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  9. The satisfaction of "I told you so!"
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  11. School Year Question
  12. Switching from Singapore (to end of gr. 4) to Math Mammoth (at beginning of gr. 5)
  13. Western PA?
  14. What does your connections academy day look like?
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  18. Letís talk analog planners, bullet journals and office supplies
  19. Wow! An article on homeschooling that doesnt mention church!
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  21. 4th Grade writing
  22. Thoughts on oak meadow 7?
  23. Picking a Foreign Language program
  24. Making the Jump to Homeschooling
  25. Considering Homeschooling in TX. Online schools make you take the state tests?
  26. Anyone use kanopy.com for documentaries?
  27. WIDE age range
  28. Another post about annoying "advice"
  29. Homeschooling Create Clutter for You???
  30. What Used Curriculum Deals Have You Found?
  31. 21st Century Skills
  32. Farrar's New Book!
  33. Cleaned out the homeschool bookcase!
  34. Do any of you opt for the ebook when purchasing curriculum?
  35. The Tuttle Twins
  36. Bravewriter The Wand Organization
  37. Just Need to Vent!!
  38. Sir, You Need to Grow Down!
  39. "Socialization" Beyond Coops
  40. Life of Fred question
  41. Need help
  42. Online schools
  43. Reading Level
  44. Wondering What Other Homeschoolers Feel About "Wonder"?
  45. Homeschooling Special Needs Children?
  46. Need Senior project ideas
  47. Outside Class
  48. Homeschooling in CA
  49. Christmas Giveaway
  50. Delightful Reading Levels 2+3 - is it secular?
  51. Dallas Secular Homeschooling
  52. Experienced homeschool parents, please help!!
  53. Considering homeschooling for middle school. Completely overwhelmed by options!
  54. Ideal Online Curriculum
  55. Florida homeschooling and life?
  56. Any SHS members in California plan on attending the GHC in June?