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  1. New to Denver/Iron Station NC , boy 11/6th and girl 8/3rd, new friends wanted
  2. Thinking about homeschooling, again
  3. Hello from Montana
  4. Hi from Deep Inferno
  5. Howdy from north TX
  6. soon be homeschooling in Iowa
  7. Hello from Indiana
  8. New homeschooling Mom in Tennessee here.
  9. Starting our homeschooling adventure in Michigan!
  10. Hello from CO!
  11. Hey from Canada!
  12. Greetings from a military family
  13. Hello from CA!
  14. Greetings from the Buckle of the Midwestern Bible Belt, Spearfish, SD
  15. New to all of this - Hello from Iowa
  16. In over My Head in Iowa
  17. Newbie Louisiana homeschooling mom to autistic son
  18. Hello from Nebraska!
  19. Newbie from Florida!
  20. Hello from Oregon
  21. New from NC
  22. Hello From Moscow (Moscow, Idaho that is)!
  23. New to homeschooling
  24. Nearly done in Dayton OH
  25. New From NE Florida
  26. Ready to prepare for Kindergarten dont know where to start!!!!!
  27. New to the forum, homeschooling in Massachsetts
  28. Possibly new to homeschooling for my autistic 5th grade son
  29. Coming out of Lurker Mode
  30. New from MN
  31. Hello, from the Rockies
  32. Hello from north bay California
  33. Hello from Upstate NY, First Year Homeschooler
  34. Hello! New (and overwhelmed) homeschooling mom in KC
  35. Salutations from Oregon's Rogue Valley
  36. Hi! FL mom new to homeschooling!
  37. Greetings from ohio
  38. A big hello from TN!!
  39. New from Missouri
  40. Hello from New Zealand
  41. Hi from WI
  42. Nice to meet you - we're in Los Angeles
  43. Homeschooling twins in the PNW
  44. Hello from CO
  45. Hello from GA
  46. Hello to you all, we are Kindergarten homeschoolers
  47. Kind of new
  48. Hello from Tennessee
  49. Hi From Hawaii!
  50. Hello from Coeur d'Alene/Spokane area
  51. Hello from Russia!
  52. Hello from Texas...
  53. Greetings from Virginia
  54. Any North Tacoma (Washington State) home-schoolers here???
  55. Re-Introduction
  56. Merhaba from Turkey (unofficial partial homeschooling soon)
  57. Hello from Alabama!!
  58. Hello, looking for others who have used Redbird/Stanford/Giftedandtalented.com?
  59. Hi from houston
  60. Getting Started from Minnesota
  61. Hello from GA!
  62. New again - starting to homeschool kindergarten
  63. Let's kick off the new year with RE-introductions, shall we??
  64. Greetings - Southern Oregon - Rogue Valley
  65. Starting out in PA
  66. Still researching in Eastern Washington
  67. Hello from Colorado!
  68. Quasi-homeschooler, new to this site
  69. Newbie in NC
  70. Introducing myself....
  71. I'm curious about Homeschooling
  72. Hello! And is this a weird idea?
  73. Hello from Delaware
  74. Hello!
  75. Ramping up
  76. Lost in TX
  77. Intro and Welcomes New Members FYI's!!
  78. New to HS in Abq
  79. Hello from Northeast PA!
  80. Newbie in Washington (State)
  81. Learning on the fly
  82. We have an "invisible" child.
  83. Hello
  84. Hello From NC
  85. Anyone else in WA state?
  86. New in Northern VA (Oak Meadow School)
  87. Recently back from the EU - we are FED UP in GA and are ready to homeschool
  88. Back to HS next year, PS was a flop!
  89. A bit lost and overwhelmed.
  90. Hello from Portland Oregon
  91. Hello from Northern Wisconsin!
  92. Hello from Washington State
  93. Hello From Downunder
  94. homeschool hopeful in Hardeman County TN
  95. Hello! New Member Intro
  96. Hello, from GA!
  97. Greetings from Alaska
  98. Hello from Sunny Augusta GA
  99. Introduction
  100. Feeling alienated and needing a positive start!
  101. Had a good day today!
  102. Hi from Texas
  103. Coming back into the Homeschooling fold
  104. Intro from Iowa
  105. scared to commit to homeschool...
