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  1. another reading question
  2. By golly, I guess the kid really can read!
  3. PhD student doing homeschooling survey
  4. Conversing with NON-secular families
  5. We made it a year!
  6. Just paid property taxes
  7. Amazon Prime Instant Videos - What's your video quality like?
  8. Newsweek HS article
  9. AH HA Math moment
  10. French tutor
  11. Do you ever feel like this?
  12. Why do you homeschool?
  13. Occupational Education?
  14. computer programming for elementary?
  15. Silent Reading
  16. Link- early reading skills
  17. Trying to figure out our plans for High School, most umbrellas here are Church based
  18. Another post about annoying "advice" from "well intentioned gramma"
  19. Using a spell/grammar checking software
  20. What the what, Alabama?
  21. deleted
  22. The value of learning from different teachers?
  23. Fascinating article about skills needed for future jobs
  24. Anyone Feeling Insecure?
  25. How important is handwriting??
  26. Difficulty getting thoughts onto paper?
  27. How did you celebrate your first year homeschooling?
  28. Homeschooling resources. Figuring out what your kids should learn.
  29. How to Tutor by Samuel L. Blumenfeld
  30. Homeschooling and working
  31. Teaching a child to read. I really need a lot of help here, please!
  32. Do you teach Health?
  33. Terra Nova Test
  34. We start tomorrow!!
  35. What are the times when you feel like screaming from the room?
  36. He read on his own!
  37. Placement test?
  38. Can I compete with this?
  39. Slate says we should all stop homeschooling
  40. If I pull them out now...
  41. Great video! 7 Myths about Homeschoolers.
  42. Encounters with the "outside" world.
  43. Need help
  44. The reading 'dance'
  45. Copybook circa 1793
  46. The purpose of fairy tales
  47. Guilt, guilt, guilt and more guilt
  48. Parlor Games
  49. Liberal homeschooling
  50. Your SO and thoughts about homeschooling stuff
  51. Reply to Slate
  52. New Homeschooler would like some feedback
  53. When you're ready to give up or when enrolling in ps seems like the only option
  54. What subject is rockin' in your homeschool?
  55. Are you interested in becoming a curriculum reviewer?
  56. Virginia conference
  57. What "grade" is your child in?
  58. 'Assigned' reading
  59. Weird homeschool rules
  60. Help - My wife wants to homeschool
  61. Need advice about my 4th grader
  62. I did it...
  63. IB High School
  64. hs-er graduation gift?
  65. He is learning!
  66. Havent been here in awhile....update on us
  67. Studying space
  68. Christianity is encroaching around here
  69. Homeschool burnout
  70. Confession :)
  71. post-disaster home schooling
  72. homeschooling seems selfish
  73. RR and "Secular Science" *grumble, grumble*
  74. Core Knowledge and back to school?
  75. Week 2 of hsing and I've got the flu
  76. Anyone not to Easter type activities at all?
  77. Anyone has feedback on a Chinese language curriculum for a 6 yr old?
  78. Just got slammed indirectly by a fellow co-op parent for my home schooling choice
  79. Planning and organizing lessons
  80. Planning software for non-traditional schedules and on a Mac?
  81. Mental Math Facts? Fun games?
  82. Completely dependent 4th grader
  83. Amelia Earhart
  84. How many math review problems for a 1st grader?
  85. Books written for CHILDREN about the homeschooling experience
  86. Kids who hate art
  87. Squee! Official Hasbro Decorate Your Own My Little Pony blanks for crafty kids!
  88. Announcement for Secular Homeschool Conference
  89. Culture in Homeschooling
  90. Do you have a Co-op? If so, how does it work?
  91. Article about homework
  92. When people tell your kids weird stuff?
  93. Unit study to finish the year???
  94. How and when to break the news
  95. Telling family?
  96. Secular Conventions?
  97. Why do we let family members get to us?!?!
  98. Putting it all together?
  99. Georgia Cops Handcuff 6yo Girl Over School Tantrum
  100. Need help on how to balance instruction with 4 children.
  101. Funky time?
  102. Tiny moments- reading (just a share)
  103. Need help for a poor speller
  104. New to Homeschooling and have a question
  105. Summer Creative Writing Course for teen?
  106. Finding people who share your philosophy
  107. Feeling Kinda Lost
  108. Athesism and what would you do?
  109. Literature- early elementary
  110. How do you structure your school week?
  111. My district just invented a new grade level (article)
  112. We had our first day of K today!
  113. How important do you feel timed math drills are?
  114. New, Confused and Overwhelmed
  115. Planning for 1st grade for DD1, due with DD3 in Sept, Help!
  116. My DD wants to enter contests. Any good suggestions?
  117. Is there a program that teaches religons but isnt religious?
  118. Creating a portfolio - talk to me about binding
  119. so excited to start! trying to contain myself
  120. Fake it 'til you make it
  121. In My Perfect World
  122. Intellego unit studies
  123. Talking about sex to an inquisitive 6 year old
  124. Belief vs Delusion
  125. Secular parent's views on sex
  126. Feedback on Paper Planner/Organizer Setup
  127. New homeschooler, Homeschool planner
  128. This disturbs me
  129. Great article
  130. Excited and axious all at the same time!
  131. Lost and overwhelmed.
  132. The Story of Us History Channel?
  133. Bad day today and second-guessing
  134. So excited!! First year of high school under our belt...
  135. is this ok to do for homeschooling?
