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  1. Survey Forum Rules
  2. Creating a new poll
  3. Voting in and viewing a poll
  4. Gender and homeschooling...
  5. How Many Children Do You Have?
  6. How much do you read aloud?
  7. When do your kids get dressed on school days?
  8. What percent of the time do your children obey you?
  9. What's the most extreme travel/field tripping you've done for homeschooling?
  10. Where are you on the spectrum of structure?
  11. Where does the study of prehistoric life belong?
  12. Prehistoric life: History or Science?
  13. What qualities/offerings influence your decision to attend hs conferences/expos?
  14. Those whose kids have tried public school: verdict?
  15. Motivating little helpers
  16. Homeschool Questions
  17. Tithing and the secular equivalent
  18. How do you do your holiday shopping?
  19. Did you vote?
  20. Real or Artificial Tree?
  21. One sick, one healthy
  22. If You Had to Label
  23. Can you help us with our girl scout patch?
  24. Silly Poll
  25. More Polls?
  26. Help! Lesson Planning Time
  27. introvert or extrovert?
  28. What's your Myers-Briggs type?-- Introverts only
  29. Myers-Briggs for Extraverts now
  30. Are your children permitted to eat junk food?
  31. How often do you clean your can opener?
  32. Have your views on Scouts changed this week?
  33. How Often Do Your Kids Use DIY.ORG?
  34. What are your yearly assessment requirements, if any?
  35. Screen time
  36. History woes
  37. Best place to live?
  38. son wants to learn Japanese
  39. Favorite Superhero?
  40. Grading - necessary or optional?
  41. What should our next read aloud be?
  42. Writing frequency poll
  43. When is it time to give up on a pencil?
  44. Age for Sleepovers
  45. Is public school at home homeschooling?
  46. When did you decide to homeschool?
  47. Ever look up something you now wish you didn't know?
  48. Fish 'n' Chips
  49. Cognitive Testing: Are They of Any Use?
  50. Disney making "A Wrinkle in Time" movie
  51. Facebook - at what age?
  52. What will your Holiday Cards say?
  53. What kind of school experience did YOU have as a kid?
  54. How do you deal with ratings/appropriate content in books/movies/video games?
  55. What are your kid's plans after graduation?
  56. Cursive - yea or nay?
  57. Happy National Grammar Day!
  58. Where did you have your Babies?
  59. Too big a commitment?
  60. What will you put in Easter Baskets this year?
  61. Parents & Kids: Who "owes" whom?
  62. Homeschool Year-Round, or Break for Summer?
  63. Homeschool year-round?
  64. Homeschool Yearbooks?
  65. Chores
  66. Are Secular Homeschoolers More Likely to Approve of the Marriage Equality Ruling?
  67. Start of the year
  68. Would you like to participate in a book group?
  69. Would you like to participate in a book group?
  70. Just curious...homeschool families and radio
  71. The Type of Homeschooling You Do?
  72. Secular Homeschool Conference and Expo
  73. How physically affectionate is your family?
  74. What TV family is your family most like? Which character are you?
  75. Halloween costumes
  76. How would you describe you kids? Do you home school to meet special needs?
  77. Losing
  78. Morning Routines
  79. Myers-Briggs For Extroverts!
  80. Post-holidays: tear it all down, or leave it all up?
  81. New Year Resolution Posts
  82. Home alone?
  83. What age for kids to be out of all seat restraints and ride up front?
  84. Should women have to register for selective service ("the draft")?
  85. Just a homeschooling check-in from our members
  86. What days do you school?
  87. Libraries - are they useful?
  88. How much food do you keep onhand?
  89. Do you follow age/grade requirements?
  90. Braces strictly for cosmetic reasons?
  91. Are you watching the Olympics?
  92. Pokemon Go! .... Go Away, or yippie yay! ?
  93. Housekeeping - What works for you?
  94. Elementary-Aged foreign language experiences
  95. Candy Savers or Binge eaters?
  96. Plastic or glass for food storage?
  97. Do you do the "believing in Santa" thing at your house?
  98. If You Could
  99. What is for breakfast?
  100. How Crafty is your Homeschool?
  101. What does your summer school look like?
  102. Survey on Social Justice: What are your kids currently passionate about?
  103. Who drives more?
  104. How much of your "home"schooling time is outside the walls of your home?
  105. Interested in a secular homeschool postcard exchange?
  106. Survey re: Interactive On-Line Entrepreneur Class
  107. Kid's Stuff Podcast
  108. Kid's Stuff Podcast - New Episode !!
  109. Kid's Stuff Podcast
  110. Financial Literacy