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09-21-2010, 04:49 PM
Here is information from someone I am in a couple homeschool groups with. I'm really excited she's doing this. Perhaps some of you out there can help her and/or may be interested in her books:

I need your help to get the word out there about my KickStarter campaign to
raise money to bring more fiction about homeschoolers to the world!


For over ten years now, I've been listening to the parents and kids at
homeschooling and unschooling gatherings tell me how disappointed they are
with how homeschoolers are portrayed (or not represented at all) in modern
fiction. There are virtually no books about realistic homeschoolers of
today represented! Instead, the books are full of children in school (or at
least heavily filled with the school mindset), siblings who are constantly
picking on each other, and either mean or absent parents. In general, if
homeschoolers are represented at all they are either inaccurate caricatures
or in books nearly 100 years old. I want to change this, so a year and a
half ago I started a publishing company to do just that.

I've now started a KickStarter campaign to help build my small independent
publishing company, Do Life Right, Inc., in order to bring more fiction
about realistic homeschoolers of today to the world. KickStarter is a
website devoted to helping individuals raise fast amounts of money for
unique and worthy causes by asking for small amounts from large groups of
people (if everyone I knew pledged $5, I'd easily meet my goal). My dream
is to publish as many books as possible for our children.

To prove I was capable of this, I started with my own Wright on Time series
of children's chapter books. With the proceeds of those, I've been growing
the company: paying for editing, distribution, legal issues, illustration,
and much more. I've been going through hundreds of submissions, seeking out
rare gems. I've recently signed on three new authors, and have several more
that I'm anxious to sign on, but can't afford to. I've agreed to work
indefinitely without salary, putting all the proceeds straight back into
finding more potential books, but that alone isn't enough to publish the
books that need to be published.

Please check out the campaign, pledge $5 (or more--see the great
incentives), pass along the information about the campaign to everyone you
know, and let your voice be known through your actions!

Here's the short version of the url:

Thanks so much!

<http://www.DoLifeRightInc.com> My publishing company
<http://www.WrightOnTimeBooks.com> My children's chapter book series
<http://www.DoLifeRight.com> My personal blog