View Full Version : FS: CPO Earth Science & some equipment $125 ppd

04-30-2014, 07:34 AM
Asking $125.00 ppd.

For sale from nonsmoking home:

CPO Earth Science Textbook - writing on books edges
CPO Earth Science Teacher's Guide - with lesson organizer cd
CPO Earth Science Investigations Manual

(this is not the Focus on earth science version)

lab materials from Home Science Tools;
telescope, explorer 15x x 35mm
multimeter, digital
solar cell, 1.0 volt, 500 ma
styrofoam ball, 2" diameter
weather study kit
density cube set, 10 cubes
contour model kit
mineral study kit, 15 specimens
rock study kit, 15 speciments
mineral test kit

various other lab supplies:
incense cones

All lab equipment has been used and are still in good to excellent usable condition.

Books and lab equipment $125.00 ppd insurance included within US.

I take paypal.

Contact me at sands 31210 @ yahoo. com (no spaces)