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  1. Looking for a Secular Co-op//support group in the Fort Worth, Tx area
  2. Which states give financial aid and other questions.
  3. Testing??
  4. Very 1st semester homeschooling done!!
  5. Part time homeschooling?
  6. Where do you think is the most secular homeshooling city/state/ Country??
  7. Anyone teach religions? How do you?
  8. Very Proud To Be A Home-schooler
  9. Write shop
  10. How do people homeschool secularly in Alabama?!
  11. Is a Christian-based homeschool convention going to be worth the trip?
  12. Public school questions
  13. Supplies
  14. Is there a secular homeschool planner??
  15. Co-ops (materials)
  16. Powerful poetry slam on standardized testing
  17. Branching out with my own group!
  18. We did it! Survived out 1st State Required Testing! WHEW!
  19. Co-ops
  20. Harvard Museum of Natural History this Sunday?
  21. Share you experiences transitioning from public school to homeschool?
  22. We started Kindergarten today!
  23. Homeschooling in Massachusetts?
  24. We Are Officially HS'ing!
  25. Interesting Experience with Have Fun Teaching
  26. Homeschooling friend with very different views
  27. Any ideas for group educational activities for 4-7 year olds?
  28. Almost Official
  29. x-post, H/S challenges
  30. Homeschooling Planning Software for Mac- Need your help
  31. HS'ing Through Middle School...Evidently
  32. We're Official!
  33. Please share your first year triumphs!
  34. So how is HSing easier than PS?
  35. HSing summers off or year round?
  36. A nice little surprise!
  37. If you have a HS room, where is it?
  38. What do you think a 4 year old needs to know?
  39. Question about books and the library
  40. Co-op underway!
  41. Rainbow Resources is dangerous! LOL
  42. SHS swap?
  43. Feeling unwelcomed in other groups
  44. Foreign Languages
  45. You know you are a homeschooler if...
  46. S/O- Different plans for different kids?
  47. Magnetic Tree of Life and 2011 Pandia Timeline review
  48. Want to connect with each other on Google+?
  49. Reasons for homeschooling
  50. Going to go for and organize a local sec. hs group....
  51. Getting ready to start school again!!
  52. How much do you spend on HSing?
  53. What do you do when your kids are more advanced than you?
  54. What about NetFlix?
  55. Currclick adds filter for us!
  56. Questioning an experiment result
  57. Advice for us...
  58. Trying to Sell Used Curriculum? Advice
  59. Uh oh.... First day ARGH!!!
  60. Thinking of sending the boy to preschool......
  61. Project Steve
  62. we survived our first week!
  63. Curiosity on the Discovery Channel
  64. Brain Integration Therapy
  65. Kindergarten curriculum advice
  66. First Day
  67. New and Improved!
  68. KWL charts
  69. Wrong reasons to homeschool?
  70. What Are Your Homeschool Goals ?
  71. What Are Your Homeschool Goals ?
  72. Is Independence the New S Word?
  73. Ideas for teaching a multi-aged class
  74. How has homeschooling changed your relationship with your kids and/or your spouse?
  75. UGH!!! How could I miss something so stupid!?!?!
  76. How does your day go?
  77. How far in advance do you plan?
  78. Breaks/day to day
  79. Delaware Homeschoolers?
  80. :::sigh:::another school year and all the "looks" to go with it
  81. I just found out I hold my pencil wrong! :)
  82. When Do You Start for the Year?
  83. Pre teen tears over math? I feel so confused!
  84. Feeling overwhelmed!!!! Help please!!!
  85. What guide do you go by to determine what your child should know?
  86. Need help. How to teach handwriting, specifically cursive, to left handed kids.
  87. Not Feeling Overwhelmed!! But worried!! Help Please!!
  88. News Article subtext: Homeschooling saves taxpayer dollars
  89. I didn't rejoin the Christian group...and now am feeling very, very stuck!
  90. I nearly choked on my radicchio
  91. New..HELP!
  92. Would you start a HSing group?
  93. First week underway!
  94. s/o What do you DO in your homeschool group?
