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  1. "then" vs now
  2. Homeschooling and alzheimers
  3. What age/stage to leave DC alone?
  4. Bitey Bitey puppy
  5. For you Star Wars enthusiasts
  6. Poor George!!
  7. So Mad I Could Spit Nails!!
  8. Happy bday!
  9. Tim Tebow Storytime
  10. Blogs
  11. Homeschooling Ryan Gosling
  12. How did I miss "registration required"?
  13. lollipop book club?
  14. I'm sharing- ps sucks.
  15. Talk to me about curtains!
  16. "Must read" or classic Islamic literature
  17. Cats!!!
  18. Happy Dance
  19. Coming to Grips with Parenting a SN Child
  20. Liberal =/= Guilt
  21. Not In The Mood To Teach Today
  22. Milestones
  23. Rough Mornings and Hideous Hormones
  24. For Lent, we're giving up school!
  25. Ipod help!
  26. My kids are pulling for this tonight...
  27. 'giftedness' - a slight vent
  28. The way kids talk
  29. Metaphor Help
  30. Just a share
  31. Whoa- Crazy
  32. Moving to Oregon! Tips?
  33. Teacher Fired- just when I thought homeschoolers in the press were "looking better"
  34. Tweens boys and appearance/ hygiene
  35. awesome bumper sticker!
  36. Guilt...
  37. Care to help me out? Pretty please. ;)
  38. Challenge for the Day - Make Blocks Bounce
  39. Who are these people and what planet are they from?
  40. CUte Mommy moment....
  41. Just Sharing - A Visit to the Mayor
  42. Three children and you'd think I'd be an expert right now.
  43. I'm in trouble
  44. IVF with Donor egg discussion with child
  45. Blondes and red/purple face?
  46. Kindle/Touch/Fire vs. Nook vs. ???
  47. Other people's kids...vent
  48. Anyone using KidzClix?
  49. Finally!
  50. I finally talked to his doctor
  51. Parenting Input..(long)
  52. Talk to me about Pagan traditions?
  53. Pi Day
  54. Sneaky Leprechauns ANY IDEAS?
  55. Christian band at ps assembly
  56. Random non-secular homeschool comment
  57. Teaching Stars blog
  58. Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast on Wednesday 3/21.
  59. Childhood Depression?
  60. Vernal Equinox Celebration
  61. iPhone/iPad apps
  62. So, people think we are crazy
  63. Getting my dh to join me on the blogosphere
  64. Scream
  65. Evangelicals Have Their Tentacles in My Daughter's Public School! Long.
  66. Trayvon Martin (not sure this is allowed)
  67. Wake-Up Time
  68. Grad school and homeschool
  69. Stop Stealing Dreams
  70. Books that Literally Changed your Life ?
  71. Questions about Smartphones
  72. How would you handle this situation? LONG - grab a snack!
  73. Lost my homeschool mojo....looking forward to Spring Break!
  74. Forums- love them or hate them?
  75. experience with used books on amazon?
