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  1. HS portfolios for FL
  2. first grade desk?
  3. Is it Just Me?
  4. Do PS families ever talk to you about homeschooling?
  5. I think I "understand" my issue with curriculum better...
  6. How many times will I need to have this conversation?
  7. Horrible morning
  8. The whining.....yikes!
  9. Our daily schedule is already messed up
  10. OK, This is really superficial but I am asking anyway
  11. I am Nervous
  12. Outraged and aggravated!!
  13. Can I be successful with so-so parenting skills?
  14. UGH...is this a mistake?!?
  15. I did it. And Thank You.
  16. Fun activities??
  17. Bad attitudes, it's like they take turns!
  18. Is a moment of smug permitted?
  19. OMG!!!! The first day was AWFUL!!!
  20. Assumption of Christianity
  21. Toddler Envy
  22. Little Apple (users)
  23. I think it finally clicked!
  24. Disparate verbal and nonverbal IQ
  25. My last attempt.
  26. Verbatim or Suggested
  27. Feeling wimpy :(
  28. What a lousy day!
  29. My Kid's Smarter
  30. Algebra Meltdown
  31. Reading and my younger son.
  32. Finally! I get Homeschool Tracker Plus!
  33. Agh! Is homeschooling really the best decision?
  34. How Much Should We Get Accomplished In A Day?
  35. What to do about preteen tears?
  36. how to deal with inappropriate principal...
  37. insecurities born of feeling like I always have to prove homeschooling works...
  38. teaching music...
  39. The honeymoon is over: finding balance and harmony
  40. One of my brothers died unexpectedly last week
  41. Learning to Let Go
  42. Forgotten much, I have.
  43. Need some morale support
  44. ADHD and Pesticides
  45. Help? Curriculum isn't working for us.
  46. Anyone else ever feel like a homeschool ambassador?
  47. Does anyone in Canada know?
  48. I don't think I can do this anymore
  49. Have any of you ever had trouble convincing your spouse to home school?
  50. Co-op Classes
  51. Occupying a 3 year old.
  52. Working out of Home and homeschooling?
  53. Parental Friendships
  54. Homeschooling When You're Sick
  55. Am I doing the right thing?? Very looong)
  56. Putting DD in PS. :-/
  57. Anyone else homeschooling an only?
  58. Attention Issues
  59. dealing with serious PMS!
  60. Equilibrium and other pipe dreams
  61. On the subject of ADHD..patience...
  62. Making the Transition from Public School to Homeschool???
  63. Speech therapy? 8 yo
  64. The Interruptions are driving me crazy!
  65. Keeping a new homeschooler on task???
  66. How do you know?
  67. Dealing With a Cloud Child
  68. Relaxed or unschoolers with older kids - question
  69. Anyone else have a child who plays 'dumb'?
  70. A great response to an anti-homeschooling teacher!
  71. To medicate for ADHD or not?
  72. Math Help Please
  73. seriously struggling w writing
  74. Lesson Planning
  75. The main homeschooling issue is getting a bit easier...
  76. Free teenagers! Anyone want them?!
  77. Shaky Ground
  78. Homeschoolers and Political Campaigns
  79. A Tale of Two Homeschool Groups
  80. 3yo can't/wont identify shapes, et al
  81. for those who work at home and homeschool...
  82. Co-op fatigue
  83. Pediatrician prescribing meds and SCHOOL for ADD???
  84. Met two hs moms!!
  85. ADHD reading for ds
  86. Pondering left-handed cursive handwriting style
  87. In desperate need of advice
  88. Comprehension issues
  89. Arguing semantics
  90. Adding child-directed learning
  91. MIL has come around!
  92. could I have a brief explanation of the member status thingys? (not at all important)
  93. Do you and your spouse work full-time while home schooling?
  94. When hs-ers make the news for non-hs things...sorta rant
  95. Tired and Short-Tempered at Night
  96. Homeschool Group fees
  97. Parental education level and homeschooling
  98. Portfolio or Standardized Testing
  99. Wave of doubt
  100. I just need a little encouragement
  101. One of my kids wants to try public school!
  102. Librarians?
  103. My daughter doesn't know the pledge, and other reasons we are weird.
  104. mother in law visit and homeschooling
  105. I havn't been here in awhile
  106. Physical activity
  107. Book Reports
  108. Your role in daily homeschooling...
  109. Homeschoolers bullying other homeschoolers
  110. Lexiles and Reality
  111. My 9yo still wets the bed - any advice?
  112. Speech- pronouncing R like W, TH like D
  113. What Can I Do To Help DD7 With Vowel Discrimination?
  114. Designing a homeschool around strong-willed children - advice needed!
  115. Oregon HS Laws
  116. 180 days of....
  117. we need censorship, please.
  118. So when "teacher" is sick.......
  119. How do other people explain why you homeschool?
  120. Kids not showing any effort/playing dumb in hopes of getting out of something
  121. I need to vent about my sister.
  122. Handwriting
  123. Do you ever wish there were a HomeschoolMatch.com?
  124. Overprotective - how do I let go?
  125. The early days....
  126. Visually impaired child learning to read
  127. Book organization and storage
  128. The Books He can Read are Boring!
  129. Whoa, space cadet!
  130. Self-Check Test for Homeschool Moms
  131. How often do you say "The heck with it, we're done for the day"?
  132. Advice from Homeschooling Dads Please
  133. How's this for out of the box?
  134. Where we came from and a 5 y/o thoughts on God
  135. school based therapy for homeschoolers?
