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  24. is there a way to find members by geography?
  25. Even Admins deserve a vacay, right?? Right??!!
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  27. Is it your birthday??
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  52. Topsy-can you add a secular group to the resource list?
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  76. Can we add a Learning Difficulties subsection to the Homeschooling Issues section?
  77. I wish all contests werent dependant on Facebook
  78. Site suggestion re: religious materials inquiries
  79. Would anyone be interested in a category for Homeschool College Prep?
  80. New SHS Tagline: A Feedback Poll
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  84. From Soup to Nuts: Who's Next???
  85. A thread focused on sales
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  88. Any SHS'er want to host "From Soup to Nuts" next week?
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  91. What aspect of special needs homeschooling would you like to know more about?
  92. Postcard Exchange again this summer?
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  94. Mobile site - not coming up for anyone?
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  98. Why does SecularHomeschool.com allow nonsecular items to be advertised on the site?
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