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  1. Dyslexia videos by Susan Barton
  2. Today is the day - last day of public school
  3. Visit a Good Optometrist
  4. Helping ds to understand he needs evaluation and possibly therapy
  5. digital art questions
  6. How do you regulate screen time?
  7. The friend question
  8. Latin? Useless or not?
  9. Apparently public school was a huge nightmare, this really creeped me out
  10. Sllllllloooowwww Test taker!
  11. How To Do Weekly Scheduling
  12. Highly Allergic Kid and ADHD (may need some time off school)
  13. Storage ideas for science/chemistry supplies
  14. Books on Being a Teacher
  15. Dyslexia Resources
  16. Executive Functioning Student Planner for a 4th grader
  17. Figuring out how our children learn best
  18. OK so my son might not actually ever write again...is that OK?
  19. My son doesn't ever want to do work and cries and whines when I try to force him.
  20. Your favorite area of your HS room
  21. Dealing with tween attitudes
  22. What to do....
  23. A moment of crisis: Working from Home and feeling like I made the wrong decision.
  24. Need more multisensory ideas for learning letter names
  25. Explaining stupid test scores to DH
  26. From classical to unschooling?? I don't know what to do!
  27. How to bump lessons in HomeschoolHelper app?
  28. Happy and frustrated all at the same time! LOL
  29. Problems With Notifying in Ohio
  30. All organized
  31. Where to find legal support for homeschooling (outside of HSLDA)?
  32. Dictionary.com slams homeschoolers in definition example
  33. Homeschool and School Anxiety/Avoidance/Refusal
  34. Teaching a 4 yr old to write.
  35. Reading and Spelling skill asynchrony
  36. Do you care about grade levels?
  37. Courts, Homeschooling, and Child Custody
  38. Fighting me with reading
  39. Homeschooling in the boonies!!
  40. New to Homeschooling/Child with Behavioral Disabilities
  41. De-Schooling in Quarantine
  42. Kids and literature
  43. How do you "socialize"
  44. Homeschooling Conflict with Husband
  45. scheduling
  46. Frustration at Michael's - Homeschool ID
  47. Privilege and Elitism
  48. HS with a toddler int he house
  49. Secular Devotionals
  50. Media issues
  51. Advice on Cheerleading
  52. Fidgets and other issues
  53. Baby dolls and 10 year olds
  54. i dont know how i feel about this...
  55. Homeschooling Article
  56. 10yo boy with learning difficulties is getting harder to homeschool.
