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Journey of Life mama
06-25-2013, 01:03 PM
Anyone know anything about this program? My daughter loves to write, is pretty good with grammar etc.... I would say LA is one of her strongest points. The past 3 years, we have used Wordly Wise and did use Junior Analytical Grammar a year ago. I am wondering if MCT would be a good fit for her and where to start. She LOVES to write and I am interested in getting more grammar etc...in for her and Wordly Wise doesn't do that---any advice? For those of you who have used MCT---tell me your experiences--pros/cons is it for elementary only? Would we be better off doing something else or just sticking with Wordly Wise?

06-25-2013, 01:15 PM
I feel like I answered this already? maybe i'm losing my mind

Ok, I have never used AG or WW.

My teen is 2E - he was briefly in the gifted program at school. His reading was always well above grade level, his vocab, his ability to explain things verbally - but writing was a struggle.

When my son left public school at the end of 7th grade, he was incapable of writing a coherent paragraph. I bought Paragraph Town and i think it really helped.

for 9th grade, I bought the entire Voyage level. It was a fairly appropriate challenge for him. The grammar evaluation was complicated. he uses different terminology than a lot of people and no diagramming, but he discusses interesting sentences. The Poetry book seemed a bit light, tho i loved the poems. The essay book . . . its based on the theme of an ocean voyage. There were tons and tons of essays about ships and about port towns. Some of the essays he used examples from were really interesting, like the Gettysburg Address. But then there was this 10 page essay about squirrels which made me want to scratch my eyes out lol.

I made my son do the most challenging writing assignment for each chapter, because it is aimed at younger kids. It was fine.

I had bought 2 books from level four - WWW and Magic Lens ... we used them for a few days, maybe, i think in 8th, and then it all fell apart. It seemed like it was focused on memorizing too much for us. they have rewritten a lot of stuff, so it might be easier to figure out how to implement. I might look at the upper level again, but i havent yet.

the first three levels are story based. the next three levels are pure textbook, and the writing is aimed at a final goal of academic papers to a very high standard.

Journey of Life mama
06-27-2013, 12:36 AM
Thanks Cara! AND.......NO, you aren't losing your mind! After perusing and advanced searching, I found all your wonderful and helpful info--several times lol! Guess I should have searched before, but being a bit lazy at midnight--I skipped the search and went straight for the post! I can't figure out, though, which to get--Voyage or start with the next level 4, that you mentioned. I don't want it to be a crazy challenge for my daughter, but a good challenge--ya know? She loves to write and read, loves poetry and picks things up pretty quickly--we're on a budget though and I can't really figure out which way to go. It seems like 8th grade fits with level 4, I guess I could always start there and if it was too much, I could drop back to the Voyage level. I really want her to work on essay and formal paper writing some too--she is a great creative writer and poet, but hasn't done too much (meaning any) essay type things. Maybe I'll phone them tomorrow and ask someone....

06-27-2013, 10:01 AM
yes, they are very helpful. but you could also just go all bravewriter lol

Journey of Life mama
06-27-2013, 10:56 AM
wait a minute--I know nothing of bravewriter! fill me in.....;) I'll go check that out now....arggghhh too many choices sometimes! lol

06-27-2013, 12:13 PM
lol bravewriter is a lot more free-form. the core is The Writers Jungle, which is like a manual for parents on how to become great writing coaches for your kids. She has other products for other more specific needs. I did the first half of 'help for high school' with my teen and it was a lot of fun - exercises for finding your voice and figuring out how to figure out what you want to say about a subject.

07-03-2013, 05:52 PM
I love MCT and we are using his LA curricula for my 6th grade, very LA-advanced daughter next year. I think the levels he gives are somewhat inaccurate and can work for much older children than advertised. but I do not think he has a very extensive writing component, so we supplement with separate writing lessons. that said, I think his writing component is effective and excellent, I just think it's a little "light" in its demands. so, pros: fun, fun, fun - my daughter doesn't even realize she's working and learning, MCT eschews testing so there is no pressure for mindless tests. cons: IMO, light on the literature and writing; we supplement.

07-05-2013, 03:28 PM
I don't have any advice on the exact level to start with for the upper levels, but we're using Voyage this year for my gifted 5th grader. It's the third level we've used. It isn't just for elem. If you figure that there's 6 levels, even if a child started on the first level in 3rd grade, then they would be on the last level for 8th grade. MCT recommends not starting until 3rd grade so the last level youngest grade would be 8th grade. It's considered a gifted curriculum though and somewhere I read that the last level could be considered a high school level honors course. There is an additional literature component. We didn't purchase that and do it on our own. I did not find the writing too light in the 2nd level. It was in the first, but that's wanting to get the basics down. I did add in additional writing for the first level. I did not find a need to with the 2nd level - but he did every single writing assignment suggested.