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  1. Single Parent Homeschooling?
  2. Pinch me! She wrote a 5 pg. story! (dictated) - should I get Dragon software?
  3. Bossy Children
  4. I Don't Even Know How to Respond to This (long)
  5. Math facts - will the whining ever end???
  6. Complete Breakdown
  7. hehe, ran into one of THOSE women in the thrift store! Then she was surrounded by us!
  8. Reason #476 to Homeschool
  9. help with testing requirements
  10. I need a suggestion.
  11. Elementary School level activities for a special needs teen?
  12. HS Special Needs Burnout
  13. Do I crush his enthusiasm?
  14. Should I be worried?
  15. NLD (or NVLD) and Math
  16. Writing to a tour coordinator to "educate" them about homeschoolers
  17. "Would she be happier, in school?"
  18. Wondering about finding others who share your beliefs/values
  19. What if Mommy has a meltdown?
  20. What do I do with this kid???
  21. Let's be real here. Can I really hs my 5 yr old? Help. Me. Please.
  22. Should I put my son in public school to get him out of his shell?
  23. retaining information
  24. Susan Weiss Bauer complaining about homeschool conferences
  25. Difficult student
  26. transitioning from public school to homeschool
  27. shocking and completely creepy and utterly disturbing
  28. Looking for suggestions. :)
  29. weekly schedules
  30. How do you teach different ages at the same time?
  31. Sibling Rilvalry- Fat Lips and Awful Kids!
  32. another day of panic
  33. Homeschooling with ASD
  34. Is she lying?
  35. im sooo lost at times
  36. How do you handle people in your life that try to push you away from homeschooling?
  37. Can homeschooling still offer the same social benefits of public school?
  38. Tell me that it is OK to have a slack year. Tell me that.
  39. How to handle neighbor kid constantly criticizing HS to my kid?
  40. Letter of intent?
  41. Anyone have a child who has yoyed - homeschool/PS/back to homeschool ?
  42. Avoiding the siren song of curriculum for sale
  43. Portfolios, documentation, and busy-work
  44. What do you do on an off day?
  45. Is competition so terrible?
  46. Homeschooling One Child...Any advice?
  47. pros and cons of homeschooling
  48. Question about Standardized Testing (I live in PA)
  49. Anyone else's kid only do well at math verbally? Mental freeze with worksheets?
  50. Restrictions or not?
  51. just a question...
  52. Told the kids we are going to HS - now working through the emotions
  53. A Tramp or a Normal 16 Year Old?
  54. how do you deal with a newborn and school?
  55. Comprehension or Just Being 7?
  56. ............
  57. My 6yo really wants to attend public school...talking points please...
  58. Lisp
  59. By Golly It's Called OLLY!
  60. ................
  61. It gets easier, right?
  62. Can we talk about Yahoo groups (and how much I really really hate them?)
  63. Am I insane for doing this?
  64. homeschooling in texas
  65. I'm waitin...
  66. Something I noticed...
  67. My DS wants to go to public high school...
  68. Bad spellers of the world, untie!
  69. History
  70. .........
  71. Homeschooling on hold :(
  72. Need advice on chewing toys/jewelry
  73. Reading Fluency Challenge.
  74. 4th grade language arts
  75. A bit nervous
  76. Frustrated, overwhelmed, 2E.
  77. Back to school
  78. My DD has cold feet about her desire to try out public school. Now what?
  79. Dyscalcula questions
  80. How much time per subject?
  81. Just started and already getting some opposition!
  82. Schooling 3 days a week?
  83. Follow up to my frustrated rant.
  84. What has homeschooling taught you?
  85. Preschool conundrum!
  86. Convincing my spouse.
  87. Fasting?! Is that okay?
  88. How much do evening activities affect your days?
  89. child psychologist evaluation worth it?
  90. Phonics
  91. Starting to homeschool 6-year-old boy, having big problems
  92. Did anyone have this happen?
  93. Are Homeschoolers Overscheduled Where You Are ?
  94. Resisting school
  95. STEM for boys?
  96. Left/right handwriting issues
  97. Not off to a great start ...
  98. If You have a teen or child on Meds for mental health Issues
  99. How do you meet new people and make new friends?
  100. Getting out of Summer Mode
  101. Sick Days?
  102. If I have to play dinosaurs for one more hour I think I might have to be commited...
  103. Why do people feel the need to try to provoke me?
  104. Five Year Old - Forget About Pottying
  105. Question for STEM Parents
  106. When do you stop scribing for your children?
  107. Need help encouraging my 10yo with math improvement
  108. Spelling just burnt out
  109. One week countdown to HS. Advice? In hindsight?
  110. Do you have any tips for homeschooling an only?
  111. Multiple Children Different Learning Abilities
  112. How do you explain your choice to homeschool without badmouthing public schools?
  113. Teaching a HFA boy to read?
  114. Meteorites, extinction and nightmares oh my!
  115. I regret my education (lack thereof, really) up to this point, but let me explain
  116. Sensitive people and loud noises
  117. Homeschool Article in Washington Post today
  118. Making the transition to self-employment - Who else is/has/going through this?
  119. Alternatives to HSLDA?
  120. Second Grade Book Reports
  121. For those with gifted/advanced/fast learners, a question.
  122. Advice, please?
  123. Socialization
  124. How do you teach finding meaning by context?
  125. Pep talk needed. Feeling guilty about my K'er
  126. Boys any thoughts on them and school
  127. Learning disability that involves memorization, not understanding?
  128. 9th Grade Math!!!
