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  2. Holiday Spelling Lists (Example Resource Thread)
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  4. Online Fun and Learning for Girls 7-12
  5. Desperately seeking!
  6. Universe Verse: Neat, scientific 'origins of life' guides for kids
  7. PreHistory for Kindergartners
  8. Free Astronomy Lessons
  9. Why Would I Home-School a Teen Newspaper Article
  10. Idaho (Pacific Northwest) Wildlife Guides
  11. Million Minute Family challenge
  12. Some Free Educational Ebooks for Kindle/Nook
  13. Online homeschool planner?
  14. Cheap Math
  15. Environmental Change Map
  16. Free Biology Lectures from HHMI
  17. Free audio books
  18. Get 10 FREE Scholastic eBooks
  19. On line Geography Games
  20. Other Aspects of Math
  21. NASA - Our Solar System Lithograph
  22. Kids activities/games/learning links needed
  23. Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth
  24. Vintage Childrens Record site
  25. Brand New Homeschooler to an 11th grader...Help!
  26. e-Expeditions
  27. Website that teaches about composers and classical music
  28. It's time to register for PhysicsQuest 2011!
  29. The Teaching Company
  30. Science Buddies website
  31. Free TOS subscription for Homeschooling Military Families
  32. Thanksgiving Spelling Lists:)
  33. Bravewriter black saturday sale
  34. Free Tele-class on solar system
  35. has anyone used Science Jim? (free forces unit)
  36. Free Webinar: What Every High School Student Needs to Know to Succeed in Writing
  37. Early British History Website
  38. Online Homeschool Classes
  39. Nice Biography Video for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  40. Creative writing for grades 3-5
  41. Today - Free Kindle Book: Reading Power: Sight Words for Third Grade
  42. Secular handwriting practice
  43. Free middle and high school world history
  44. World Flag Printables
  45. Immigration Free webcast
  46. President's Day Crafts, online printables, videos, and worksheets
  47. Tools to teaching your kid financial repsonsibility: and free online chore chart
  48. Open source, free, course tracking, scheduling, attendance and grading software
  49. Declaration of Independence from Homeschooling
  50. Download Free Educational Magazines in PDF Format
  51. Science Fusion possible discount
  52. TED Talks now have TED-Ed
  53. Need recommendations for read aloud books for 5 & 3 yo boys
  54. Virtual Organization Class from CurrClick
  55. site for all sorts of timelines
  56. Clever Dragons/Always Icecream
  57. Sewing Practice sheets
  58. Studying Animal Classificiations
  59. Chimpanzee
  60. May Day/ Beltane Craft
  61. Core Knowledge and Intellego Unit Studies lined up
  62. Audubons birthday app sale
  63. Great Social Justice Teacher Planner!
  64. Easy Way to Connect Reading & Writing
  65. LifePac Language Arts Activities
  66. $153 off Udemy's "Ruby Programming for Beginners"
  67. Homeschooling in the Virgin Islands
  68. Canadian Educational Geography Site for Kids
  69. Educational App
  70. Splash Math Apps for Grade 1 to Grade 5
  71. The Old Schoolhouse magazine?
  72. Comprehensive Art Resource
  73. Early Modern History for 3rd/4th Grade
  74. two cool new apps from IBM
  75. Introductory Geography Lesson (FREE)
  76. Early Elementary Art
  77. Khan Academy Launches new Computer Science Curriculum!
  78. Free unit study on Space
  79. need resources on teaching summarizing and paraphrasing
  80. Free American History Texts for Kindle
  81. Double Digit Subtraction Game
  82. Measurement Charts
  83. "Daily Notebook"
