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07-31-2010, 06:48 PM
Hi Everyone,

I was thrilled to have stumbled on this site. A big Thank You to whoever it was that posted information about Secular Home School on the time4learning parents page!! I have been lurking around for a day or two and am extremely relieved to have found a great group of like-minded folks!! It is quite refreshing to be able to obtain resources, exchange stories and vent without having to constantly receive messages of "prayer" and "you're doing what the Lord wants you to do" in return!! lol I was getting so irritated I have discontinued two of the homeschool groups that I had originally joined. I have no problem with everybody having their own belief....but I don't like it forced upon me at every opportunity. The extent of religious based support groups--both on line and off, curriculum and programming was overwhelming, to say the least, when I started all of my research on the "hows", "whys" and "procedures required" of this homeschooling adventure Alexis and I are embarking on. I grew up in a Seventh Day Adventist family, and my two best friends are Lutheran and Methodist. None of my family or my closest "sisters" have ever been bludgeoning with their beliefs, and have accepted my paganism. Despite my own beliefs of "each to his or her own", I was having a difficult time continuing to hold tight to this under the onslaught of religious close mindedness. Enough said??

I am new to homeschooling, having pulled my 14 year old daughter, Alexis, out of public school just this past Spring. We will "officially" be starting in about three weeks. Alexis has multiple special needs, and this past year was a complete disaster, due in large part to in-ept "special education" teachers (her reg ed teachers were all very good), budgetary restraints and the elimination of her full time inclusion facilitator's position....who had been with her over eight years...all the way back from her early childhood years in the 5 year old room!! Her elementary career in public school was, despite a few challenges that we were able to work out, went very well. Enter junior high and for some reason everyone loses their ability to teach! Go figure that one out. :mad: Sooo....out she came. :o

At this point in time, our approach is definately considered eclectic and we will not be using a specific curriculum; but rather a few, going across specific subjects. We do have a bit of a unique situation in that she will be attending her public junior high for one class. She will be taking computer technology and home economics. Each is a one semester class during the same period. The teachers of these two classes taught her last year and they were quite good and she had a very enjoyable time. This will allow her to still see some of the friends she has made over years on a consistent basis and be eligible to attend all of the social functions sponsored by the school (i.e., dances, etc). I was also able to get her PT, OT and Speech services integrated into these classes, which was my goal, decreasing the amount of time that we would need to schedule out of our homeschool programming time while still affording her the opportunity for these necessary services. These two classes are not special education classes and are taught be regular education teachers. All other academic requirements will be met through our homeschool program. :)

I currently live about one hour southwest of Chicago, Illinois....but we spend a lot of our time in East Tennessee and are looking to buy property and build over the next year, if everything works out right. I am originally from the south, and I have been away "from home" for way too long. :) My oldest, Mercedes, will be entering her junior year in college at UT, majoring in special education next Fall and my goal is to keep the family as close together as possible...so our move back is finally on the near horizon!

I really look forward to "meeting" and getting to know ya'll.

08-03-2010, 10:47 PM
Tammera, welcome to the site and thanks for the detailed introduction. I hope you find this community as supportive and informative as I have, and I look forward to your perspectives on things.


08-03-2010, 11:29 PM
Welcome Tammera ! I miss IL. I used to spend summers with my grandmother there. I still have tons of family there. I wish hubby would move north, Texas is hot !!

08-05-2010, 09:15 AM
Welcome to the group! Great to have you here!