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  1. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...
  2. The ACT
  3. Standardized tests by choice, in middle school?
  4. College Orientation
  5. Studying abroad
  6. What the hell is the FAFSA? And why do I need to file it?
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  8. Will all colleges give you about the same amount of aid based on your FAFSA?
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  15. Online credits & degrees
  16. Homeschooler in UK want informations.
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  19. SAT2 vs. AP tests
  20. Summer college classes for high schoolers, alternative high schools, etc.
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  22. Homeschooled kids: big schools, little schools for college?
  23. Gap Year?
  24. Language option for GAP year and high school students
  25. How many homeschooled kids are on track for college at 18?
  26. How long is your day?
  27. Anyone have experience with HS to Military Academy?
  28. Applying to College: Charter school transcript or your own transcript
  29. Advice: charter school's "two year 9th grade" option
  30. Wow. It's here. Sitting down in a few minutes to begin narrowing down and scheduling
  31. Pert Test Help
  32. Northeastern....anyone here apply as a homeschooler?
  33. Help! i think I'm making this too hard, but i can't seem to stop. lol
  34. I Found These Sites This Morning!