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  1. How do you deal with all the toys and stuff?
  2. How Have Scholars Divided Homeschoolers into Groups?
  3. Inspiring podcast
  4. So upset and frustrated after our first standardized (MAP) testing session
  5. Reading Comprehension and Autism
  6. Non-homeschooler looking for help/advice
  7. The order of operations is immoral
  8. Read 180 - Intervention for Writing
  9. Having to go back to work. oh dear.
  10. Ingratitude for the fun stuff homeschooling affords?
  11. Math Phobia/Anxiety?
  12. Building Vocabulary
  13. What do you expect of your older teens/young adult kids living at home?
  14. I'm so done with this tantrum - also, let's talk trampolines
  15. Moderator Visit
  16. Brain growth spurts = phases of total ditziness/distractedness?
  17. My lightbulb moment
  18. Schedule. Routine. Something?? Help?!
  19. Does anyone else here do Flylady or similar methods, for housework AND homeschool?
  20. "Good for you. I could never do it"
  21. Is homeschooling intellectually stimulating for the parent at home?
  22. Why do kids do this?
  23. Vaccine Exemptions/HS paperwork in NC
  24. SENG Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted
  25. The government and our homeschool. Help me decide what to do.
  26. Getting dads/partners involved.
  27. Night nurse and homeschool mom!
  28. New Mom, night shift RN, and teacher!!!
  29. Homeschool Daily Routine for Special Needs Children
  30. Social Studies
  31. Going from 3 to 5 kids!
  32. Homeschooling and Feminism
  33. Multicultural Exposure
  34. DD seeks BTDT school stories
  35. DD brings up public school
  36. One returning to public school one not?
  37. An Interesting Letter From HSDLA regarding common core
  38. Yes, I can legally homeschool as a Black person
  39. The Grumps
  40. Need advice please
  41. Get his hands out of his pants!!
  42. Writing/Typing/Handwriting ??
  43. Raising an In-Betweener
  44. Activities outside of the house
  45. At what age do kids start choosing their own friends? How do I facilitate this?
  46. Please help me understand books
  47. Reading the test?
  48. Reading and spelling
  49. Preschool thoughts?
  50. Is it me, or the curriculum?
  51. Need HELP with finding cadence with all kids home
  52. Learning in context
  53. Boss Freaking Out About Homeschooling...Help
  54. I'm creating a schedule for the first time .... Any advice/ideas?
  55. Independet learning activity ideas please
  56. Help with schedule setup
  57. Getting the kids to do handwriting
  58. Dysgraphia?
  59. Socializing in a very religious community
  60. Can't get him to understand
  61. State Crack-Down on Home Educators
  62. Too much but too little?
  63. How should DD reply to queries about school?
  64. DS is fighting me every step of the way
  65. Teaching about war, racism, and other ugly issues
  66. Anxious about homeschooling in front of others
  67. Holy Crap! Please somebody tell me this gets easier....
  68. Do you write in workbooks?
  69. Almost done with week 2 : Any advice?
  70. Help with special needs/visual-kinesthetic learner
  71. What kind of testing do we need for dyslexia?
  72. Thankful
  73. 9 (nearly 10) year old girl behavior
  74. 5yo with Social Delays
  75. Sudden behavioral changes
  76. Sociably Awkward Teen
  77. I feel like I have such stupid problems
  78. All that free time...
  79. Writing skills for child with communication issues: Personal Narrative
  80. Homeschooling with Dyslexia
  81. Always Cutting Corners
  82. Daily Beast HS Article
  83. UGH! Is this a girl thing?
  84. A budding perfectionist??
  85. To test or not? Third grade.
  86. Dealing with depression and anxiety, keeping up with school work
  87. "Deschooling" help?
  88. Early phonics, not being challenged
  89. Stubborn kids and math facts
  90. Should I send my kid back to PS?!?!?!
  91. Ethics of Posting Photos
  92. Slow to Catch onto Spelling
  93. paging lakshmi
  94. Homeschooling in New York State?
  95. Too much socialization??
  96. Need Friendship advise!
  97. How would you have responded?
  98. Enrolment at TAFE
  99. Seeking input from Oregon peeps
  100. Spelling trouble
  101. Random homeschool-related worries
  102. Fire safety
  103. What's your mom motivation?
  104. Daughter finally reading age nine and a half
  105. Another should I send her back to school thread
  106. NAPLAN testing
  107. Integrating a 2nd child
  108. Got Off Track
  109. Do you ever have "lost" weeks?
  110. Dyslexia/Dysgraphia
  111. Switching gears, at least for a while
  112. New group
  113. Do you follow a traditional school calendar?
  114. Questions! Curriculum or Un/De/Relaxed HSing?
  115. Legality of Homeschooling without Reporting
  116. Now what? IEP
  117. Put Child Back in Public School: How Long Till We Can Say, "We gave it a try!"
  118. 7 year old's reading issues
  119. Random Question....
  120. Cognitively Delayed Child
  121. Not sure where to begin
  122. Teaching Long Division
  123. Adaptations and Adaptability
  124. Anyone with experience in IEPs in MA?
  125. Yikes - need advice about low grade from online class
  126. New Homeschooler to an Aspie
  127. So you decided to homeschool? Some advice from those before you...
  128. What tools does a new homeschooler need
  129. Email for kids
  130. How do you handle homeschooling 1 child when the other goes to public school?
  131. Free Dsylexia Toolkit
  132. Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, oh my!
