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  1. Strange math question, about flying by the seat of my pants.
  2. Earth Day, April 22nd
  3. 3M Young Scientist Challenge
  4. Tonight is a great night on PBS!
  5. StarWars Day, May 4th
  6. Tetrad Lunar Eclipses
  7. question about cub/boy scouts
  8. Roblox Games Pros and Cons
  9. Secular Summer Camps?
  10. Destination Imagination
  11. Changes to Minecraft Homeschool
  12. Digital Media Academy Summer Camps
  13. Team Treehouse (web design courses, java, html, css, rails, etc.)
  14. Sport for ASD Homeschoolers
  15. Summer Must Haves: What Are Yours?
  16. heraldry contest for G2-6
  17. Woman Can Fly
  18. Ok, so tell me about Minecraft...
  19. What sites are good for learning coding?
  20. Music Lessons
  21. A building for an art class
  22. Buying a violin
  23. Summer Postcard Exchange - Love It!
  24. Thinking about a co-op for DD
  25. Help me shake off my guilt, please.
  26. Help Finding Activities
  27. Free kids workshops at Home Depot
  28. Makey Makey, Arduino, LittleBits: Which one?
  29. What has your child(ren) learned from MInecraft???
  30. Interesting article about mythology, elders and storytelling
  31. How far do you travel for activities?
  32. Need Help Finding a Site
  33. homeschoolers on DIY.org
  34. Sort of an excursion!
  35. what are you favorite board games?
  36. Super Easy fun craft project for winter
  37. Girl Scouts and the word "God" (and song request!)
  38. Outdoor play
  39. Lego Mindstorms Atlernatives
  40. looking for an animation app for the iPad
  41. Questclub.net: Is anyone using this Scout alternative?
  42. Girl Scouts, issues with cookie money.
  43. For those who love dinosaurs
  44. letters to role models
  45. Coding Class?
  46. Prodigy math group buy?
  47. Field Trip! Kansas Historical Museum Free Day..
  48. Foreign language options
  49. Those who have Minecraft Classes...
  50. cards for the military project
  51. Duolingo - looking for German learning friends
  52. Robotics
  53. Pi day: 3/14/15 is the big one!
  54. Creative writing publishing opportunity for teens
  55. Learning music
  56. Choosing an Instrument
  57. Camp Fire program
  58. What to do when your child's extracurricular becomes a financial burden? (Long)
  59. Would you ever put your daughter in a pageant? Why or why not?
  60. The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Free E-books
  61. Organizing field trips
  62. How to make Rocket Fuel that can support a 2000 foot launch at home
  63. Suggestions for Europe trip and pre-trip project?
  64. Quitting Sports, and Other Character Building Issues
  65. Movie reviews by homeschooler
  66. Dropping Piano
  67. Comparing libraries
  68. Did any of you have your kids take extracurriculars at school???
  69. Bulking up Piano Lessons for 9th grade credit?
  70. Coding with Unreal Engine
  71. Disney and Homeschooling
  72. Writing project idea
  73. MENSA Challenge Box
  74. Good Minecraft servers
  75. Hey So California homeschoolers
  76. museum/zoo memberships
  77. Registration Adrenaline
  78. First Lego League
  79. As I was searching...
  80. What are you doing for banned books week?
  81. calendar for non-holidays?
  82. Arstechnica article about kids and tablets (iPads)
  83. PBS SciGirls
  84. Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman
  85. Maker Camp!
  86. Cooking From Scratch
  87. diy.org
  88. Central Alabama Secular Homeschooling FB Page
  89. halloween candy math
  90. Chemistry Models in Minecraft World
  91. Changing Music Schools
  92. snap circuits vs. littleBits
  93. any interest in this fun project?
  94. Question about guitar lessons
  95. Question on Socializing with Other Homeschoolers
  96. Learning application for iPad or iPhone for kids
  97. Yet another thread about music lessons
  98. Atlantic mag: "Homeschooling without God"
  99. Secular social opportunities in Yakima
  100. A Couple of Questions
  101. starting a school for homeschoolers
  102. Hogwarts Summer School
  103. Good Forums for Homeschooled Teens
  104. Free Online Art Class
  105. Let's Share Our Ideas! - Local Outside of the House Social Activities
  106. floorplan computer programs
  107. First Lego League
  108. Chess Software
  109. 4-H in Illinois?
  110. Mid-Autumn Festival - Unit study ideas?
  111. Search of Video Courses
  112. Girl Scouts
  113. books about history of Samhain (halloween)
  114. Earthquake Practice Day (tomorrow).
  115. Is anyone familiar with CISV (Children's International Summer Villages)?
  116. Grrrr Co-ops
  117. Mnecraft Education Edition 1.0!
  118. Excited about Jr. Rangers
  119. May the Fourth - Star Wars Day
  120. How far do rabbit trails go?
  121. Homeschool Chess Club
  122. When the lesson of the day is "What To Do When a Pet Dies"
  123. Looking For A Troop
  124. 4-H
  125. Moving-which states are best?
  126. Wild Explorers Club --online subscription club / Anyone joined?
  127. Does anyone play PokemonGo?
  128. Boy Scouts Questions
  129. Any recommendation for birding for kids online group?