guess that the style sheet has different templates for mobile and computer and it automatically switches depending on medium.