  129. How do you get a break?
  130. Working Full Time & Homeschooling
  131. How do you deal with different methods?
  132. Help! Critique my homeschool.
  133. How Do I Get Him to See?
  134. Gifted assessment - what type of professional do I look for?
  135. Need help from parents of Aspie and ADHD kids
  136. Homeschooling on the road
  137. What is the cure for a kid that always asks, "Is it my day off yet?"
  138. We have lost our home school groove
  139. How do you manage your homeschool library?
  140. Is there a forum anywhere to support homeschoolers whose kids are in school?
  141. Help with a child who won't answer questions
  142. Help on how to teach an ADHD child how to think
  143. 9yo wants to read, but does not have it yet. Starting to be anti-books.
  144. New HS'er and have polar opposite learners! Help!
  145. My mother thinks that homeschooling = education that lacks consistency
  146. What is your biggest challenge?
  147. YIKES! I put my son into public school!?
  148. What do you do when your child hates school?
  149. Anyone use Diane Craft's methods?
  150. The trouble with boys?
  151. s/o boys and reading
  152. Feeling conflicted about choice to homeschool
  153. Anyone NOT participate in a co-op situation?
  154. My daughter cried today
  155. Socialization for a kid with ASD and ADHD
  156. She's stopped trying.
  157. Do I really need his records?
  158. Help me brainstorm - boy and books!
  159. How do you manage with younger kids in the house?
  160. When Math Makes You Cry
  161. Assignment defiance--what do you do?
  162. Who would you see for an evaluation for dysgraphia?
  163. Two bad days in a row
  164. lack of friends
  165. Ambidexterity, among other things
  166. what?
  167. Chores for 10 year old
  168. I need help with tact.
  169. Metric or standard?
  170. My son does it his way
  171. War on kids
  172. Thinking about what to do next year - HS or PS for 8th grade
  173. School District wants to claim copyright on student and teachers' works
  174. Has anyone really been hassled?
  175. Need some reading advice
  176. How do you homeschool an extremely sensitive child?
  177. What's the hardest thing for you as a mom who homeschools?
  178. Mommy VS. Teacher???
  179. Learning to read
  180. Second child shortchanged?
  181. Sloppiness
  182. Teaching Math!
  183. No imagination & too logical???
  184. Library Elf?
  185. Teaching Writing
  186. researching our next step
  187. She's coming home!
  188. Style Issues!
  189. Has anyone used Time4Learning ONLY for the math?
  190. How do you handle interruptions during school time?
  191. Damnit!
  192. Vision Therapy?
  193. Tell me imperfect papers really are okay
  194. I think Orion is failing science?
  195. Writing numbers and letter backwards.
  196. He wants to read but just isn't ready
  197. Terrified, Confused, Newbie in New York
  198. Learning Style quiz
  199. State Testing
  200. Assigning grades
  201. Ack! VT portfolio?'s Parent report =?
  202. At My Wits End!
  203. Calvert on the horizon
  204. Dealing with anxiety and depression in young teen
  205. I need your advice...
  206. Vent!!
  207. Behind
  208. On Strike!
  209. ADHD Course on Coursera
  210. DS Wants Help Coming Up with Gaming/Computer Alternatives
  211. Screen Time for those who restrict - How Much Time Do You Allow Daily ?
  212. Oral input? fixation? I'm not sure what to call it.
  213. German Homeschoolers Seeking Refuge in US: Anyone following this?
  214. Frustrated
  215. Losing Steam
  216. Science for girls, reading for boys, and overcompensating...
  217. How to determine reading levels?
  218. Getting Involved?
  219. Are these normal questions for a doctor to ask at an annual physical?
  220. Deschooling is HARD
  221. Burnout
  222. How to deal with...
  223. Too many questions!
  224. The Forgotten PERK of homeschooling- PERSONALIZATION
  225. How to teach vocab, when they just don't get it
  226. Speaking of vocabulary...
  227. Very overwhelmed here.
  228. How far can we go without reading?
  229. What's in a name?
  230. Could it be memory?
  231. When your library sucks...
  232. Furious and Scared
  233. School supplies as birthday presents.
  234. Her son's private school teacher is making him repeat 1st grade... wwyd?
  235. Update on our gaming/unschool vs restriction issues
  236. Autism Homeschooling Curriculum : Language Arts
  237. Please help, how on earth do you homeschool two children on an adhoc basis?
  238. nm!
  239. Anyone else easing waaaay back now?
  240. I don't want to turn into Mommy Dearest!
  241. How do *you* deal with the big s word?
  242. At the end of my rope
  243. Brand new to all of this the whole thing is an issue!!
  244. Need to teach my teen some tact . . .
  245. Teen Drama - it's not just for school kids
  246. homeschooling high school
  247. What a first grader should know
  248. How to handle....
  249. How to find friends for us nerdy weirdos when people here are not like us at all?
  250. 11 year old hates/dreads writing