  84. Chemical Reactions
  85. science glow lab deal
  86. Usborne Group Order - 30% off
  87. smartlab backyard rocket kit deal
  88. National Science Teacher Association Outstanding Science books
  89. BCCB (Bulletin for the Center for Children's Books) Award Winners
  90. Secular Science and History Blog
  91. Interview with Susan Wise Bauer on changes in homeschooling.
  92. Math Pickle - supplementary math resource
  93. Project Noah - nature exploration/Citizen Science
  94. Searchable database for books by level
  95. Beast Quest: My Kid Loves These Books!
  96. Free writing Prompts
  97. Home Science Kits!!
  98. Gotta love the BBC - good history link for elementary WWII interest
  99. Especially for Minecraft Kids: Art Material
  100. Free Ancient Civilizations PowerPoints
  101. 3/15 live webcast on de-extinction
  102. Heifer International Free Unit Studies
  103. 25 Children's Books with Strong Main Characters
  104. Books by & about Native Americans
  105. Reading Like a Historian
  106. Saylor (mooc)
  107. Relaxation for Kids (and Moms too!): Guided Meditations and Calming Activities
  108. A mathematician's lament
  109. Wildfires
  110. Unicef Global Citizenship Calendar
  111. Citizen Science K-12
  112. Free lego robotics online summer learning
  113. Free Pre Algebra PDF Text
  114. Online educational sites for homeschoolers
  115. Entomology
  116. HHMI free science material
  117. Doing 5th Grade Math Brave-Style
  118. Want to learn Cherokee?
  119. Currclick pay what you want sale
  120. Npr
  121. A Day Teaching the Common Core
  122. For insect lovers--Life in the undergrowth
  123. Testing/Assessment
  124. Resources for Homeschoolers with ADHD
  125. The Oatmeal
  126. Homeschool ID Cards for Free? No string attached?
  127. Percy Jackson Teacher's Guide-FREE DOWNLOAD
  128. The Color Spectrum according to They Might Be Giants
  129. The History Chicks
  130. Physics Quest Registration is open!
  131. Article: Schools Are Failing Nonconformist Kids
  132. Cool Minecraft Printables
  133. Free Language program with rebat
  134. Universe Verse
  135. 25% off total purchase at pandia press
  136. Free online hgh school courses and curriculum
  137. Your next vocabulary lesson
  138. Mango languages
  139. Peace Day is Tomorrow
  140. Essay writing contests
  141. Article on improving learning by changing misled common ideas about it (I was wrong!)
  142. Not homeschool but an interesting read
  143. Realy cute Halloween activity
  144. Modding in minecraft--beginner java programming
  145. This looks good
  146. survey on family habits and learning
  147. Math tutorial videos free (for now)
  148. BBC Cell Series
  149. Recent Discovery: Beakman's World is on Netflix!
  150. Dry Erase Boards
  151. Explorit Science Center
  152. Speech Therapy Online
  153. The Lottery of Birth
  154. Google Helpouts
  155. Open online math course for homeschooling parents of 8-9 yr olds
  156. Look out for this American Whovians
  157. advice from Margaret Attwood
  158. Free Ranger Rick Nature Notebook Page
  159. History of Birth Control
  160. Fun, Educational Baking & Cooking Vids
  161. Geogebra Links
  162. Syllabics
  163. 1/2 price maps @ nat'l geographic through Wed, Dec. 4 at midnight
  164. Nelson Mandela news video good for kids
  165. FREE Funnix Reading & Math Holiday Giveaway!
  166. Discount code for Zaner-Bloser customizable worksheet creator
  167. Free math printables?
  168. Free...math games with number cards
  169. Nix the Tricks eBook
  170. Sage Math
  171. Free Logical Fallacies poster
  172. Lego Rental
  173. fun music site
  174. free science resources from NIGMS/NIH.gov
  175. Glencoe.McGraw-Hill.com
  176. reference library
  177. Favorite YouTube Channels
  178. Doctor who ABC
  179. NOVA is on Amazon Prime
  180. Virtual Tour of the Louvre
  181. Looking for a good Math Scope and Sequence
  182. Greek Mythology and The Lightning Thief
  183. Disney Science / Bill Nye videos on sale
  184. Everything that your X grader needs to know - free resource
  185. Physics - fission vs fusion - especially for Portal fans !!!
  186. Digestive System Lab
  187. Bill Nye YouTube Channel
  188. Foldscope origami microscope!
  189. fun little time killer for those who like playing with shapes
  190. Prompts for writing
  191. Khan Academy - added content for younger students
  192. Scholastic $1 ebook sale
  193. Cosmos lesson plans/discussion guide
  194. Human Evolution - Your Inner Fish on PBS
  195. Organizing lesson plans online
  196. Looking for a skit about Shakespeare's life
  197. GooruLearning.org - Interesting curriculum planning site
  198. Book list for "Geeks"
  199. Participation in science
  200. Hogwarts school
  201. Umbrella Schools
  202. Be a Data Detective! (Probably for 6th grade and up)
  203. Legal Question??
  204. Secular homeschool conference
  205. Rory's Story Cubes
  206. Toxic Culture of Education
  207. Interesting article: "If You Want To Teach Kids History, Try Grossing Them Out First"
  208. Exploring the World of Plants by Penny Raife Durant: Activities for all ages
  209. Mathematics 101
  210. Chemistry Videos
  211. BrainPOP discount!
  212. Link for dinosaurphiles
  213. Star Trek
  214. How big is space?
  215. The Scale of the Universe, v 2.0
  216. Useful Synonym Wheel
  217. MicroObservatory Robotic Telescope Network
  218. Online Nature and Anthropology Curriculum
  219. Free virtual conference
  220. Great free Chemistry experiment lesson plans
  221. Audiobooks?
  222. Quizlet - great searchable site
  223. ALA: Great Website for Kids resource
  224. free computer science activities/lessons that don't require a computer!
  225. Website where you can ask certified teachers questions!!
  226. virtual skeleton
  227. Assignment app?
  228. Affirmation from Finland
  229. Free today only on Amazon, an astronomoy app for Android
  230. Stumbled Across Entertaining Math Videos on YouTube from MyWhyU
  231. State By State Proficiency vs International Proficiency
  232. German Universities
  233. Periodic Table
  234. Western Colorado Math and Science
  235. PhysicsQuest kits sign-up
  236. SantaTracker Lesson Plans
  237. Advice about online school sites.
  238. Code.org
  239. Glencoe Spelling Power & Vocabulary Power Workbook free PDF grades 6-12
  240. NYT home schooling article
  241. Why Homeschoolers are Winning
  242. Favorite history videos
  243. Measles & Viruses
  244. Open-mindeness
  245. YouTube for kids app
  246. NASA space math
  247. Free EDX Course - The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture
  248. Collection of Dissection Videos with Lesson Plans
  249. US States - short videos?
  250. Exploring the ocean floor