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  1. Grok Learning - learn Python 3
  2. 12 yr old (learning problems) moving into 7th grade curriculm & extemely overwelmed
  3. Handwriting for Middle School?
  4. High school history
  5. 6th grade
  6. 9th grade health recommendations
  7. Short stories for boys book club
  8. Traveling Through History with Doctor Who
  9. Day 1 of Ninth Grade! Mostly Smiling.
  10. World History for 12th grade---help?
  11. Intellego Unit Studies- lend me a hand?
  12. Using Prentice Hall questions..
  13. iPad Planners for Students
  14. Online English (High-school Level) needed
  15. Note Taking Woes
  16. 6th Grade Curriculum Help
  17. Confusion over assigning credit - need some clarity
  18. High School MOOCs
  19. Act/sat
  20. A c t
  21. DD wants textbooks and workbooks
  22. Science Options 7th Grade
  23. For Homeschoolers: Six Months' Free Membership to Standard Deviants Accelerate
  24. Driver's Ed
  25. In need of advice
  26. Debate?
  27. Proud Mama Moment
  28. IEW: We are in love!
  29. Is there a real lack of high school math curriculums, or am I just not seeing them?
  30. Saxon Phonics
  31. For those who use online or video-based math programs
  32. Basic Civics??
  33. Help/input with 9th grade schedule
  34. Computer Basics Ideas
  35. High School Psychology
  36. Advice for teaching middle schoolers
  37. Timberdoodle for a 7th grader?
  38. Awesome quote about raising Teen Agers..LOL!
  39. Unit Study ideas for doing while hiking
  40. Desperate
  41. Challenging Art Classes For High School
  42. Penn Foster
  43. Making Decisions
  44. Reluctant homeschooler
  45. Graduation Ideas
  46. HUGE mom/coach brag
  47. Any links to inspirational stuff
  48. Jousting Armadillos alongside Singapore Math
  49. Good Government Textbook?
  50. High School Level Earth Science
  51. Regrets.
  52. Looking For Examples of 8th Grade Reports
  53. So what's the deal with NARHS.org?
  54. High School Transcripts and Diploma.
  55. What time of day do you "school"?
  56. High school lab science requirements & college admission
  57. Lack of Opportunities
  58. Unit studies for 7th grader?
  59. Foreign language scheduling
  60. 7th Grade Line-up- and Teaching Textbooks vs. Art Reed Question
  61. Kon Tiki?
  62. Quarks and Quirks Science classes
  63. Might be a fun science idea for middle/high schoolers!
  64. What time do your middle/high school-aged kids rise?
  65. Modern History
  66. For high schoolers who could use a little inspiration...
  67. Done and Dusted
  68. Extra Credit
  69. What does 6th grade look like, to you?
  70. Curriculum for 8th grade LD son
  71. Chemistry link
  72. World Literature recommendations
  73. HELP! I don't know where to start!
  74. I'm NOT looking for a writing curriculum :)
  75. Diploma Arrived at Last
  76. Dealing with a Nocturnal Teenager
  77. History resources for middle school
  78. Creating high caliber engineering opportunities
  79. Great Speeches Unit Studies
  80. Totally freaking out :(
  81. tt w/o cds?
  82. A bit busy?? LOL
  83. Comfort or Hard Desk?
  84. Its official!!!
  85. Worried about Burnout
  86. First Day Jitters......For Mom!!! 😁
  87. Homeschool Lesson Planner
  88. Tenth grade line up
  89. Post your line up (spin off thread)
  90. BW's Help for High School? Anyone?
  91. The Language of Literature
  92. Computers...helppp!!!
  93. Math Struggles
  94. Ancient History spine 9th grade help
  95. Online Electives
  96. Health Class
  97. 6th grade Social Studies....and religion?? :/
  98. Mid/High School Lit Units
  99. Working with teens and their hygiene issues
  100. Math help!
  101. Things for teens to do during the day
  102. Article: 3 Reasons Coding Should Be A Core Subject
  103. Who's afraid of homeschooling high school, or middle school?
  104. So what about Middle School?
  105. College applications in this age of helicopter parenting
  106. Spanish curriculum recommendations for high school
  107. Grade level?
  108. What about SAT subject tests?
  109. Overscheduled, not making good use of our time, or just educational slackers?
  110. Homeschool and Dating
  111. Need help evaluating writing assignments
  112. 8th Grade Math
  113. After NaNoWriMo?
  114. Accreditation
  115. Question for CM, inmom and other parents of "writing" teens :)
  116. World History - High School recommendations
  117. Anyone already planning for next school year? (Middle or high school only please)
  118. Title got me thinking....
  119. Oak Meadow Science for High School
  120. Online writing courses?
  121. I'm seriously thinking about a private school for ds
  122. Holy Crap, My Kid's Almost A Middle Schooler! Advice?
  123. High school English-for a child who absolutely loathes it.
  124. Somewhat of a thread spin-off...has anyone done any of the Well Trained Mind classes?
  125. Death Penalty
  126. Teen 'tude
  127. Foreign language in middle school?
  128. Time off
  129. 8th grade science
  130. Inmom, LA question
  131. Tests/Grading/Transcript
  132. Im not good with titles...sorry
  133. STEM for Middle School Girls: EYH Conferences
  134. Looking for HS Meetup Group - Moore County, NC
  135. High School Credit for Phys Ed. Ugh!
  136. Making High School English an Honors Course
  137. IRL Math class question
  138. Where to start spanish for 7th and 9th graders?
  139. Replies for people asking "Are you REALLY homeschooling to the end??"
  140. College Delemma
  141. Walkabout
  142. Volunteer hours
  143. How to increase reading comprehension?
  144. Rigorous or A's?
  145. Over extending ones self.... let it happen or step in?
  146. Options For Next Year
  147. Hold him back?
  148. Science Options~ Textbooks? DIY?
  149. subject testing if need to re-enter PS eventually?