  76. Awesome "homeschool" tee shirt
  77. Animal Quiz
  78. SOO MAD over another ignorant comment
  79. GIVEAWAY this week
  80. Food Ideas To Save My Budget!
  81. Lying
  82. Asking for space - your opinion
  83. Do you have an emergency kit?
  84. Buying Online - When Sellers try to buy off your negative/neutral feedback.
  85. Is this going a bit too far when it comes to safety?
  86. Rachel Maddow
  87. kind atheists
  88. another one of those what would you do's
  89. Biting My Tongue
  90. Really easy/cheap POOL toy to make
  91. Spring Gardening 2012
  92. request- phonics/illiteracy related material for my assignment
  93. WWII Movies?
  94. Is it normal??
  95. The Alchemist
  96. PLEASE give my dd your vote!!!
  97. Hormones?!?
  98. Pottermore
  99. Disney?
  100. Coolest Homeschool Day Ever!
  101. Young children's music CD
  102. Booger-eating
  103. Any ideas for celebrating an anniversary when you're short on cash?
  104. Reassurance
  105. Who is your favorite founder?
  106. Great article about homeschooled kids!
  107. Money issues
  108. What do you want to tell non-HSers so much, you'd put it on a t-shirt?
  109. Why didn't my 9yo like the Little Prince?
  110. Blogging?
  111. What Are They Reading?
  112. Co-sleeper recommendations?
  113. programming computer games - looking for encouragement
  114. Robbing children of their childhood?
  115. Preparing Myself: When One Parent Becomes Sick
  116. My first commercial audiobook narration
  117. Having a problem with bullying
  118. So upset! Our neighborhood plans to destroy Canada Goose eggs!
  119. Book banning!
  120. Sashiko Embroidery
  121. article about the disconnect between school and work
  122. Weird moments that we love
  123. Atheist and Boy Scouts
  124. Happy Mother's Day
  125. Homeschool Blues
  126. Please help spread the word about Food Allergy Awareness Week
  127. only 27% of FL 4th graders passed LA FACT
  128. Outing ourselves to family
  129. Stranger danger
  130. Professional Resume Writing Services, any recommendations?
  131. Hip Hop Homeschool Ultimate Blogroll
  132. Remember when MTV just played music?
  133. Anyone else watching Heartland?
  134. I hate targeted advertising!
  135. PE for parents?
  136. I am sooooo glad the school year is over! And here is why....
  137. I had a substitute teacher!
  138. 'The War on Kids'
  139. I totally can't sleep
  140. A day at "school"
  141. What is public middle school like these days?
  142. Book Crawler app - catalogs home library
  143. Silly post- adults using slang
  144. The "Educational Goal" for your child?
  145. talk to me about rough play
  146. Rude question
  147. Super bummed and dissapointed
  148. M.i.a.
  149. Outing ourselves to family - update
  150. How long can your child read in one sitting?
  151. rare Celestial event coming up.
  152. 20th high school reunion coming up and feeling guilty that I'm thrilled
  153. Kids say the darnedest things...
  154. I guess this belongs here
  155. Evolution, The movie "Paul" and my husband's amazement....
  156. Need bratty behavior help!
  157. Corrigan
  158. DS dropped the agnostic bombshell
  159. Transit of Venus
  160. 5 yr old is reading!!! WOOT! Happy dance :)
  161. Recommendations for New England vacations for family of introverts?
  162. A "free" summer?
  163. Father's Day?
  164. Success!!
  165. My husband's concerned :(
  166. Plans for next school year?
  167. My local public library is slated for closing and oh yeah....
  168. Anger issues, anyone?
  169. entrepreneurial hs kids (mama brag)
  170. Help VocabularySpellingCity win a Small Business Grant! (time-sensitive)
  171. I am reading in stunned disbelief!
  172. Do the Forum Rules Allow a SCOTUS discussion?
  173. Colorado folks, check in!
  174. Does anyone here know the Seattle area really well?
  175. ISO secular homeschoolers in Charlotte, NC
  176. We are moving!! Will b looking for support group
  177. Happy 4th
  178. Putting Grandma in assisted living
  179. Pregnancy Ambivalence
  180. Looking for a Homeschool Graduate Who Likes To Write - - small paid internship
  181. Looking for a quote database
  182. Cutting the binding off of workbooks
  183. How do you
  184. If you are up and reading this before the sun rises...
  185. Minecraft Server Update!
  186. It's official!!!
  187. intersection of rock climbing and geography
  188. Are You On Twitter?
  189. Is there any well-written homeschool fiction?
  190. Banned again from The Other Place
  191. So frustrated. Package MIA
  192. Can you edit PDFs?
  193. Help me, oh braintrust!
  194. NdGT post
  195. Our HSing anniversary!
  196. confession
  197. Hey Corrigan - how's it going?
  198. Am I crazy?
  199. kindle, ipad or android tablet???
  200. NASA Mars mission
  201. Just saying hello
  202. How freaked out about the giant wolf spider?
  203. Anyone Remember the Godbot?
  204. Minecraft Server Update
  205. 2012 Perseid Meteor Shower
  206. news article caught my eye this morning
  207. Share your Expedit pics!
  208. Where would you go?
  209. Left Behind series for kids?
  210. People who are thrilled that school is starting back again
  211. Calling all chicken people!
  212. Time Lapse of the Night Sky
  213. The horrible Librarian!
  214. Your "Teacher's Lounge"
  215. Differences between PS kids and homeschooled kids
  216. Concern about racism...
  217. minecraft question
  218. Anyone Interested in Doing 'The Reading Promise'?
  219. funny video
  220. Bill Nye: Creationism is not appropriate for children.
  221. ..............
  222. I got a job!
  223. Washington DC?
  224. I have a paper to write and I need help
  225. Hurricane Isaac
  226. Do you put homeschooling on a resume?
  227. 25% off entire Office Max purchase this weekend
  228. Many milestones this week.
  229. Do any of you ever..
  230. Can't fix stupid...
  231. Blogger question
  232. Like Button Troubles
  233. Great, just great.
  234. I feel like a genius today...
  235. Epic Rap Battles of History...
  236. Whoever shared the sight word tower building game, I owe you big time!
  237. NdGT
  238. Success Story
  239. Gift Ideas?
  240. Fun musical BabyShower gift or gift for parents with young kids
  241. I have to tell someone, and only another homeschooler would understand.
  242. Mama Brag
  243. The real reason I homeschool
  244. News! And some questions...
  245. Character Education
  246. Brats on the playgrounds! GRRRRR
  247. Would you send a letter of condolence?
  248. Help me brainstorm - garden ??
  249. MacHeist 4
  250. Argh! What would you do?