  95. I'm proud of myself!
  96. Wiggly Kids - What do you do to help them wiggle and work at the same time?
  97. 1st day....and already I can tell I need to make changes....lol
  98. Please please please tell me it gets easier/better???????
  99. Kids' Blogs
  100. Homeschool groups in Jacksonville FL?
  101. Learning about your kids' learning styles
  102. So far so good!! Calvert...
  103. It's our first day
  104. No brakes!
  105. Rainbow Resources order shipping questions
  106. A newbie with some general quetsions...
  107. Our first day report
  108. Parent teacher child conferences?
  109. Does this sound like a good plan for a 5 year old?
  110. We're in the paper today
  111. The grass. Not always greener.
  112. Day 1 was great, Day 2 near disaster
  113. We made it through our first day
  114. How much did your school experience decision to HS?
  115. I can't stop buying.......
  116. Taking classes through the public schools
  117. History and Development?
  118. So, if I called you an 'uberhomeschooler'...
  119. Bummed about local list
  120. If your kids begged for grades, would you give them?
  121. Need ideas ... What can I replace "scripture" with?
  122. Does anyone use Spalding's Writing Road to Reading - Having a challenge
  123. Best areas in Florida for homeschooler (classes, activities, etc)?
  124. Using a homeschool co-op??
  125. A stranger compliments our schooling
  126. Being a non-christian, non-white homeschooler.
  127. Has anyone tried ...
  128. US History timing
  129. Today is the day!
  130. I met another secular homeschooler! (Kind of...)
  131. Class Rings &/or Letterman Jackets
  132. Question For Gamers
  133. Secular Homeschool Twitter Chat...getting ready to start!!
  134. Homeschooling was great today because.....
  135. Worried about high school or not ?
  136. Strong Willed Child, CAN I DO THIS? Help, please?
  137. Did you/Will you discuss Troy Davis with your children?
  138. What's your take on boys and guns?
  139. Verb Tense and Principal Parts in English
  140. This is one of the reasons I homeschool - to avoid this!!!!!!!!!
  141. Could not have asked for a better first week....
  142. Win!
  143. Children's book explaining evolution
  144. School Pictures
  145. Issues, please help!
  146. 16 year old in need of Help!!!
  147. A feel good observation :)
  148. How do you choose a foreign language?
  149. Rewards?
  150. Good clay?
  151. Why hadn't I thought of this before?
  152. Secular homeschool conference 10/21/2012 in Shepherdstown, WV
  153. days vs hours keeping track
  154. Am I Doing Too Much?
  155. I should stop teaching my son???
  156. Reason 3,467, 3,468, and 3,469 to homeschool
  157. Actual teaching time
  158. Hser goes to college
  159. Homeschoolers/Unschoolers on the TODAY show this morning!!
  160. 5 in a row?
  161. Need globe recommendations
  162. The ideal homeschool vs. reality
  163. Does anyone get Practical Homeschooling Magazine?
  164. Chaperoning a Homeschool Dance?
  165. Do You Use Standardized Tests?
  166. Reading the Bible together...
  167. Talk Me Off The Ledge, Please!
  168. It's always somewhat amusing
  169. Favorite Homeschooling Blogs?
  170. Talk to me about spelling
  171. Sensitive son
  172. I'm going to be giving a talk to bricks & mortar school students about HSing - Help!
  173. Artist Trading Cards, Anyone?
  174. Ideas for Teaching History
  175. The secret fourth state of matter
  176. Microscopes?
  177. Advice need on Florida and N. Carolina public schools - please.
  178. Ancient and pre history crash course
  179. Bilingual Homeschool
  180. He wants to try high school...
  181. Anyone else have this problem?
  182. SOTW - DS read the whole book today!
  183. Is anyone in Germany?
  184. deleted
  185. Yet another reason to homeschool - Teacher bullies special needs student! :mad:
  186. Help me relax!
  187. I can't comprehend how this can be
  188. Right back at ya Mom
  189. I'm so tired
  190. What ages do some of the more specialized interests come about?
  191. End of Year Testing
  192. good comprehensive compendium?
  193. Lightswitch project
  194. Confession
  195. Interesting Article on Standardized Tests
  196. Secular homeschooling in Alabama
  197. what can we do with our co-op for holiday party??
  198. How to manage teaching 3 kids-3 different ages.
  199. Any secular groups or hsers near or around Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas?
  200. Hello and help.......
  201. Hopscotch Magazine?
  202. My boy finished his kindy math today!
  203. busy, busy. Flagstaff anyone?
  204. Skip Counting?
  205. Do you have recommendations for secular places to buy homeschool supplies?
  206. Just a fluffy share
  207. when you cant find other hs'ers ?
  208. I need advice (pre-k next year)
  209. I won!!!
  210. Anyone HS'ing special needs/low IQ kid?
  211. Does mastery of something (or not) have to be tied to self worth?
  212. FamilyTime fitness (PE program for homeschoolers)
  213. Today was our first official day of hs
  214. Please help me find a group in our area
  215. I try, I really do.
  216. secular conference/convention?
  217. others response to you home schooling
  218. Douglas Wilson/Paleo-Confederate/Classical Christian Homeschooling
  219. Holy Cows, Batman! The dh wants in, too!
  220. What is a good comprehensive All In One Language Arts Curriculum for 1st Grade?
  221. Making the leap!
  222. Gifted child and high school credit classes early
  223. VA inclusive conference registration opened
  224. Feeling like a failure, or rather, what I learned so far this year
  225. Newbie- I am SO tired! (whiny vent... you know the kind!)
  226. Art - What kind of paint do you use?
  227. Teaching a whole language learner
  228. Difference between Homeschool Tracker and Homeschool Skedtrack
  229. It's always nice to read something positive about homeschooling
  230. D.C. MLK activities
  231. Odd observation about reading. Explanation, anyone?
  232. Advice for first Co-op meeting?
  233. THOSE homeschoolers
  234. Free High school materials? (curious)
  235. Good article about home schooling
  236. Husband dragging feet
  237. When does reading click?
  238. When does reading click??
  239. 1st year of homeschooling and...
  240. Finally an awesome planning software that works with Mac!
  241. HS Lies Debunked - Funny You Tube Video
  242. Day 1 of the New Life
  243. Honest Opinions- Christian Co-op- Feeling torn
  244. How to Introduce Religion As An educational Topic
  245. Free for a limited time!
  246. Feminist children's literature
  247. Is anyone familiar with the Cartoon Nation series of books?
  248. Broke the painting barrier
  249. Read aloud books for 5-8 year olds
  250. LD advice? Adult learners? FIL join our HS time