  57. History for a kinesthetic/visual 4th grade learner?
  58. Time4Learning isn't looking so good so far
  59. This had my kid writing and loving it!
  60. Education Consultant and I got ripped off.
  61. Does Intellego Unit Studies work on your mac?
  62. My son is writing - on his own. I'm thinking aliens.
  63. Where's the relaxation???
  64. Conflict with DH - He thinks DD needs more structure in her day
  65. What do you know about creating a homeschool ID?
  66. Not enough time
  67. Keeping completed work ... worth it or not?
  68. Help! School District Demanding Birth Certificate
  69. Looking for Free Speech Therapy Resources/Exercises
  70. writing and spelling for the dyslexic
  71. What does friendship really look like?
  72. Homeschooling an only kid
  73. 7 year old bored with everything
  74. Got the results of my daughter's evaluation.
  75. Patience???
  76. A new friend?
  77. Commmon Core contributer criticizes language standards
  78. Socializing
  79. Where to put the work your kid HATES in your school day
  80. Does homeschooling affect my college opportunities?
  81. Ideas for taming the wiggles and improving attention and memory
  82. How many of you make use of YMCA classes?
  83. When will this "love of learning" thing kick in??
  84. The point of grammar?
  85. Gluten-Free / Casein-Free?
  86. Giving Up On Homeschool Meetups
  87. Test Anxiety
  88. Range of normal: awareness of race/racism in first graders
  89. Homeschooling 1 child but not others
  90. Managing Screen Time and Videogame/iPad Addiction
  91. Dyslexia support forum
  92. How to help a child with confidence issues
  93. Am I helping them at all?!
  94. How do you handle rude people?
  95. Homeschooling Hours Help
  96. Kids and Sleep
  97. Antibiotics and fatigue
  98. At what age did your kid(s) get their own computer?
  99. Do I have to keep work from previous years?
  100. Keeping up with school grade level "just in case"?
  101. Son wants to go visit his old PS classroom
  102. Homeschooling Internationally
  103. Who else here works from home?
  104. Reading research -- Late bloomers usually just wilt
  105. Considering Homeschooling...
  106. Chemistry help (in a lab using copper sulfate, specifically)
  107. Required Study Hours for CA Homeschooler
  108. Hours Help
  109. The S word - I'm actually the one concerned
  110. When/how to introduce screen time
  111. Directing your kids' reading choices
  112. Major math troubles with CC-aligned curriculum - please help!
  113. Worried that Im not doing this the right way!
  114. Despondent, feeling like I failed
  115. Is it even possible to have buyer's remorse when you haven't purchased anything yet?
  116. I could kill my husband right now
  117. Frustrated
  118. Homeschooling with a baby; or, I'm falling apart. Please help.
  119. How to get your new homeschooler to see the possiblities without overwhelming them?
  120. Can read well but can't sound out
  121. Getting your child on board with homeschooling
  122. Thinking of outsourcing writing
  123. Feeling a little anxious....
  124. ASD homeschooling and middle school
  125. Ski Week!!!
  126. Friendship Forum for Girls
  127. Loosing Focus
  128. When to call it quits
  129. Let's start that "Well Meaning Relatives" thread!
  130. Things Homeschoolers Won't Tell You
  131. Godbloodyhellanddammit
  132. To stay or go - issues.
  133. Moving too fast?
  134. How does friendship/dating work for HSed High School?
  135. Home School Abuse -VS- Home School Regulation
  136. I'm feeling all sorts of things after reading on the Penelope Trunk website
  137. Quandary: public school for my own "problem child"?!
  138. Math for children who now hate math
  139. Homeschooling through serious illness
  140. Resources for difficulty with working memory?
  141. Stealth Dyslexia?
  142. Spelling talk me out of buying more curriculum
  143. Begining reader issues
  144. Returning to public school
  145. Feeling guilty about falling behind
  146. Best way to teach Multiplication?
  147. Hubby not homeschool-happy
  148. Behavioral issues: when to get help
  149. I need to reignite the learning....
  150. Michigan Homeschool Laws Might Change-- NOT For the Better
  151. I dont know why i do this...
  152. Changes in social behavior
  153. Parents & Kids: Who "owes" whom?
  154. Issues with the neighbors...
  155. Anyone Else Read Lynn Morrison's Blog on Homeschooling?
  156. Do you believe Home Schoolers do better on tests and go to college at greater rates?
  157. Hyperfocus
  158. Ten Unschooled Children Taken from Parents
  159. Missing special days at the public school
  160. Having an Oh crap moment
  161. For any of you who have ever had kids in public school...
  162. Whether homeschooling is best for the parent
  163. Fractions and Decimals...still get her!
  164. Naming your school
  165. Hopefully others feel like this?
  166. Embarrassed
  167. Pre-teen discipline help
  168. I'm kicking myself
  169. Transitioning between subjects w/6 year old boy - Advice?
  170. Low frustration tolerance or laziness? Bad day.
  171. Do you like your hsing state law?
  172. Back to Texas...
  173. Need Advice on Possible Transitioning to PS
  174. Rawr
  175. Balancing unstructured play with other kids and decline in behavior
  176. Best time if day to do lessons?
  177. Establishing Ground Rules for Homeschooling
  178. Back to school supply shopping
  179. Family Doesn't understand...
  180. Developing friendships
  181. Does fear of failure lead to the loss of love of learning?
  182. Your kid learned cursive - now what?
  183. Help! 2nd grader causing me to lose my mind.
  184. Screen addiction (10yo)--what to do?
  185. Grrrr lying
  186. Objects at Rest
  187. Siblling dynamics not working well, homeschool room a solution?
  188. Not well meaning relatives
  189. careless math errors
  190. Boys reading Girlie Books
  191. Im about to blow my top!
  192. Encouraging Writing
  193. Stealth dyslexia or just needs more practice? Advice?
  194. Do you do outings/activities with the religious homeschool groups in your area?
  195. Do we tell ourselves the answers we want to hear
  196. Resistance to schooling
  197. When to let your kids win
  198. Wonky year
  199. Gross Motor
  200. Choosing Homeschooling over Home Ownership
  201. Stanford brain study about teaching reading...interesting!
  202. flip flopping...how do you know
  203. Don't wanna school your kids at all? Well, the rapture's coming, so why bother?
  204. Divorce and Homeschool
  205. Struggling with child motivation
  206. working moms question
  207. Need encouragement - Resistant 6 year old
  208. Anyone near Iowa City?
  209. Finding education books that aren't critical of current trends
  210. Quitting before we start...
  211. Struggle finding appropriate books for my daughter!
  212. Barely 8, pit odor, and general MOUTHINESS
  213. Stir crazy!!!
  214. Long time homeschooling friend going to school
  215. Acts like she doesnt know the answer... why?
  216. Dyslexia program not AAR
  217. parental controls for windows
  218. Move hard on kids...
  219. 13 year old who argues about EVERYTHING!!
  220. New year, new us? S.O.S
  221. Another friend is off to school!
  222. Need Encouragement: Homeschooling through Morning Sickness
  223. He already knows everything
  224. Spelling Check App?
  225. Because I am home all day!
  226. Issues with boundaries
  227. Parenting/Homeschooling a Child with Minimal Interests
  228. When should I start worrying about reading issues?
  229. Dysgraphia?
  230. When did YOU (and your kids) "get" multiplication facts?
  231. Ambush Porn
  232. Ready to Quit
  233. Deciding to Homeschool
  234. My mother's English is not very good, and she works 12/hrs a day. Help!
  235. Math anxiety
  236. Transition to Homeschool - 8 year old
  237. How to find Secular Homeschool Families?
  238. What do you do when the main HS patent is sick?
  239. HSing causing relationship/marital stress?
  240. My son is lonely and it's not about a lack of other homeschooled age-peers.
  241. Homeschool Parent with ADHD
  242. Inquiry based learning when they arrive at the wrong conclusion?
  243. RANT! Homeschooling because of bathrooms...
  244. Keeping 3 year old Quiet
  245. I am freaking out and I haven't even started schooling
  246. School envy...not just a kid thing?
  247. How do you handle graduation ceremonies or celebrations, esp. before 12th?
  248. Sending DD to public school - what grade?
  249. I cant believe I said it aloud....
  250. having a "Straight A/B" fourth grader who can't spell...