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Jen V
04-16-2014, 08:19 PM
So, I did a search for umbrella schools and found quite a list of them here (http://homescooltn.com/resouces/umbrella.html).

I have read through the HSLDA information for TN and did a herky when I read that homeschool kids enrolled via their school district are subject to common core testing(!!!), and that the majority of TN homeschoolers use CSRs (church-related schools for newbies like me) because they are not subject to state testing.

I have found a couple of CSRs that do not require a statement of faith and for a modest fee (around $100) they will keep records and provide transcripts when you need those things.

Two of the ones that I've found thus far are the Home Life Academy (http://www.homelifeacademy.com/)
and The Farm School Satellite Campus (https://home.comcast.net/~farmschoolathome/StepsTowardEnrollment.htm) program.

Now if you take a peek at those links you'll see that they appear to be at opposite ends of the spectrum visually/technologically, but are very nearly the same in price.

Does anyone have experience with these particular umbrella schools? Or do you have other suggestions in terms of opting out of common core & standardized testing? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks bunches. :)

04-16-2014, 10:55 PM
I know the Farm School says that it is a church related school but you have to understand their whole philosophy to realize this is not the same as most christian based schools. The Farm is an old hippie commune that was started in the early 70's by Stephen Gaskin. He was a professor at Berkley who decided to leave and move across the country. He was followed by several students. As they traveled across the country they met many many other young couples and individuals who were looking to find themselves. They settled in Summertown, Tennessee and founded The Farm. It has now moved beyond a commune to an Intentional Community. They are great people, very supportive of homeschooling. Most of the original members homeschooled their own children. Some of the adult members of the community now were born and grew up on the Farm. I don't have any experience with the school itself but have spent time in the community. I personally would live there if I could.

Jen V
04-16-2014, 11:14 PM
Now that you mention it as The Farm, I think my husband might know some folks who work and/or live there. I'll have to check with him. I kind of link that they are keeping it simple online. I'll have to see what the difference is between satellite school and umbrella csr. I do love that neither place dictates curriculum. Thanks for the info :)