  150. Foreign Languages
  151. Top 10 American Lit. works for a math/science enjoying 15 year old boy-
  152. math after Math Mammoth?
  153. Congressional Award?
  154. Potential to Create a Class Out of Work
  155. Number of Days of Week for Each Subject for Middle School
  156. 7th Grade Science - Considering Supercharged Science - Open to Other Suggestions
  157. Newbie Homeschooling mom to 8th grader looking for resources on all subjects
  158. Khan Academy is it complete for math?
  159. Online school Oak Meadow and Connections Academy VS state funded charter school
  160. Middle/High School Credits and Transitioning
  161. Looking for MS curriculum/workbooks that teach countries & capitals of the world
  162. Seeking support & resources for unschooly/eclectic interest-led high school path
  163. Science Writing
  164. Teacher Eval or Standardized testing?
  165. Got a hater? Pre-teen NOT excited about homeschooling...
  166. Anyone have experience with Keystone School?
  167. DS and I are bored with Social Studies
  168. Crash Course World History CURRICULUM!!
  169. Inquiry-based learning
  170. Done With Schooling
  171. Favorite online free curriculum and resources for middle/high school?
  172. I Cant Name Threads!
  173. Looking for a great secular English I course for my rising 9th Grader!
  174. Fiction to pair with Darwin
  175. Looking for Live Online High School Biology Class
  176. Veteran's Day/Armistice Day
  177. Trail guide world geo
  178. Any Maryland (near Ft. Meade) middle school homeschoolers out there?
  179. Teaching Textbooks Algebra?
  180. High School Science Course Order and Suggestions
  181. Pearl Harbor / WWII resources?
  182. AOPS Problem Solving Series Books (Volume 1 and 2)
  183. Lots going thru my brain!
  184. Any Central Indiana homeschoolers?
  185. Miller Levine Biology for High School
  186. Order of American Lit suggestions
  187. Alternative path for high school math?
  188. Creating a Spanish portfolio
  189. Open Tent Academy? Anyone?
  190. Literature
  191. English curriculum for the analytically minded
  192. Interesting talk regarding teens and the impact of the internet
  193. Beauty and the Beast Writing Unit
  194. Saxon ?s for High School Math
  195. British Lit and harry Potter
  196. Project based
  197. Kind of a tie-in to my previous post about British Lit...
  198. Online G3
  199. Any interest in a free collaborative online AP Computer Science Principles course?
  200. New York free tuition - homeschoolers too?
  201. Foreign Language
  202. I got our CAT test results.......
  203. Anyone use Red Comet?
  204. Essay Tracks- Online class for Middle & High School
  205. History Odyssey Ancient History Level 2 - online co-op
  206. It's been a rough few months. Looking for online high school English-11th grade.
  207. Semester block schedule for High School?
  208. LANG ARTS HELP! EIW EIL Essentials in Writing/ Essentials in Literature curriculum?
  209. Shmoop? I found several threads that mentioned it, but all were a few years old...
  210. American History for 9th Grade
  211. Big History Project
  212. Gah. It's been a long time since I had to deal with administration....
  213. Math u see vs teaching textbooks?
  214. Looking for an online science class for DD13
  215. Online Math and Science Curriculum suggestions for new homeschooler
  216. teaching debate resources
  217. Work Study Program In Texas
  218. Unlock Math vs Math U See - anyone have insight?
  219. Daily News show/podcasts?
  220. 8th grade curriculum - would love help, critique, suggestions
  221. Writing help for 11 year old.
  222. I put DD back in 7th grade public and am freaking out.....
  223. Choosing a middle school astronomy program
  224. What Language Arts materials work best.
  225. "Afterschooling" my high schooler?
  226. Ideas for middle grade morning routine
  227. Any opinion on Aleks or Thinkwell?
  228. Can I brag on my kid for a minute?
  229. Finding a way to get our homeschool credits accredited
  230. BYU Independent Study - Math
  231. CTCMath
  232. Survey re: Interactive On-Line Entrepreneur Class
  233. New here! Helping with HS Curriculum
  234. New Here and Science Curriculum Question
  235. Big History Project / REAL Science Odyssey Biology 2 and Astronomy 2 - seeking advice
  236. Digital Middle School World History Book
  237. Visual but serious HS science curriculum
  238. And jumping on the science post bandwagon...
  239. Creating your own High School Science
  240. Social Studies: American History
  241. HS Science Textbook Question
  242. Learning Literature Through History
  243. Integrated Math vs Traditional Sequence
  244. Now My Brain I All Over the Place
  245. Mid school chemistry
  246. Tracking for high school credits
  247. Help me Brainstorm PE Activities for high school
  248. Opinions on California HS charters
  249. Memphis, TN area?
  250. our first year of homeschooling is about to start ...where do we even start?