  133. Local Piedmont-Triad folks
  134. Reading comprehension?
  135. Death
  136. How do you help a kid improve his writing speed?
  137. Pros and Cons for testing/diagnosis
  138. Need Help with Computer Limitations!
  139. Positive Encouragement to Negative Attitudes
  140. Feeling like a let down!!!
  141. Reluctant Learner - need ideas
  142. Texas Homeschool Family
  143. focus issues
  144. Unschoolers - please HELP!
  145. My book problem
  146. let's open a can of worms
  147. Pencil grip issues.
  148. Lesson Planning...suggestions anyone?
  149. Read alouds with a child that NEVER stops talking!!!!
  150. How do you manage bookmarks for particular lessons
  151. help! over my head!
  152. How long should part of a certain subject be studied?
  153. Required State Testing - 3rd Grade PA
  154. Burn out or??
  155. Time to toughen up?
  156. Young students
  157. 3 Small Children Hate School After a Month in Chinese School
  158. We all have them...how do YOU handle them?
  159. More Math Hell
  160. Making Friends
  161. Advocating for kids reading in their own time
  162. History and strong reactions to its less than flattering impressions
  163. What is it about Math???
  164. Finishing all work in a year?
  165. A lame question - ideas for games/fun?
  166. Took the phone off the hook so school work will be done
  167. 5 year old says she's bored
  168. placement testing?
  169. What am I missing???
  170. Crazy breakthrough????
  171. One thing I didn't think about...siblings
  172. Protecting too much?
  173. Correcting a potential disater
  174. Oh, well that explains a lot.
  175. Hahahahahahaha so I am not the most patient mom in Target
  176. Possibly pulling son from what was his "Great Montessori school"
  177. What to do when you are having an emotional day?
  178. The Daily Battle
  179. Just frustration!!
  180. Facepalm (alt title: "I can't believe I did that")
  181. daily work for 4th graders
  182. Im a free wheeler
  183. Ideas for "stubborn" 8 year old?
  184. Maybe gifted kid but behavioural issues, please help!
  185. common core math
  186. suggestions for audio book or documentary
  187. Attempting to school with a 20 month old at foot
  188. testing: ITBS vs Stanford 10
  189. Maths - how to restore confidence
  190. art for the non-artist
  191. How do you edit pdfs and other e-books?
  192. 2nd grade math struggles--HELP!
  193. Can't do this
  194. Curriculum suggestions for autistic 6 yr old?
  195. Screening for Delays
  196. Talking to my child about God
  197. Common Core Language Arts
  198. It gets better ... right?
  199. New member/new homeschooler looking for info
  200. Three Days in DC
  201. Article: Helping Kids Overcome Fear of Failure
  202. Crappy behaviour from child - should I tell mom?
  203. Not Sure Where I Stand In All This
  204. Stranger danger - age appropriate lessons on talking to strangers
  205. Well, we finally did it.
  206. How do you adapt curricula for your hyper/attention deficit/not typical kid?
  207. When Does Homeschooling Becoming Futile?
  208. OCD Screening
  209. Spelling issues
  210. Has any considered doing Classical Conversations for the social aspect?
  211. Taking them out of public school
  212. Not yet reading - when would you worry?
  213. Issues!
  214. Hitting the wall
  215. Preschool for some but not all?
  216. Sigh, turning sickness into an educational opportunity AGAIN - teaching about GLANDS?
  217. Challenges for Homeschooled kids applying to college?
  218. Author of Connect the Thoughts
  219. We're stuck. They refuse to budge.
  220. How much output is necessary?
  221. Friendship problems
  222. Pulling kids out at the end of the year?
  223. at my whits end--
  224. Need some help with book fair list
  225. Needing an advice
  226. Pluging into next year with no boxed curriculum...eek
  227. Picking the raisins
  228. I probably shouldn't be disappointed...but...yeah.
  229. Figuring Out Reading Level
  230. Hiring a Tutor?
  231. Frustrated as #$%^ lol
  232. Standardized Testing
  233. Tonight I became a grandma!!! and I need advise for that too. lol
  234. Going back to Public School???
  235. For those who have both PS and HS kiddos...
  236. I could really use some kind words and support
  237. Homeschooling the ADD Inattentive child
  238. natural consequences
  239. How important is "doing your best work?"
  240. How, When, What, Where & Why…and for how long to structure the homeschool year???
  241. CoGAT scores?
  242. My teen's social problems
  243. Kids in denial about learning disabilities
  244. Homeschool/Public school problem?
  245. Hospital Getting Social Worker Involved Over Educational Concerns
  246. Bookshare
  247. Going to miss Public School?
  248. Feeling unsure about this homeschool thing, maybe need to head another direction?
  249. Tax Deductions
  250. Reading Comprehension and Speed