  136. Schools out for the summer.....
  137. New to WA - questions about hs'ing/laws.
  138. Who goes gradeless?
  139. Route 66 Road Trip...Must sees?
  140. A nice news story about a homeschooler
  141. Year one nearly complete
  142. What does a backboard on a pull-down map do?!?
  143. Day 1 Under Our Belts
  144. Selling R.E.A.L Science - Life (level one) for Grades 1-4
  145. "Bring the Classics to Life" audiobooks (Edcon)
  146. If you could give just one piece of advice?
  147. how many here have homeschooled from the start (never had kids in school)?
  148. Homeschooling around public school
  149. Not that I am complaining
  150. Microscopes and telescopes
  151. Home School Dads??
  152. Work at home and homeschool?
  153. Im glad to say...
  154. Thinking of trying Calvert - just for the diligent scheduling
  155. Book recommendations for husband unsure about homeschooling
  156. Louisiana Schools "Debunking" Evolution
  157. Kansas: Candidate for Board of Education Wants Evolution Taken out of Schools
  158. New Secular Homeschooling Podcast :)
  159. Star Parties
  160. Organizational help ... please!
  161. Ideas for creating a Sonlight-like schedule
  162. Medieval Alliance Game
  163. Teaching the Bible as Literature
  164. Blogs: Advice? Pros and cons of homeschool blogging?
  165. Confronting my emotional attachment to my norms (such as school).
  166. She wants to try public school! Advice, experience? Can it work out?
  167. So excited!! First curriculum package of fall has shipped!
  168. Can you help me wow this teacher?
  169. DK Eyewitness or Usborne? Or other?
  170. New apps?
  171. HS Conferences: do you go and are they worth it?
  172. Need some opinions
  173. Preschool alphabet/number questions
  174. Are these feelings normal?
  175. Teaching Religion from a Secular Point of View
  176. New Homeschooling Group for San Angelo, Texas
  177. Advice for helping my 3rd grader who hates to read
  178. School Forces Children to Take Pregnancy Test...
  179. Spelling HELP!
  180. Homeschooling with ADHD?
  181. Going back to public school?
  182. Homeschooling two versus one ?? Give me hope or save me from disaster please.
  183. Kindergarten: To Push Handwriting or Wait
  184. Wow.
  185. Essays Marked by Computers ??!!
  186. Comic book-style learning?
  187. Online accelerated classes?
  188. what does 2E mean?
  189. Would be fun to teach a class, but cannot/will not sign the statement of faith.
  190. I need to say this publicly.
  191. Always good to hear from the other side
  192. Having a dilemma...
  193. Socialization
  194. just a question...
  195. Is it too much to ask? Printed letter reference printable?
  196. ARGGGGG!!!! I need advice!
  197. The Uniform idea has returned with complications!
  198. How far would you let your 10yo child work ahead?
  199. It helps sometimes
  200. Oh dear, the kid wants grades
  201. Worked on our school room yesterday (photo)
  202. Day to Day Planner
  203. What is the average attention span of a 5 year old?
  204. Does anyone know of a fun educational PC game for kids?
  205. I am officially back....
  206. Tips for keeping organized with not-so-much space?
  207. First-day Photos
  208. We don't really have to accurate about things do we?
  209. Activities and creativity
  210. Anyone else not planning on starting reading until the child is at least 6?
  211. 1st/2nd grade reading and writing
  212. Non-fiction picture book recommendations
  213. Looking for a secular homeschool magezine
  214. What's the name of your "school?"
  215. What should a 3rd grader and 5th grader be learning in writing?
  216. I'm stupid.
  217. Battles over writing!
  218. YES!!! She is learning!
  219. Hello, newbie with a question...
  220. Feeling a bit on the outside
  221. How I got kicked out of my group and what I'm going to do about it...
  222. The first aha moment
  223. Where can I find secret code and similar fun worksheets?
  224. Compiling Pagan Homeschooling Resources
  225. Preschool appropriate online games/activities (preferably FREE)?
  226. What are you NOT missing (since not in a b & m school)???
  227. So I was sitting in my Biological Anthropology class this evening...
  228. A question for agnostics/atheists living in a primarily religious neighborhood.
  229. How to Homeschool
  230. Homeschooling in Virginia
  231. Military home school options for civilian federal employees working on overseas bases
  232. Tough day...
  233. scheduling
  234. New here...kids asking about god
  235. What do you do for your bad speller?
  236. Anyone split the school into a day and night session?
  237. Anyone know of a series like Little House in the Big Woods
  238. Catalogs and Magazines
  239. Charter Schools: Share your opinions/views/insights here!
  240. Free Brainpop till Sunday
  241. Thanksgiving unit study
  242. Sustainable Technology
  243. First grade language arts
  244. Thank you FIAR
  245. Need more time? or need another resource?
  246. Scholastic Warehouse Sale
  247. Raising Freethinkers - Like it?
  248. Surviving an intense kiddo
  249. Little History of the World - Secular?
  250. Suggestions for a descent laminator?