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  1. Our newest forum addition!
  2. Photography club
  3. I'm excited!
  4. How many activities are your DC involved in?
  5. Earthscouts
  6. Smithsonian Sponsors 6th Annual Free Museum Day
  7. Mission US - A revolutionary way to learn history.
  8. Pen Pals?
  9. Contests????
  10. Karate/Tae Kwon Do
  11. Has anyone done Space Camp?
  12. Jamestown/Yorktown/Williamsburg homeschool program
  13. Group questions
  14. first trip while HS'ing
  15. Finance for teens ideas
  16. Wikis ??
  17. Disney Day
  18. Boy Scouts
  19. Flat Stanley?
  20. I want to join a co-op
  21. Thinking about taking DD out of Girl Scouts...
  22. Anybody in the Florida Keys??
  23. 4H?
  24. Math competitions?
  25. Gymnastics and Lice?
  26. Those Doggone Ellipses
  27. Small town, Big town
  28. Butterfly Place Field Trip
  29. volunteering/community service
  30. Blogs by Homeschool Kids - Carnival!
  31. Asheville, North Carolina; anyone going to the
  32. ipad taught my kid something!
  33. should I force Art class?
  34. cure youtube series
  35. Looking for bugs as only extracurricular activity (sigh)
  36. Yeah! for passionate professionals and excited kids.
  37. Southern California Homeschoolers Cool Music Program
  38. Repost: Has anyone ever used Write o Learn @ Home?
  39. DOes anyone live in the Tampa, FL area??
  40. 5 tools to introduce programming
  41. Secular Homeschool Honor Societies
  42. New Exhibit at the OKC Museum of Art: Passages
  43. Dining Out/Ice Cream Deals from Friendly's
  44. Car trip listening recs? Anybody familiar with Boomerang?
  45. Question for Dallas peeps
  46. Houston Area Groups?
  47. Civil Air Patrol
  48. first summer of HSing . . .connecting with PS friends
  49. Anyone do archery?
  50. MENSA Kids Reading List
  51. extracurricular programs for moms and sons
  52. Kansas City area groups???
  53. Young Adult/Children's fiction too dark ?
  54. Socialization in West Los Angeles?
  55. Earth Scouts?
  56. Suggested living history/other sites in Balt/Wash/Mid Atlantic?
  57. How do you use museums?
  58. Science museums in Boston for 10 year old?
  59. The inclusion of homeschoolers in extracurricular activities @ public schools
  60. Homeschoolers in Colorado Springs
  61. NE Unschooling Conference. Anyone going?
  62. Pen pal for elementary gamer
  63. Ugg. I am SO SICK of piano lessons!
  64. Any other POJs out there? (Parents of Jocks)
  65. Nat'l Building Museum Homeschool Day: Who's going?
  66. Having difficulty starting a 4H group..help needed!
  67. OK now I know for sure I signed the kids up for waaaaaay too much
  68. Outdoor Toy Ideas
  69. No Girl Scouts for Boys
  70. 4-H Cloverbud Club
  71. Finding a homeschool group...
  72. Virtual Eagle Scouts Troop
  73. Virtual EARTH SCOUTS Troop
  74. Frustrated with our HS enrichment program.
  75. Bringing day care children to homeschool group activities
  76. Dolphin Tale - homeschooled character
  77. Am I being too "PC"? (Enrichment Program Question)
  78. Sonny is trying out for PS basketball team
  79. ever want to tell your kids not to sound *too* much like they are homeschooled?
  80. Wii games
  81. Any thespians out there - I'm looking for play scripts
  82. Great Museum Towns/Cities?
  83. 12 Days of Brickmas (Legos)
  84. Kid-Friendly Browsers
  85. January Lego Club/Volcano and Supply List
  86. Music?
  87. Board Games about Money
  88. Competitive Pokemon Club
  89. "Home School Blues" by Tim Hawkins
  90. Create your own story books online
  91. TONS of Art Lesson Plans here (FREE)
  92. MLK on The History Channel Today
  93. Our First Co-Op Gathering
  94. Visiting Boston in May -- what are the "must do's" with kids?
  95. UFOs, Aliens, Night Skies, etc.
  96. Dog Agility
  97. Name Art (So cool!)
  98. Scholastic Books
  99. Ron paul on homeschooling
  100. Angel Bear Yoga???
  101. Minecraft, anyone?
  102. Beautiful blog for the Arts
  103. FLORIDA Group - Field Trip, Heritage Village, Largo- WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 10:15 am
  104. Back to square one- please share your stories
  105. Boy Scouts
  106. Girl Scouts
  107. Who else is a 4H Cloverbuds leader?
  108. Pen pal to encourage writing
  109. One down, one to go *sigh*
  110. Competitive Pokemon Club
  111. Jr. Lego League
  112. Finding source of Pinterest pins
  113. Opportunity Knocks!
  114. Derby Day Party Ideas?
  115. Education is a dirty word :P
  116. How important is learning alongside peers?
  117. Has anyone read any of the "Dinosaur Cove" books?
  118. Blogging
  119. Vid Pals
  120. Derby Day Party a Hit!
  121. How do you (or do you) do P.E.?
  122. Barnes and Noble Summer Program - Free Book if Your Child Reads 8
  123. ............
  124. renaissance festivals in New England?