  106. High school!
  107. Hi from Tennessee
  108. Researching Homeschool Options in Oklahoma
  109. Hello Everyone
  110. New to oregon
  111. Hello from Minnesota!
  112. Public School Teacher to Homeschool Mom
  113. Secular Charlotte Mason in San Diego
  114. 5 yo loves numbers, could care less about letters. To homeschool or not to homeschool
  115. Starting homeschool in Oklahoma for special needs/bullied son..very stressed!
  116. Moving & Starting Homeschool
  117. Fairly new and love to lurk
  118. Newbie from Southern California
  119. Hello? How are you.... did you think about........ FROM THE OTHER SIIIIIIIIIDE....!
  120. Greetings! (Newbie Intro)
  121. Introduction and a question
  122. Hi from Texas, soon to be Florida
  123. New from Nashville
  124. Hi from NC
  125. Hello from Albuquerque
  126. Ciao y'all!
  127. Hello From NC!
  128. Hi from new Homeschooler in MA (hopefully moving to NH soon!)
  129. New homeschooler in Michigan
  130. Knoxville TN, "preschool" age
  131. So glad I found you!
  132. Hi there!
  133. Hello
  134. Hello from Waco
  135. New from NW Georgia
  136. Hello from Central Florida
  137. Hello from SC
  138. Hello from Toronto
  139. Hello from Idaho!
  140. Hello!
  141. Hello from VA!
  142. Hello from CA!
  143. Hi from Saskatchewa, Canada
  144. Michigan Hello
  145. Hi from Virginia
  146. HI from Mississippi!
  147. Hello from Texas!
  148. How to handle a move when homeschooling
  149. Saying Hello While Sweating in SoCal
  150. Louisiana here. Hi! You want sweet tea or unsweet?
  151. California, to Montana, and now Texas!
  152. greetings from IN
  153. Hello From Canada
  154. Hi there
  155. Hello from NE Iowa
  156. So glad to be here!
  157. hi from southern Illinois
  158. Home Schooling in Iowa?
  159. Hi from CA.
  160. New to Homeschooling in North Idaho
  161. New to Homeschooling in WI
  162. Hello from Colorado Springs, Colorado
  163. Just starting out in WI!
  164. Hello and intro from LA.
  165. Hello from Upstate/Western NY
  166. Hello from Wichita, Kansas!
  167. Hello from the Kootenays, BC Canada
  168. Hello! Homeschooling in AZ
  169. New to homeschooling
  170. Hi from TN
  171. Just popping in to say hi
  172. New to home/road schooling from South Ga
  173. Indianapolis area homeschoolers?
  174. Homeschooling in Northern delaware
  175. Hi all!
  176. So happy to be here
  177. Dad in Montana wondering about homeschooling
  178. Hey Y'all
  179. Hi from NE Alabama
  180. New/Nervous and already have a question
  181. New and trying to make the decision to take the leap, or back away
  182. Newbie from MD
  183. New Homeschooler and so confused
  184. I'm a quiet introvert mom with a very exuberent, social 3 and a half year old.
  185. Hi from Colorado!
  186. Homeschool Newbie with High Schooler
  187. Proper introduction
  188. Hello from Michigan, beginning homeschool this year for 7th grader!
  189. Re-Homeschooling in Oregon
  190. Unschooling mom of three from middle America
  191. Hello from Iowa
  192. Hello from Upstate New York
  193. Hello from Montana!
  194. Newb here!
  195. Hello from California!
  196. Military Move to Georgia!
  197. Hi! *waves*
  198. Hello from Michigan
  199. Happy Hello-een!
  200. Hiyo
  201. Hello from a newbie!
  202. New Homeschool Mom over here!
  203. Intro
  204. Hello from Washington State!
  205. New to Georgia and future homeschooler!
  206. Coming Around Again
  207. Newbie Here--Neeed help! Been through the ringer!
  208. New Member Just Joined Up :)
  209. Hi! All!
  210. Newbie Help to Cut to the Chase Request...
  211. Hello from another Noob!
  212. Hello from Indiana!
  213. Hello! From Louisiana!
  214. Hello from Arizona
  215. Geeky Mom Homeschooling Since 2004 Glad to Find This Site!
  216. New here and to homeschooling
  217. Back again
  218. Hi from NZ
  219. Noob alert!
  220. Relatively new home schooler here
  221. Newbie intro from Japan
  222. Undecided in So. Florida
  223. hi
  224. Hello From SW Ohio
  225. Hello from San Antonio, TX
  226. Nomadic Homeschoolers: Hello from Maryland ... for now
  227. Special Needs Homeschooler
  228. Greetings from central Oklahoma (HELP!)
  229. Hello from the south coast of England!
  230. Hello from Houston
  231. Greetings from the exotic realm of North Western Ontario
  232. Warmest greetings from SE Asia :o)
  233. Hello from California!
  234. Trying to figure out what I'm doing in SC...
  235. Hello From Kuwait! (Needing a bit of guidance!)
  236. Planning to homeschool in Catskills, NY
  237. Researching Homeschooling a High School Student in Ohio
  238. Hi!
  239. Hi! Billie from NC here
  240. BakedAk is back!
  241. Hello from SC
  242. New Homeschooler
  243. Hello from Central Mississippi!
  244. Hi from Arkansas
  245. Howdy from Texas
  246. Hello, I'm XYHomeschoolDad.
  247. Hi, from Central IL
  248. Hello
  249. Homeschool Dads Like Woah
  250. Two Mom Family in Wisconsin