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01-13-2014, 01:48 PM
Cleaning out the shelves! Feel free to make me a reasonable offer (especially if you're buying a couple of things), PM for more info. Shipping via USPS media mail, $2-4/shipment (depending on weight).

Singapore Science My Pals Are Here 2nd Edition -- 3&4 Buy the whole lot for $50, or:
Teacher's Guide - $30. Like new.
Energy textbook - $3 VGUC (no markings)
Energy activity book -- $1.50 - (2/14 activities (1.1, 1.2) done in pencil)
Interactions textbook -- $3 VGUC (no markings)
Cycles textbook - $3 VGUC (no markings)
Diversity textbook - $3 VGUC (no markings)
Systems textbook - $3 VGUC (no markings)
Homework book - $4 (missing "Diversity" chapters 1-6)
Tests -- $4 (missing 1 test (test 1 for "Diversity))
HOTS - $4 (Higher Order Thinking Skills) -- (missing "Diversity" chapters 1-6)
***note: all of the activity books are currently on sale for around $2/each - Singapore Math (http://www.singaporemath.com/Science_s/126.htm)

"A History of US" by Joy Hakim -- Teaching Guide for "Making Thirteen Colonies" -$10. Like new. ISBN 0-19-516849-6.

Moving Beyond the Page -- 9-11 Language Arts, Relationships -- Poetry (Concept 1, Unit 1) - $5. Used. 6 activities filled in (mostly pencil, 1 crayon). Poetry Student Directed Literature Unit (044425) Details - Rainbow Resource Center, Inc. (http://www.rainbowresource.com/product/sku/044425/e415eb7c2fdc06efc7786f16)

Evan-Moor Daily Math Practice Grade 3. $8. Like new. ISBN 978-1-55799-743-2

Reading for the Gifted Student, Grade 2. $4. Good used condition (4/187 pages done). ISBN 978-1-4114-1652-9

Gifted and Talented Reading, Writing, Math, Grade 3. $4. Used condition (16/182 pages done in pencil). ISBN 978-1-4114-9555-5

Brain Quest Grade 2 Workbook. $5. VGUC (all pages blank). ISBN 978-0-7611-4915-6

Lesson Planner - $4. New. ISBN 978-1-4206-3358-0 Lesson Plan Book: Teacher Created Resources Staff: 9781420633580: Amazon.com: Books (http://www.amazon.com/Lesson-Teacher-Created-Resources-Staff/dp/1420633589/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1389159597&sr=8-1&keywords=9781420633580)

01-16-2014, 12:17 AM
Hi, I have a question for you about the Moving Beyond the Page poetry book. Are the readings *in* the book or does it require separate reading materials? I've looked into it a little and as far as I can tell I would need to acquire the actual poems from another source. I think maybe the MBTP book is strictly a guide?

Thank you!

01-16-2014, 03:31 PM
Hi! One of my kids actually got into the book yesterday (not realizing I was selling it) and did 5 or 6 of the exercises, so it's no longer "like new", and is now "used" and priced at $5.
To answer your question, I would categorize it as a workbook. The books that this volume is designed to accompany are "Love that Dog," by Sharon Creech; "My America: A Poetry Atlas of the United States," by Lee Bennett Hopkins; and "R is for Rhyme: A Poetry Alphabet," by Judy Young (we found the first two books at our library, and ended up buying "R is for Rhyme" because my son really liked it). It's basically a series of exercises that reference (or are inspired by) the books. Each lesson (there are 10) has a "Getting Started" section, which is basically an overview and instructions ("Stuff You Need", "Ideas to Think About", "Things to Know", followed by "Reading and Questions"); an "Activities" section (usually three different activities - writing poems, creating art, etc); and a "Wrapping Up" section, which asks the student to reflect on the lesson and activities. There's also a nice parent overview section at the end, which covers each lesson, and a series of guides (spelling, writing and grammar, a writing rubric, age level overview and summary of skills).
It's the only MBtP book that we used. I don't know that it's anything particularly groundbreaking - many of the assignments are fairly standard grade school writing or art/literature assignments, and are logical extensions of the books they accompany - but it provided a nice planning break for me, as I didn't have to spend any time thinking or researching our poetry assignments.

01-17-2014, 02:11 AM
Hi! One of my kids actually got into the book yesterday (not realizing I was selling it) and did 5 or 6 of the exercises, so it's no longer "like new", and is now "used" and priced at $5.

Ohmygosh this is so funny!!!! Hahahaha

Thank you so much for all of that information about the book. I don't think it will work for what I had in mind, but thank you for taking the time to answer my question!

Thank you!

02-27-2014, 12:27 PM
HI! do you still have this available?

Singapore Math -- Primary Mathematics, Standards Edition. Unless otherwise noted, all are in excellent, like new condition.
Level 2A: $55 total, or:
Workbook - $10
Textbook - $10
Home Instructor's Guide - $15
Extra Practice -- 2 - $10
Challenging Word Problems -- 2 - $10

02-27-2014, 01:23 PM
Yep! PM me if you're interested.

05-09-2014, 05:32 AM
Bump! All this stuff is still available, and we're moving soon, so feel free to make an offer!

05-27-2014, 01:08 PM
Hi! I was wondering if you have the Singapore Math materials and the Daily Geography Practice book still available? Thanks!

05-27-2014, 04:33 PM
Yep, they are! Send me a private message if you're interested.

Umm Khidr
06-07-2014, 12:48 AM
Hi Can you tell me if you still have Growing With Grammar 2? If so, I would like to purchase it.

06-07-2014, 01:31 AM
I'm afraid the Growing with Grammar materials were sold. I'm sorry I didn't update the list sooner!

Umm Khidr
06-10-2014, 11:48 AM
No problem. Thank you!

06-18-2014, 02:19 AM
Do you still have the Singapore Math materials?

06-18-2014, 06:53 AM
Do you still have the Singapore Math materials?

All of the math materials have been sold; only the materials still listed are still available.