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Accidental Homeschooler
10-05-2013, 06:23 PM
My kids take lessons at a wonderful music school. It is an amazing resource. They offer Suzuki lessons, orchestra (went to China this year), chamber groups, a preschool, music together classes and more. It has been wonderful for us. I have done the music together classes with my kids, one went to the preschool, both take lessons and my older daughter started orchestra last year. It hires wonderful teachers/musicians and pays them a decent salary with benefits. They could have gone with part-time, no benefit positions but didn't. They have a scholarship program but it is tough to get that and it is sort of pricey to do the lessons. So anyway, they want to reach out to homeschoolers and there are homeschooled kids who are students there, but I think the expense limits it for a lot of people, especially if you have more than one kid. I think anyone who can afford to go there and wants their kids to have this kind of music education will find it regardless of what the school does kwim? I suggested that, because hsing usually means only one income they consider some group classes for hsed children, not necessarily instrument lessons, and those who see the value will stay and maybe have their kids more involved and those who don't will still have had a valuable experience, hopefully, and be happy about it. This way there also would not be the commitment of lessons before people had a chance to try out the school.

So I guess I am asking what you all would want if you were looking at outsourcing music education for your kids? How long would you want a class to run? How big would you want it to be? What would you want the focus to be? And thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to help me out with ideas for this!

10-05-2013, 06:31 PM
One thing I would love to see is one of those music exploration classes, maybe something where the kids can learn about different types of instruments and maybe try out a few. I'd love to see a class like that around here instruments are expensive and so are lessons, getting the chance to try it out would be great before making a decision.

10-05-2013, 07:30 PM
I agree with Riceball. My dd takes piano and my ds takes violin. I just about fainted when ds told me he wanted to take violin. I HATED violin the two years I was "forced" to take it. They both talk about starting another instrument, and they both suggest drums (yuck), trumpet or tuba. I think the smaller instruments (clarinet, flute, etc) don't get noticed as much in an orchestra or band. I am not musical and dh is only slightly more so. I would LOVE a class that exposed them to all possibilities.

10-06-2013, 07:31 AM
History of music and instruments...let the kids try several before choosing what they want to focus on...1 hr. class in the a.m....smallish group (maybe 10 kids or under per teacher?)...no performance in front of an audience...field trips to see local symphonies...guest speakers who play all kinds of music.

10-06-2013, 10:49 AM
I would love a class similar to those designed for preschoolers -- where it's all about the experience of dancing and banging on instruments -- but upgraded for the elementary school age. So the kids are being taught to enjoy and make music improv-style rather than learning scales and set pieces.

Accidental Homeschooler
10-06-2013, 10:52 AM
Thanks for the ideas, very helpful!

10-06-2013, 12:40 PM
I agree with the abblity to try out different instruments, small groups. I would add the different styles of music. dd loved her violin then hated her violin.. she was stuck at the time with her instructer learning classical style only... well, once we found a different teacher that would practice and teach her the style of music that drew her to the violin in the first place ( Irish/Celtic) then she took off like crazy.
Solo and ensamble choice.. and small group, voice classes... I could go on forever.. I love music...irronically was not allowed to play an instument as a kid (mom had gone thru the whole band thing with the 3 kids before me and didn't want to do it again... no seriously thats why:vomit:) It all good, my other choice was art... and that has served me very well:o

and these days kids(mine are anyway and their friends) are drawn to more unique instruments like the ukuele, and now we are in the market for a djembe drum. I support any and all exposure kids can get to the insturments and instuction by people who love music.
It was suggested to me that a "non profit" might be a good set up.. get your hands on as many instuments you can. College students majoring in music make wonderful teachers ( those have always been the types dd has learned the most from) and they are usually in need of some cash and thier schedules are pretty regular once they have their own classes scheduled.
1/2 to and hour per class ... but really depends on the class and the instrument.

Sorry for the ramble.. and I'm not real sure I addressed your request:o

10-06-2013, 01:18 PM
I would like the opportunity for them to be in an orchestra/band. My son took percussion for three years, then gave it up. The private lessons without having a group to perform with just wasn't fun. He loved going to summer band camp at a local high school though. My daughter plays piano and is part of an Irish band this year. She loves playing in a group.
So maybe just the opportunity to perform together without the extra lessons.
If they have full time staff, what do they do during the day? A lot of places here that have a facility and offer after school classes will deeply discount homeschooling classes (about half off) so that the facility is not sitting empty during the day.

Accidental Homeschooler
10-07-2013, 09:55 AM
During the morning the preschool and music together classes happen. Lessons generally start in the afternoon and go into the evening.

Thanks again everyone!

10-07-2013, 11:12 AM
The sorts of classes introducing instruments are already available to us and at a reasonable rate if you know how to wrangle the system. We did that stuff when the kids were in kindy. There are also orchestras and bands my kids could join if we wished. Some of them are pretty inexpensive, but you have to be getting lessons elsewhere or be a bit older and already know your instrument pretty well. I just wish music lessons were more affordable. It's just really pricey and there's no way around it.