  125. first homeschool group meet and a little update
  126. Renaissance Festival - Education Day or Public Weekend?
  127. Equal access bill passed in SC
  128. Minecraft - Setting Up a Group/Server
  129. Attention Stargazers!! - Celestial event in July and August
  130. Starting to show rabbits, need help coming up with a rabbitry name!!
  131. Flat Stanley anyone?
  132. BBC dance mat typing
  133. Academic Performance and Exergames
  134. Free Exergaming Lesson Plans
  135. I can't help but share...
  136. What is the most fun (and probably most UNacademic) unit/lesson you've done?
  137. Texting friend needed for 7 yo son
  138. Homeschooling a gifted child
  139. Are there any math competitions/leagues for upper elem?
  140. What was your favorite field trip? Community event?
  141. Rockhounding opportunities for a child?
  142. Binding your own books
  143. Destination Imagination, anyone run a group before?
  144. Has anyone tried EPals?
  145. Video Game/Board Game club
  146. Educational Wii games for wee ones?
  147. If you're a complete music idiot
  148. Home Scool PE for everyone!! Need ideas???
  149. Blind child in home school
  150. Co-op PE Program - Anyone brave enough to run one?
  151. Edu. Game for middle schoolers-possibly???
  152. Body Worlds?
  153. Robotics team drama
  154. No Activities around?
  155. Ideas for Showcasing special talents? And Anyone ever start a Robotics/Lego League?
  156. Please help with a purchase...
  157. Opinions wanted for math/physics class offering
  158. The science of cooking
  159. Music theory?
  160. Programming or AutoCAD-like programs
  161. Crossfit and CrossfitKids
  162. Minecraft and Online meetups
  163. Video games struggle
  164. Art
  165. Valentine's Day Exchange
  166. 4.5yo- need social or friends?
  167. Ident A Kid type services for homeschoolers?
  168. I feel like such a dork...
  169. Kitchen Science
  170. superhero writing contest for grades 3-6
  171. Socializing your "weird kid"
  172. Maryland Faerie Festival
  173. Google Deals has an App Developer Course for $59
  174. Mom brag-Local homeschoolers win academic competition
  175. Mindstorms advice?
  176. TARDIS Tesla
  177. LEGOS Bricks for Kids
  178. Any Homeschool Basketball Players Near Chicago? (Western Suburbs)
  179. Has anyone ever used Herb Fairies?
  180. Avant-Garde for Kids
  181. Scratch: an MIT programming language - it's neat-o!
  182. Update on our Fall 2013 Semester at Hogwarts
  183. Las Vegas area parents! Museum suggestions.
  184. new VA teen group for homeschoolers
  185. New group for Charlotte Area homeschoolers
  186. for military and/or genealogy geeks
  187. boyscouts and girlscouts, opinions/exp?
  188. Alternatives to traditional scouting?
  189. alternatives to scouts
  190. Programming Book Giveaway
  191. barnes & noble summer reading
  192. NASA & LEGO design contest
  193. Deciding on Paid Classes for Toddlers/Preschoolers
  194. Musical Instrument Choice - why?
  195. Age or years of experience over talent?
  196. Running a local homeschool group
  197. "Foods from Other Countries" ideas?
  198. G-Fest Convention
  199. Middle-of-the-day activities?
  200. How do you know?
  201. Homeschooled Girl Scout troop in my area
  202. what to do in Hartford, CT?
  203. Drop piano lessons?
  204. Gettysburg?
  205. Pre-engineering Lego class?
  206. ISO central OH secular homeschool group
  207. Talk to me about games
  208. Chart of religions?
  209. Earth Science Field Trip Brainstorm!
  210. What not to miss in Seattle/Victoria/Vancouver?
  211. So, you have three days in Washington, DC
  212. Minecraft - looking for fellow hs'ers who play
  213. What to do in Williamsburg?
  214. Good extracurriculars for military families?
  215. Useless Extras?
  216. Ideas for Coop Music Class
  217. Boy Scout Popcorn Sales? Can my info be right? Opinions please...
  218. Oktoberfest!
  219. Music education, what would you like?
  220. Looking for documentaries or movies about colonial America
  221. Looking for homeschool band opportunities
  222. Looking for book recommendations - 9yo reluctant reader
  223. Long roadtrip coming up, got any tips?
  224. free HTML class for 9yo+
  225. Sewing machine recommendations
  226. Need advice on Math League!
  227. Has anyone heard of/ used these? Einstein in a box
  228. 2014 STEM expo in DC
  229. For theater fans...
  230. Travel to Bennu on the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft!
  231. Looking for a movie about ...
  232. Happy National Handwriting Day!
  233. Problem with Co-ops
  234. Gaming suggestions for 8yo
  235. Social network for homeschooling kids and parents?
  236. Handwriting: Beyond individual letters
  237. Hobby
  238. Cooking for kids
  239. PBS writing contest for K-3 kids
  240. First Park Day
  241. opportunity for kids to review books
  242. minecraft homeschool?
  243. Holocaust Museum - what age is appropriate
  244. for kids with an interest in flying
  245. Testing?
  246. Leprechaun Traps
  247. Book Art
  248. Game Suggestions - 9yo's
  249. DD would like to do one more activity...
  250. Another Minecraft Thread