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03-25-2014, 01:23 PM
Okay, I think I have an idea of some of the things we'll be doing for DS (14):

Math - Math U See Algebra I and Geometry together
Science - ??? - Mebe Khan Academy
English - ???
Social Studies - ???
French - ??? - Mebe French Essentials
IT - Python & Movie-making
Performing Arts - singing lessons, choir, acting classes
PE - Swimming

DH thinks Khan Academy would be good for DS; they'd sit and watch videos on the telly and they'll have discussions while DS does the wee tests, plus they'll blow up heaps of stuff in the backyard (we have an acre LOL). Whatever Science program we choose, we want it to have testing and worksheets.

English. Now, I really do not know what to do for that. He is good at English...ie, he's good at anything academic so long as he puts the effort in (for instance, he's getting between 90% and 100% for everything in English at the local HS)...but he would prefer an online-based program.

Social Studies? Hmmm...he wants to do World History but a video-based, interactive online program would be best as opposed to having to learn everything from a textbook. He's not a reader (he was reading at age 3, and had a HS-level of reading by the age of 6, but just isn't "into" reading for pleasure), so a literature-based curriculum probably is not for him.

French...French Essentials? I am not sure, as they recommend teens do Modules 7 - 10, but beginners start at Module 1 (he's a beginner). Plus, they only have up to Module 5 available for download, so how can teens even DO 7 - 10?

Phew! Any ideas about the ???? subjects?

Thanks in advance!

03-25-2014, 02:17 PM
Things I've used for english at the high school level include Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings, which is a full year curriculum with worksheets and quizzes and tests; Micheal Clay Thompson - the upper 3 levels are as rigorous as many high school programs or moreso. I actually used level 3 (lower level) in 9th grade. Also, Logic of English Help for High School but, as I mentioned on another post, she also has online classes.

Honestly, sometimes for social studies we just watch and discuss documentaries. Netlix has a ton of Ken Burns stuff, which we didnt like, but some do.

03-26-2014, 09:43 AM
The only online-based English program I can think of is the Brave Writer classes, but IEW is DVD-based, and I think someone mentioned the other day they're just using the Purdue OWL web site for their teen. (Might not have been here...)

No real suggestions for the rest since I'm (obviously) not there yet. Good luck :)

03-26-2014, 11:11 AM
Thank you both for your suggestions! It's great to find more things to consider, even if I find they probably won't fit. It's all about options, isn't it? So here is the updated version:

Math - Math U See Algebra I and Geometry together
Science - The Elements (until summer vacation) & GPB Education
English - Excavating English (only six weeks long but a good start)
Social Studies - Big History Picture
French - ??? - Mebe French Essentials
IT - Minecraft Homeschool, Python & Movie-making
Performing Arts - singing lessons, choir, acting classes
PE - Swimming

03-26-2014, 12:30 PM
For French, have you considered Duolingo | https://www.duolingo.com?

Also, OpenCulture has a list of free options for language learning. Learn 46 Languages Online for Free: Spanish, English & More (http://www.openculture.com/freelanguagelessons)

I suggest some of the free ones, because if you are not sure of how something will work, you can try some out until you find a system that works. Then if you run out of lessons, you can spend money on a method that is most effective.