  136. If your kids do chores, why do they do them?
  137. Here is my cry for help!
  138. Help for a friend in KS looking to withdraw son?
  139. "Thinking makes my head hurt"
  140. And Now a Deployment!
  141. Homeschooling insecurities
  142. DH is already pushing
  143. We've Lost Our Mojo
  144. OK so I thought we had it under control...
  145. time to regroup
  146. More Homeschool Videos
  147. Mom, we are sick of christmas break can we have lessons again
  148. International travel, geography cirriculum to prepare us for the trip! Ireland +
  149. Something I Didn't Expect
  150. Unusual Request
  151. s/o - unusual request - would YOU?
  152. Perspective is 99% of reality
  153. Bullied by "Best Friend", Again (warning: long)
  154. You have got to be kidding!
  155. Colorado Question
  156. Tips for dealing with young teens ?
  157. Help me understand homeschooling/unschooling/GED or not?
  158. Getting worried
  159. Attitude every time
  160. Skipped the basics?
  161. I Promised to Read Aloud a Book That's Triggering My Own Personal Child Abuse Issues
  162. Math: Clock Aversion. What would you do?
  163. First day of homeschooling report, not so wonderful
  164. Tired of food conversations - what do you talk about with other hs Moms?
  165. I make him read and write
  166. Grammar Issues
  167. Fill the holes or let them be?
  168. Homeschooling with a newborn?
  169. New dyslexia & dysgraphia diagnosis--support/ideas?
  170. Rote Memorization
  171. Oh good grief!
  172. Panic!
  173. Is this just my kid??
  174. This is doing my head in....
  175. feeling torn about him dropping classes
  176. Do you make your kids practice their instrument?
  177. can't get motivated
  178. Incessant talking is driving me mad
  179. Has anyone had trouble getting back into high"school" after homeschooling?
  180. Home schooling in the public
  181. Epic Fail :(
  182. WWYD if you were me?
  183. How to stay motivated?
  184. Autism/Aspergers diagnosis
  185. Teaching multiple kids.
  186. I can't teach my 3.5 yo her ABCs?
  187. Speech Problems and a Stubborn Kid
  188. Trying not to be "school at home"
  189. Uggghhh, trying to trudge through and wanting to call it quits!
  190. Field Trip Question (Vent)
  191. Special needs and TAGteach/ operant conditioning
  192. Adapting to the child's needs- How much is too much?
  193. preschoolers in group activities?
  194. Story problems in 1st grade?
  195. Yay for lazy mornings!
  196. Homeschool identity crisis (long)
  197. Creating self-starting learners!!!
  198. Starting Half Way Through the School Year
  199. Standardized Testing Time is near.
  200. social skills deficit from homeschooling, not autism?
  201. When does anger become an "issue"?
  202. undoing "fuzzy" math
  203. Homeschooling and perimenopause - Oh my!
  204. Anyone Getting Any "Teachable Moments" Out of the Contraception Broo-ha-ha?
  205. Feeling like a failure - tests, reviews, assessments - do you do any of these?
  206. How do you feel about time limits on tests?
  207. Week of Freak
  208. Finishing the year in public school. Yes or No?
  209. New to forum and need some help?
  210. POTS diagnosis: Anyone else?
  211. Divorce and Homeschooling
  212. If your child is advanced in one or more academic subjects ...
  213. Dealing with perfectionism--kind of long
  214. What do you consider "bare minimum"?
  215. Panic
  216. We don't seem to "fit in" anywhere.
  217. Need Perspective or Sympathy or Something
  218. Reading Guide
  219. She broke my heart this morning
  220. Finding Interests?
  221. Paint brushes! (what kind and brand)
  222. Woogie (right brain link)
  223. Thrown a curve ball and unsure how to proceed.
  224. Sensational Kids - SID SPD
  225. When to give up and use Calculators
  226. He wants to go back to school
  227. Got diagnosis - he has autism
  228. Why would a possible ADHD (2e) kid not be a good candidate for HS?
  229. For Lakshmi Thread on ADHD medications, do you or don't you?
  230. Dysgraphia and Dyslexia - can you help me understand?
  231. PS and HS
  232. Kids who learn better from other people?
  233. I need a shoulder to cry on today
  234. Homeschooling my son for high school ??
  235. How does a new homeschooler deal with younger siblings?
  236. Working below grade level and end of year testing
  237. How supportive is your pediatrician of HSing?
  238. When your kid says they don't want to HS anymore
  239. Teachable moments
  240. Entertaining the 2 year old while schooling the 5 year old?
  241. Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  242. Break, burnout, socialization
  243. How do you all pay your bills?
  244. Motivation
  245. Deciding whether to continue homeschooling
  246. Homeschool guilt
  247. I need help with my son's behavior...please...
  248. What do you do about boredom?
  249. I've hit a wall
  250. Not proud to homeschool?